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  1. QPR are getting Dion Sanderson on loan from Wolves so they might not want Panzo anymore.
  2. I doubt many people would be surprised either, and that says everything about the whole circus.
  3. Should be this, even got the puppet strings on https://www.redbubble.com/i/greeting-card/The-Smogfather-by-iRussJ/27306763.5MT14
  4. This is one of his replies to the previous Gibson tweet And this is from BoroMart on FMTTM: "One of the theories on their message boards is the reason that the preferred bidder hasn't been named is because it's Mel using a different company, and using it to wipe out millions in debts and he has the EFL and Gibbo on strings again. I don't no if this is just tin foil hat lunacy or actually just the sort of Machiavellian trick he would try....of course he'd get imprisoned for tax evasion you would think, so bring it on."
  5. He's obviously just signed for poverty-stricken Swansea for the £££
  6. The dirty get, why would it even cross his mind to do that?
  7. Derby fans are never going to back down from their belief that Gibson is trying to kill their club because of a vendetta against Morris. It's what they've been told from day one and it's so entrenched in their thinking now that, even if the penny does eventually drop, they'll still parrot it and refuse to back down as it would be just too humiliating for them. That they could be so blinkered for so long and so easily manipulated into believing lies. It's like a cult.
  8. In other words "shut up and let us paint you as the bad guy"
  9. "Contrary to what you leak to the media, we have made an offer to compromise our claim and met with your nominated representative last weekend. Please confirm that this is correct." 😁
  10. Does this quote: "One such claim made in the past 24 hours is that the EFL has questions to answer regarding a supposed deal reached with Middlesbrough FC linked to Disciplinary action being taken against Derby County for alleged Profitability and Sustainability breaches. These accusations are wholly untrue, serving as an unwelcome diversion to current matters that need swift and decisive action by Derby’s Administrators." mean that the claim made by the Derby fans that Gibson had an agreement with the EFL that he'd sue Derby and and not them, is another one of their lies? Sorry
  11. It compliments the colour and design of the shirt instead of trying too hard to stand out.
  12. They'll look lovely on MOTD 🤩
  13. https://www.hampshirelive.news/sport/football/norwich-qpr-middlesbrough-portsmouth-transfer-6518241 "Norwich City, QPR and Middlesbrough all showing transfer interest in rising Portsmouth teenager Portsmouth academy striker Dan Gifford has started to get a taste of senior football after joining Bognor Regis Town on loan and is now attracting interest from Premier League and Championship clubs"
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