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  1. American Football sucks. There, kept it on topic for you
  2. I still maintain that the sub-forums be actually used for their intended purpose though, otherwise what's the point in cluttering up the forum with them?
  3. I will if Boro win 😄
  4. Did you not read about my probable OCD?
  5. Love Tiny Rebel and their beers. Hoping to get hold of their Stay Puft Salted Caramel when I visit next month. As for the game, let's smash them 3-0 again :)
  6. Now the IB is well and truly over could this thread be moved to somewhere a bit more appropriate? I'm sure the people who are actively posting in it will be intelligent enough to find it. Well, maybe not Will 😄
  7. Let's see how he gets on in January when we have no money to spend and are fighting to keep hold of certain players, something Woodgate knew would be the case when he took the job.
  8. Blackburn v N Forest. HOME Hull v Sheff:Wed: AWAY Leeds v WBA. HOME Middlesbrough v Preston NE.(1st Boro Scorer) HOME (Assombalonga) Wigan v Birmingham DRAW Reading v Fulham. AWAY Stoke v Huddersfield. AWAY Barnsley v Derby AWAY Brentford v Bristol Cty HOME Cardiff v QPR HOME
  9. Darren Randolph, best player at the club, give the man the freedom of Middlesbrough.
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