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  1. Let's hope Woodgate watches them
  2. Burnley want to sign Nathan Wood in January for £9m according to the Sun. They'll be bidding for one of our u12s CBs next.
  3. Not sure I wanna click a link with a name like that ?
  4. He's never played for Brazil and doesn't have an EU passport according to transfermarkt so don't know how he'd get a work permit.
  5. Reading are getting Kenedy on loan now as well
  6. We're talking Burnley here, so more like a 9 million pound + whatever change they can find down the back of Dyche's sofa transfer.
  7. I doubt he'd get that much at Burnley, didn't sds say Gibbo had to take a paycut to go there?
  8. this something you've heard or is it being reported anywhere?
  9. I think we could get Kent if we get some money from somewhere, it looks like Rangers are going to wait until today's deadline for the PL and Champ teams is up in the hope that he doesn't get sold and then they'll try and get him back on loan
  10. What if it's a case of selling Britt to fund moves for Kent and Frey, would anyone be happy with that?
  11. Quite right and all tbh, I can't see how anyone in their right mind would offer that much for him.
  12. Looking at Twitter, the Leeds fans seem to think it was a choice of signing Kent permanently or getting Nkietah on loan and that they've gone for the loan option.
  13. Rangers are getting Brandon Barker on loan from City, might mean they're not getting Kent?
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