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  1. Getting to the point where I'd like to see Warnock go now. I genuinely had high expectations for this season, looking at what he did with Cardiff in the second season etc. Unfortunately, can't see any scenario where Gibson gets rid of Warnock before the end of his final season. Don't think we'll go down, but we'll finish low-mid table for sure.
  2. What an a enjoyable game! Thought we did more than enough to win it, just couldn’t put a few chances away. Howson was excellent, good for him to silence his critics in the right way, hopefully everyone can get back behind him. Thought Tav was really good too, kept the ball away and created openings. Keeping him fit and on form will be key for us going forward! Thought Jones actually was a little frustrating today, got into good positions and took on his man, but lost the ball more times than not.. still excited for him though! Dont think it was a red for
  3. Warnock's not going anywhere this season, do you really think Gibson is going to sack him in his (self-proclaimed) last season in football management? I get the frustration from the result yesterday, but I don't think conclusions can be made so early in the season. Save for second half capitulation against QPR and we'd have made an unbeaten, solid start to the season. I'm not too concerned about the lack of game time for Payero so far. Maybe he is just struggling to get to grips with settling in England etc. Or maybe he just hasn't impressed in training so far? Do we
  4. Bit of a strange one that, pretty poor first half, but second half we actually placed ok and could have nicked it really. I see a lot of hate for Howson (and I know he was garbage against QPR), but thought he played well when he was on, and the change in formation helped the team. Not the end of the world, still early days. It's going to take a while to find our feet, and with incomings over the next week I don't think we'll click till Mid-September.
  5. Hi guys! Long time without being on here and posting, but thought I'd venture back on and nice to see the familiar faces still knocking around ☺️ Haven't managed to gauge the general concensus from everyone on prospects for this season, but I'm actually quite optimistic for the first time in years. We've had a tough start to the Championship this year, which hasn't been helped with injuries to key players (Tav, Watmore). Two really good results at Fulham and Bristol City, and I don't think the QPR game was the end of the world... a couple of really poor performanc
  6. A tough one again. Robbie Mustoe - Mr Reliable, Leadbitter - great work ethic and servant. But it's gotta be Boateng. So, so important for us in such a successful period for us. Underrated if anything.
  7. Ridiculously difficult this one. I went for Emerson, but only as he was my personal favourite. I think Southgate has definitely been the best player for us out the list. Loved Mendieta too, and Gibson did well for us. Very tough!
  8. Can I not? I'll have to look at my settings... In answer to your question... the masks that we use generally are pretty much useless against the spread of CoVID and there's a complete shortage of the available masks that we would need (FFP3 masks). Even if you think you've got no CoVID symptoms you could still be carrying CoVID, and as you can appreciate Dentists work pretty close to patient's mouths and definitely within 2 metres! The drills that we use as well produce aerosols (water spray), which again you can imagine is an absolute ideal way to spread the virus. More and m
  9. Hope everyone's doing well and keeping healthy! Haven't posted for a few months due to being busy and the lack of football, but had a gradual read through this thread. Crazy looking back at the first few pages in early March where everyone was thinking it would be nothing, but it's easy to say that now with hindsight. I'm sure no-one probably cares or has been affected really, but if anyone's experiencing any dental problems throughout lockdown feel free to get in touch with me if you're after advice. The government forced the closure of practices nationwide, other than f
  10. Franck Queudrue by an absolute country mile in my opinion. Dean Gordon second. Friend has been great for us in our Championship years, but miles off the standard of Franck.
  11. Luke Young by a mile. Looking forward to the poll on LB’s as we’ve had some great ones over the years!
  12. My daughter’s birthday too today! Need to win in my opinion, three crucial games coming up and we need to go on a run. No more excuses. Woodgate needs to get the best out of this squad and motivate them to start getting results. Pressure’s on him to do so.
  13. Now then lads, long time no speak! I was sceptical that Woodgate got the job in the summer because Gibson was too short sighted to realise that getting the cheap option who’s not going to ask for much off him was probably not going to work our well. Everyones opinions and that, but sick of seeing that people think our squad is so poor that we are relegation fodder. It’s genuinely not. There’s SO many thinner and worse squads in this division that are performing better than us, and it’s only down to one man, the manager. This division is all about great managers
  14. They’re entitled to their opinion, but I can’t see any teams better than Leeds in this division. West Brom maybe. Leeds have been getting results, whilst playing great football. We can only dream of being at their level as it stands.
  15. I wasn’t expecting to win, Leeds are probably the best team in the league, but to lose 4-0 in the manner we did was embarrassing. It could have been 6-0 really and that wouldn’t have been an unfair result. Woodgate’s been unlucky with injuries and a thin squad, but there’s no getting away from the fact that thus far his management of our club has been inept. He’s new to management, so hopefully he’s learning game by game, but there’s no evidence to suggest that is the case. In fact, he’s making the same mistakes over and over again. Honestly don’t know what the answer is. No point sa
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