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  1. I'm not sure what the clamour for Maddison is about, isn't he a winger, if so then how does he fit into our current system?
  2. McNair and Britt for Clayton and Walker, not sure how either of Saville and Tav stay on.. oh well
  3. Saville and Tav are absolutely woeful. They show for nothing and Crewe just glide past them, we just tap it around the back and then pump it long and surprise surprise it comes straight back at us. No movement up front either.
  4. TRANSFER OFF: Anfernee Dijksteels family pictured in Charlton kit!
  5. https://twitter.com/SkySports_Keith/status/1158466721264611334 ????
  6. They know Bolasie isn't at Anderlecht anymore right?
  7. George Saville is absolute GARBAGE, how he evades the ***storm that comes Claytons way every week is beyond me. (Not defending Clayton)
  8. I can't believe we've spent 12m on McNair and Saville and Pulis still barks on about how people previously have wasted Gibsons money.
  9. Pulis has just said we aren't talking to Bolasie
  10. Villa have absolutely done us over in the last few weeks. Amazing.
  11. From Nixon: VILLA. Surprise inquiry for Puncheon. BORO already working on it and optimistic. Do these two just chase the same players??
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