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  1. H WBA v Birmingham D Blackburn v Bristol City H Huddersfield v Wigan D Hull v Charlton D Luton v PNE H Boro v Swansea (Wing) A Millwall v Derby H QPR v Barnsley A Reading v Stoke A Sheff Wed v Forest
  2. D Bristol Cty v Fulham. A Barnsley v Cardiff. H Birmingham v Reading. H Brentford v Sheff Wed. A Charlton v Middlesbro. ( Wing) H Leeds v Huddersfield. H P.N.E v Q.P.R. D Stoke v Hull. A Swansea v W.B.A. H Wigan v Luton.
  3. D Blackburn v Swansea A Cardiff v Brentford. H Fulham v P.N.End. H Huddersfield v Charlton. H Luton v Stoke. D Millwall v Bristol Cty. H Q.P.R. v Birmingham. D Reading v Barnsley. D Sheff Wed: v Derby. H W.B.A. v Wigan.
  4. I agree with Wilson, yes everything one says the buck stops with the manager and yes he is making mistakes, he is young and inexperienced so will make mistakes, you have to look at the long term picture, this is what Gibson wants, a club that is all about the area, the fans and a plan of sustainability, Woodgate is here for the long haul and unlike some people on here so am I, even if that means relegation. I hope not and don’t think we will be relegated but if we are then so be it, I can’t think of any manager that is available that will come in and save our season just like that so what’s the point in keeping chopping and changing.
  5. A Barnsley v Middlesbro:..(Fletcher D Birmingham v Sheff Wed:. A Bristol Cty v W.B.A. H Charlton v Luton. H Leeds v Reading. H N/Forest v Q.P.R. H P.N.E. v Hull. D Stoke v Cardiff. H Swansea v Huddersfield. A Wigan v Millwall.
  6. D Birmingham v Brentford. H Cardiff v Wigan. A Charlton v Blackburn. H Derby v Huddersfield. H Fulham v Barnsley. D Leeds v Bristol Cty. H Middlesbro: v Luton. (Wing) H P.N.E. v Millwall. D Q.P.R. v Stoke. H Sheff Wed v Reading.
  7. He got forward more than Spence, but was lacking any quality with a cross and left us too exposed on the left flank
  8. Surprised Johnson scored as high as he did, for me his crossing was mostly woeful and cant tackle for toffee, not sure if Mowbray targeted our LHS but most of their attacks came down that side especially in the first half
  9. D Wigan v P.N.E. H Barnsley v Sheff: Wed: A Blackburn v Fulham. D Brentford v Middlesbrough. (McNair) D Huddersfield v Q.P.R. A Luton v Cardiff. H Reading v Hull. H Stoke v Charlton. H Swansea v Derby. A N/Forest v Leeds.
  10. H Hull v Brentford. D Birmingham v N/Forest. H Charlton v Barnsley. H Fulham v Huddersfield. H Leeds v Wigan. H Middlesbrough v Blackburn.(McNair) D P.N.E. v Swansea. H Q.P.R. v Bristol Cty. H Sheff Wed: v Millwall. H W.B.A. v Luton.
  11. Apologies for not predicting last week H Blackburn v Q.P.R. H Brentford v N/Forest..(Watkins) A Cardiff v W.B.A. H Hull Cty v Huddersfield. H Leeds v Millwall. D Luton v Derby. A Wigan v Sheff Wednesday. A Reading v Bristol City A Tranmere v Sunderland.. A Rotherham v Ipswich Twn.
  12. Me too, triple captain on. Mane and 4 injured for next week
  13. I’d rather replace Gestede with a lamppost, the lamppost moves more
  14. A Watford v Tottenham. (Son) A Q.P.R. v Leeds. H Birmingham v Cardiff. H Bristol Cty v Barnsley. D Derby v Hull. D Huddersfield v Brentford. H Millwall v Reading. H P.N.E. v Charlton. H Sheff Wed: v Blackburn. H Swansea v Wigan.
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