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  1. There is a 0.000001 chance the new home shirt doesn't have a white band. Come on, it's Errea back with the Boro after nearly 15 years, given our history there'll definitely be the white band. I have a feeling the away kit is going to divide a lot of fans too, just like the good old days (No I haven't seen it, I'm just guessing!)
  2. This is why I'm delighted we're back with Errea, they're a family owned and ran business who go the extra mile for the teams they supply
  3. We were the first non-Italian club that they supplied kits for if I remember correctly, indeed because of us they were able to go global. There was an article on their website a few years ago where they highlighted us as the moment everything changed for them. It may still be there.
  4. It also says they have an archive with all the kits that didn't make it to production. Given how crazy some of the ones we actually had were, I'd LOVE to see those.
  5. Hey! I sent you that link in confidence 👀
  6. Lmao is that from his Patreon? Still on the grift, I see
  7. The material on the white band looks like it would click easily so it's probably legit
  8. Easy enough 6 points next season I suppose
  9. We played Nuvole Bianche by Ludovico Einaudi to our three children when they were all in the womb, but I can't play the piano, don't own a piano, and can't speak Italian
  10. Errea means more bespoke designs, even more so than Hummel. I'm sure the build quality will have improved in the nearly 15 years since we last had them.
  11. Yeah he wanted to stay in the PL but we convinced him to stay for a season in the Championship with the caveat he could leave if we failed to go straight back up. It was Bamford who didn't want to leave and who we pretty much forced out of the club.
  12. Gibson would absolutely smash it if he came back here, there's no doubt about it. It's not like the Downing situation where we knew we weren't getting the same player back. Gibson has proved he's a superb defender at this level.
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