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  1. I've been hoping for this since the news this morning that Bristol City weren't interested. Although, that does depend on us having a replacement lined up.
  2. He might be one of the PL loans Warnock was talking about having lined up a week or so ago, that was on then off then possibly on again.
  3. From the Polish press (translated) https://sport.se.pl/pilka-nozna/premier-league/kamil-grosicki-zmieni-klub-przed-euro-2020-wymowne-slowa-gwiazdy-kadry-stanowcza-deklaracja-tylko-u-nas-aa-Jx44-dZXV-fRxn.html "So "Grosik" lost the option to move to Greece, but the question was "What next?" So can he change club on the last day of the transfer window in England? The player himself answered this question. - Nothing is happening and I do not think it will happen - Grosicki himself informed "Super Express""
  4. Anyone else remember the rumours about our Boy Wonder when he was mysteriously absent from the side for a while in the PL years?
  5. Thought it was all done. I never understood the move anyway, he's had Prem interest in him for a while so why go waste away up there?
  6. Wasn't it announced the other day that he'd signed a pre-contract with Celtic to join them in the summer?
  7. could play 4-2-3-1 with Bolasie as #10? Howson --- Morsy / Saville Tav ---- Bolasie ----- Grosicki -------Bristol City lad
  8. 2 in 2 days, wonder who we'll get tomorrow? Really like this signing. Good age, plenty of experience at this level, good price, sensible contract length, and seems like he's a bit nasty as well, what's not to like?
  9. "The short-term deal is appealing because there is no loan fee, with clubs only required to pay his wages" That'll rule them out then
  10. Wasn't the player described as a winger first and foremost, but one that could also play up front? Robson Kanu, Vydra and Wickham are the opposite to that, they're strikers who can play out wide if needed.
  11. We were linked with him a couple of seasons ago, after his Charlton loan. He'd go a decent way to solving the short-*** problem that the team currently has and he's versatile as well, can play CB and CM. He'd be out of our price way though, they'd probably triple the price for us.
  12. Doesn't sound like it from that NE article. Sounds like he wants an older, more experienced player who's able to come straight in. It'll probably be somebody from the PL on loan.
  13. These sound like they're made up quotes but apparently they're real 😂 https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/12/24/theres-a-chance-everton-player-admits-he-could-be-on-the-move-in-january/ "Speaking on the Beautiful Game Podcast, Yannick Bolasie has admitted that there’s a chance he could join Middlesbrough in January. “No, no, right now I would say no, but it might be later on, it might be past Boxing Day,” Bolasie said. “Man’s looking forward to it, man’s going to see init, you know obviously there’s a chance that man could go to Middlesbrough, but in my heart, things have to be right, and it’s not just pack your bags and jump into this club like it has been the past three times.”
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