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  1. Funny how we’ve gone to nothing but promotion is a failure under Pauli’s to happy to stay in the championship under Woodgate, fans now want entertainment more than results
  2. Fixture gods for one have been kind, home for 13/23 games, can’t wait
  3. Any idea of date for the match
  4. Gibson to me is trying to create a team of Boro Supporters like himself to run the club, ones that have a vestige interest instead of mercenaries, a risky ploy when there are hundreds of Boro supporters on here who all think we can do a better job, a club run with heart and not head is risky but at least it will be interesting
  5. Would love the first two games to be away as I’ll miss them both, just hope the fixture gods are nicer to me than last year I was only home for 9 games
  6. At the end of the day we may not get the best manager in the world and the best back room staff but what really matters is that we get behind who ever it is because that’s what we do in the long run, as long they have passion for the club and not just treat it as a stepping stone to better things then they will get my full support, managers need to dispel that results is that all that matters, we need to be entertained, Gidson has bankrolled one of the best squads in the championship they just need to work out how to play on the front foot, If it is Woodgate then hopefully the one of our own will rub off UTB
  7. Any news on the away shirt
  8. Hopefully a boost in ST sales on the Horizon
  9. I think they were divisions in the dressing room that intimately put a nail in Karankas coffin, though I think we got rid of Monk too soon
  10. Would rather have Stockdale than Woodgate, wouldn’t cost much either, apparently he’s well regarded for his coaching but not sure about management,
  11. At least he’s not going to expect us to “smash the league “ next season
  12. Just watched Chelsea v Burnley one team who had a chance of winning and one team who did not want to lose, aweful display of football, the prem is full of games like this cos the gulf between the top 6 is massive, woukd rather we stayed in the championship as no one comes to defend and at least we have teams who try to score, hang on apart from dinasuar tactics
  13. Trust Boro supporters to be like fish wife’s tittle tattling over take over rumours, then again all interest in the club under Pulis stewardship has driven us this way, maybe we need a Coronation Street thread just to keep people interested in this forum, so sad we have come to this. Just had an awful thought, Gibbo only sells to a multi billion consortium on the proviso that we keep Pulis and then spend millions on 8 of the best and biggest central holding midfielders in the world and still play Hugill up front on his own
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