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  1. My daughter’s birthday too today! Need to win in my opinion, three crucial games coming up and we need to go on a run. No more excuses. Woodgate needs to get the best out of this squad and motivate them to start getting results. Pressure’s on him to do so.
  2. Now then lads, long time no speak! I was sceptical that Woodgate got the job in the summer because Gibson was too short sighted to realise that getting the cheap option who’s not going to ask for much off him was probably not going to work our well. Everyones opinions and that, but sick of seeing that people think our squad is so poor that we are relegation fodder. It’s genuinely not. There’s SO many thinner and worse squads in this division that are performing better than us, and it’s only down to one man, the manager. This division is all about great managers that get the best out of players. That’s what gets you out of the division. Wilder. Farke. Dyche. Warnock. The list could keep going but all of the above got teams out of the division with average squads. I’d go as far as to say that any other manager in the Championship would be getting more out of our squad than our current manager. Just imagine if we got Jokanovic in, in the summer. I’d bet my house that we wouldn’t be where we are. He’s not going to get sacked, and he’s not going to walk. So I’m just hoping we manage to scrape enough points to stay up, but then what for next season? I’m sure the rose tinted brigade will dispose of this post as dramatic and reactive, but it’s just my opinion that our manager is inept in all facets of football management.
  3. They’re entitled to their opinion, but I can’t see any teams better than Leeds in this division. West Brom maybe. Leeds have been getting results, whilst playing great football. We can only dream of being at their level as it stands.
  4. I wasn’t expecting to win, Leeds are probably the best team in the league, but to lose 4-0 in the manner we did was embarrassing. It could have been 6-0 really and that wouldn’t have been an unfair result. Woodgate’s been unlucky with injuries and a thin squad, but there’s no getting away from the fact that thus far his management of our club has been inept. He’s new to management, so hopefully he’s learning game by game, but there’s no evidence to suggest that is the case. In fact, he’s making the same mistakes over and over again. Honestly don’t know what the answer is. No point sacking him, because who’s Gibson going to replace him with? He’s not going to splash out to get someone good in and it’ll just be another familiar face to come in and worsen the situation. In my opinion, it’s abundantly clear that Woodgate should have never been given this job. If we got Slavisa Jokanovic in the summer, who was available albeit expensive, I’d bet everything that I have that we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in, and he’d be getting more out of these players. Contrary to what gets said, we’ve got some really good players in our squad that most other teams would take in a heartbeat, our managers are just not getting the best out of them. Gibson’s getting what he deserves in my opinion for years of mismanagement of this club. Mistake after mistake, parochial decisions with no long term strategy. Club needs cleansing.
  5. Ridiculous from Johnson, definitely a red which changed the game, we were great until then. For me though, the second half performance is on Woodgate. He has to be culpable if he’s manager of the team. As soon as Clayton came on second half everyone could tell exactly how the game was going to pan out. People are saying ‘it’s easy to say that with hindsight’, but even at the time it was a bad decision. He doesn’t seem to learn from his tactical mistakes. He’s inept, and not bright enough to manage a football club in my opinion. He deserves the season to prove me and others wrong, but I can’t see him ever being a success for us. I know that seems harsh, and I’ll be more than happy to look foolish if I’m a proven wrong. But for me, he’s out of his depth in football management.
  6. Thought that was better today. Looked like we actually wanted to play football, and great to see Britt bang a couple in too. Loved his cup to the ear to the fans too, shows he’s arsed. I think we’ll end up fine this season. Obviously after the start we’ve had it will be no higher than mid table, but think the goals will come and we’ll get enough wins to get out of trouble. That being said, not convinced at all by Woodgate. He deserves the full season so I’m not calling for his head, but I can’t particularly warm to the guy as our manager and his comments after the match today just further show his naivety. I do really hope it comes good for him, but I need a bit of convincing. Ex-gazette writer Jonathon Taylor summed it up nicely the other day on Twitter when he said that yes Woodgate has been dealt a bad hand, but he’s playing it badly too. Like I said though, much better today so I’m hoping him and the lads can push on after the break and get some wins, and he certainly deserves the season.
  7. Awful last night. Unless something drastically changes over the international break, we’ll be bottom by the start of November with our next three games being WBA, Huddersfield, Fulham. If anyone genuinely thinks that Gibson picked Woodgate for any other reason other than that he was the cheapest and would be a yes man then I’d suggest they’re being very naive. So far he’s completely out of his depth. Hasn’t got the players buying into his ‘high press’, and he’s tactically outsmarted most weeks. In the last seven days alone he’s been tactically outsmarted by Garry Monk and Pep Clotet. He won’t get sacked as the mantra has all about being given time to develop his ideas etc, but more importantly Gibson’s seemingly not willing to put any more funds to put this right. Jokanovic, Karanka or anyone similar would inject something into this squad, and I don’t buy the crap that Pulis has brainwashed into a select few about our squad being poor. Its all about the manager. There’s so many clubs that have bang average players and squads, and a good manager has brought them success, over the last couple of years alone; Sheffield United, Cardiff City, Norwich etc. Cant quite believe how negative I’m being, but for the first time I genuinely think we’ll be playing League 1 football next year, and that’s said sincerely with no hyperbole. As for the blaming the fans argument - I’m afraid I can’t get on board with it. These last three years, Gibson hasn’t done anything for the fans. Since Monk’s appointment, everything has been for his own agenda and he’s currently clearly got something massive going on behind the scenes; whether it’s his own financial problems or actively trying to flog the club.
  8. I’d be dropping Wing for Tuesday and putting Howson back in. He’s done nothing so far to suggest he deserves that regular spot in the team and doesn’t look the same player as last year.
  9. Wasn’t really saying people were blaming him. Just interesting how he seems to be getting the most flak, compared to say Clayton who scored an awful own goal and gifted them a second, or Fry who was at fault for two of the goals.
  10. We lost four-one. We conceded four goals at home. As terrible as those misses were, I think this loss probably isn’t on Britt, yet it seems most of what people are talking about post-game ??‍♂️
  11. Haven't posted much this season, as I've been quite busy and the apathy of last season still lingers, but I went to the game today for the first time in a couple of weeks. It's way too early to be calling for anyone's head, but I've got to admit I've been completely underwhelmed by Woodgate's start to the season. It takes time for managers to implement their plans, and for the players to get on board, so I wasn't really expecting to be up challenging for promotion. That being said, I just can't see what Woodgate's plan is. He keeps talking about this high press, high intensity football, but the Luton game aside I haven't really seen any glimpse of it. It just seems to be the same dross football that Pulis had us playing last year, but without the defensive solidity. I'm really hoping it comes good for him and I don't think he'll be sacked, but so far its been worse than Garry Monk's early era in my opinion, and he was getting slated on here. Onto the players; Bola and Dijksteel have looked garbage throughout, especially the former. Hopefully they'll come good and reach at least Championship level, but I've seen nothing so far. Wing and Clayton. Given an easy time because one's from the area and one just seems to have lots of fan boys. Both garbage again today. McNair finally showing his form has been the only good thing really so far this season. Assombalonga - devoid of confidence, and very much a confidence player. Two horrendous misses today. Finally, why are Ayala and Howson not starting? Honest question, as I'd have both in my starting eleven every week. I know it seems convenient to come out with a negative post after a 4-1 loss at home, but the above basically reflects what I've seen this season in general. Happy to give Woodgate the full season regardless to give him a chance at least, but from what I've seen so far it's not looking good. I think his whole 'I'm from Teesside, and we're hard working' mantra will start to wear thin soon.
  12. Jimmy

    NFL talk 19/20

    Yeah really good! Great atmosphere, and they’re mad for it in Seattle.
  13. Jimmy

    NFL talk 19/20

    Big Ravens fan for nearly 20 years. Be an interesting season with Lamar Jackson at QB for a full season now (hopefully!). Usually a playoffs team but a little bit of a transition season this season I reckon. Also got a little soft spot for the Seahawks, as I go out to Seattle a couple of times a year with work and usually try and get to a couple of games.
  14. Got a feeling we'll get caned today. Think it'll be similar to the Bristol City away game under Monk.
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