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  1. Great. Playoffs guaranteed. Life......or a season is not a straight line. A lot been said during the course of a season and the negative people that did not see us getting to this stage please step forward.
  2. I don't want to tempt fate but we have been far better than these.
  3. great result today, still in with a chance of the playoffs.
  4. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/sacking-manager-actually-work-closer-14324672
  5. Plonker here. Were you seriously suggesting that Leadbitter is worth his place because he is our first choice penalty taker ?? Really are you being serious ? Look just a bit of humour, i'm as gutted as the next man with result i am not wanting to offend and I'm certainly no expert especially when i don't see a ball kicked.
  6. Heart breaking last kick of the game goals are always difficult to accept, on the balance of it we are or were not head and shoulders better than them, if we do make the play offs on form we will be a little shy of being good enough. I don't need to abuse anyone to get that message across but that's me. Apart from calling someone a plonker lol
  7. this time of season and the position they are in its twist or bust, no morals lol
  8. I often take a few moments before I write my crap. I got to laugh. Good answer sir. i got to say. A + from me
  9. The win i feel is a building block to our season that has stuttered along, backing a up a win with another is important now and the manager is given no credence for this looking at the comments. People must think they that he does not see it or that they know better than him. I view it that he needs these kinds of wins for all concerned and given that we can all agree that confidence builds and players grow from it. Nobody is trying to reinvent the wheel and of course the common denominator is that the squad on the whole is average.
  10. Yes have to agree with your simple analysis. Regroup and try and build on good and poor performances.
  11. Damn it, such a shame for us Boro fans, it is highly frustrating.
  12. I agree with every word - its almost like Pullis is this God like manager and has come in with the attitude of - I like 6ft 6 strikers, you may have cost 15 mil and have scored more than the whole team combined but you've proved nowt to me!!! So I will play the crap 6ft plus players I like who cant hit a cows backside with a banjo in until you show me what your worth - oh and by the way I will give you the last disjointed ten minutes of the occasional game after I've taken creative players off and you can prove it then!! When I found out we were getting Pullis my stomach was in knots - who in their right mind thought he would be a good manager for us? To think I scoffed at bringing back Mowbray or McClaren - I've lost my mind I'm sure, I'm probably in a padded cell drugged up to the eyeballs and its all in my head while in reality Boro are still in the Prem and AK is pushing us for a European spot (and Alli Brownlee is still with us - at least he put a smile on my face ) Lets all just agree with you because you have a lot of anger and hate inside you. You made your point, hope your stomach gets better after our win.
  13. We won so Building blocks for the remainder of the season. Reading were and are poor, we are average. Hope we stay in this league and build for the future. Nothing is perfect everybody at the club are trying, fans always complain that is part of the sport can't blame them for that but not easy to deal with.
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