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  1. Oh I wasn't shooting you down mate, just expressing frustration at the ridiculousness of the situation!
  2. I don't go to games anymore because of my work pattern, but agree with all of this.
  3. Let's hope Bettinelli improves sharpish, then!
  4. Seconding Opera - I use it on my phone/tablet and desktop computer and it's great. The in-built VPN can have connection issues at times and you can't select specific locations, but it's completely free so you can't complain.
  5. Me no, I ain't ITK. (I sometimes pretend to be though!)
  6. Asking CT not to comment is like asking a fish not to swim
  7. The whole country? How are they going to decide who he plays for and when?
  8. Great post, @EugeneDaGreek Personally I think it's a very decent signing.
  9. I personally think that anything that highlights the need to stamp out racism and bigotry in all its forms is a good thing and shouldn't really be questioned, but each to their own I guess. There are still a lot of ignorant people out there who need educating, sadly. It disgusts me that people think it's okay to attack Lewis Hamilton for wearing T-shirts with anti-racism messages and taking the knee at F1 events.
  10. Nah, I just follow their results these days. I'm active on a predominantly non-football based forum which has a football section though where I discuss Arsenal (and Middlesbrough!)
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