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  1. Do you think there are keeping a big name for the Sunday Telegraph.
  2. I agree Tom. I'm also a bit concerned that like it or not Gaston does have a bit of history of not making it in the PL. As for Nugent (or 'the answer'), where do you stand on Rhodes Tom? Do you think he's worse than Nuge? I have a feeling its either Rhodes or Negrado. Don't think we will see them starting together. Nugent is a different style of player to Rhodes and it looks like AK thinks that them two can work together from time to time. We have seen a couple of times Nugent coming on for Gaston. I'm not saying that this is the right option just what i belive AK thinks.
  3. The thing is though CT is how much does proven quality cost in your eyes. Looking at some of the movement this year if you want a proven premier league player you need to spend massive money. I feel we have built a squad that can compete in the league to avoid the drop with out having to break the bank.
  4. GK Pears RB Geremi CB Hardwick CB Pallister LB Zeige MF Souness MF Ince MF Craig Johnston AMF Juninho AMF Mannion CF Camsell
  5. Because he should have, he was a very lucky boy. I understand there's been a tightening of rules on that this season - was a definite shirt tug, albeit part and parcel of the game for a long time. I suspect the ref didn't see it, and Rondon didn't go down to highlight it. Yes Gibson fouled rondon but. Rondon was too far in front of the ball. If Gibson doesn't hold him back he'd be even further forward so he didn't stop him scoring I also thought that Rondon had hold of Gibson about the same time
  6. Maybe, but the point I was trying to make earlier is that I think Rhodes's defensive work has actually become OK too, and his hold up play. I think he's actually a better all round footballer than Nugent if I'm honest. [Even though I like Nugent]. I don't see why Nugent has featured as much as he has, while Rhodes hasn't had a sniff. In the league Nugent has had about 10 mins in total. So not really a mass amount of time. Ak has his mind set on Negrado and Gaston as his two most attacking players. In the cup granted he played Nugent. But we don't know who has been pushing hard in training if Ak belived Nugent deserved his chance in that game then so be it.
  7. Taken us from 16th in the championship to the premier league, agree with you Ask Craig Higgnet what he thinks of him :rolleyes: From his interviews he is always complementry about him
  8. If your attacking creating chances scoring goals then your putting a shift in, I prefer a winger to be a winger some attacking players cause more harm than good. One of the best midfielders in this country in the last 20 years couldn't tackle for his life, that was Paul Scholes. Scholes was not really a winger though. Man utd had Beckham and Giggs playing on the wings and both of them used to put a shift in helping at the back.
  9. If we spend well and finish 17th on the last day of the season then we've had a cracking season. The premier league isn't the one we left 7 years ago. Staying up isn't going to be easy - it's very possible though. When the window shuts we will have some idea of how everyone else has improved their squads. Its good we are doing business early. So a cracking season is fighting a relegation battle after losing the majority of your games, and sat at Anfield last game of the season praying you get a result to stay up while hopefully other teams around you fail, doesn't come over that good to me. When you consider that it's our first season in the premier league after seven years then yeah I'd be delighted with that. Hell we weren't the best team in the championship last season. It's highly likely we will lose the majority of our games there's no point sulking about like a naughty boy. I don't agree with taking a defeatist attitude before a balls been kicked, but if it does pan out as you so, hopefully you'll stay the full 90 minutes and sportingly clap the opposition off the field as we lose yet another match I'm sure the majority of fans will share your optimistic 17th place. I don't think it's defeatist, it's being realistic. Most of the teams in the league are ahead of us. Saftey in your first season back in the top league is a succsess. Then build on that.
  10. Agree with TB here, if we finish 17th it will be a cracking season. You have to look who is going to be fighting to stay up with us. Burnley and Hull are both on even terms with us. Then the likes of Sunderland who i think will have a better season with Big Sam in charge. Palace might struggle along with West Brom, Watford and Bournemouth but all them teams are ahead of us at the minute.
  11. It's about time. The greatest chairman in the country. I sometimes wonder where we would be with out him.
  12. aaww bugger , i missed that cos wikipedia were referring to the top division as league one up until the premier league started and it forgotted about the premier league beginning then ....anyway i messed up and the post loses a lot of its credabilabity ..but some interesting memories. gonna proof check everything twice from now on....thats twice in two days ive ***ed up :D It was defo a good post, enjoyed reading it. But had to pick up on the year because it was the Geordies.
  13. We were a league above them in the first ever premier league. 92-93 season
  14. You do relise that a team that gets relegated do sometimes have good individual players. I would be more than happy with Redmond.
  15. Redmond and Ruddy maybe. I would take both of them.
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