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  1. Boro sub: Ayala OFF Nathan Wood ON
  2. I hope you're right because there's no way we're going to shift him.
  3. Their twitter feed has it as Gestede?
  4. Yeah sorry, Gestede scored for us.
  5. ..... I give up. If you're happy to let him bring this forum down with his stupid attention seeking posts then fair enough.
  6. Well, now you know KB is a troll, will you take action?
  7. Don't, it's not worth it. You might think it is at the time (and they're great fun) but it's not worth jeopardising a potential career for.
  8. All grown up, now. Into Real Ale these days and strictly no narcotics.
  9. Well I wanted to be an actor so I was doing Drama, English Lit and Performing Arts. Kinda got bored halfway through and spent most of my time in the pub instead. Got 4 very average A Levels and got into uni to do Drama still, mind.
  10. I didn't do very well. Got sidetracked by drugs and booze in my second year.
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