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  1. Higgy for sure, had that touch of class. I have fond memories of Gianluca Festa as a young football fan but I think he signed in 1997 which means he was here with Rav and co. What about Nick Barmby?
  2. Glad to see Wattmore doing the job. Looks like a decent player.
  3. *** me their second goal was soft. We shouldn't be conceding those.
  4. So so sorry for your loss Tom. We too have experienced miscarriage and I wouldnt wish that pain on anybody. I'd like to extend the same invitation as above and say if you ever want to talk, my inbox is welcoming. Try and look after each other in this difficult time. Much love to you and your wife.
  5. Anybddy feel like catching me up so i don't have to trawl through 105 more pages of thread? 😄
  6. And there is hope! Fletcher is massively under rated by many, I think we should let him lead the line for a while.
  7. Anybody fancy doing me a favour and summing up the (lack) of activity so far? I see Mejias is back which I'm strangely happy about... But this thread is 168 pages and difficult to follow at times ?
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