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  1. This is what I think will happen as well. I can't for the life of me see Warnock lasting the season, he's not getting his own way on everything and the fans (online at least) are starting to turn, so I think once it becomes clear to him that we're not going to be challenging for the play-offs, I think his ego will tell him to go before he's seen to have failed.
  2. https://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/sport/football/middlesbrough-fc/exclusive-sam-morsy-opens-up-on-his-middlesbrough-exit-championship-loan-offers-and-ipswich-town-move-3371440 "When asked if he spoke to Warnock about leaving, Morsy replies: “Basically it was a decision from upstairs really, a decision over him. “There is a lot of transition going on at the club at the minute, a new director of football and lots of change really. “I was the first casualty of the regime really."
  3. They'll be fishing for a decent GIF to reply to for signing number 13.
  4. Has there been any more said about the lad from St Mirren?
  5. Burke's from the Midlands. Born in Scotland but moved when he was a kid and brought up in England.
  6. I know this is sad but according to flightradar, there's an Air France flight due in to Yaounde Airport at 9.20pm, that departed Paris about half an hour ago. He's probably on that.
  7. "Info: it seems that James Léa-Siliki flew to join his national team and not to conclude a possible transfer."
  8. We might have decided to follow Stade de Reims example, let the other club do all the work then come in.
  9. Siliki wouldn't have to come here though would he? He could have done the medical in France, signed all the papers, faxed them off (waiting for the jokes) and then flown to join up with Cameroon.
  10. Well we know what the price is now, we won't have to fart around negotiating with Bordeaux, and if it's true that his agent's been to Rockcliffe already this summer then we'd have some idea about what Maja wants.
  11. Wasn't Sporar supposed to be going to the Portuguese Embassy in Slovenia today? The poor bugger's not still there is he?
  12. Siliki is a "known target" now? Known by who? The Gazette have never mentioned him before have they?
  13. It might be Morsy who wants the move, he'd be playing for a manager he likes and he knows trusts him.
  14. I saw that but I assumed he must be lying. Not because it was on fmttm, but because I doubt anyone would recognise Sam Byram if he walked around wearing a sandwich board saying "Hi, look at me, I'm Sam Byram".
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