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  1. That's not what my brother said. You just like causing trouble dont you Will? Does it make you feel good about yourself shitstirring all the time? When I was told Britt wanted to leave under Pulis, that was true. I was told by another source other than my brother. Like him, I have no idea if he still wants to leave but I would assume that would be the case. Perhaps I shouldnt have presented that as fact though.
  2. His new show isn't very good though, should have just made more MLIG.
  3. I saw him at the Town Hall 2 years ago, he was great. Did some stuff that had been previously performed on Modern Life is Goodish but with a few extra bits thrown in.
  4. Sorry I thought you were quoting me because you disagreed with me. You usually do.
  5. Why do you find it so hard to believe that Pulis tried his best to push Britt out of the door?
  6. Everything I said regarding Randolph was just my own opinion, I never presented anything as fact. I know that Britt has been unhappy here since Pulis tried to sell him but the move was blocked by Gibson last January. I very much doubt anything has changed in that regard and he's now delighted to be here.
  7. Britt doesn't want to be here, he's not happy here, and he's hoping to be sold in January. Reports by the Gazette are PR spin.
  8. Apparently his attitude in training is awful.
  9. Colchester v Bradford. PP Crawley v Morecambe. AWAY Exeter v Cheltenham. HOME Forest Green v Plymouth. HOME Grimsby v Newport. PP L/Orient v Scunthorpe. AWAY (Van Veen) Macclesfield v Mansfield. AWAY Northampton v Crewe. HOME Port Vale v Carlisle. HOME Salford v Swindon. AWAY .......... Stevenage v Oldham. HOME Walsall v Cambridge. AWAY
  10. lmao selling Ayala and bringing back Gibson on loan - you really can't make this *** up. We can't afford what Ayala wants to extend his contract so unless Burnley are going to pay all of Gibson's wages to come here then it's absolute ***.
  11. No you're not being cynical at all, I suspect that's exactly what he's doing. If it means we get more for him in January then I don't mind.
  12. Through injury. Might have been his only chance to play for Spain, that.
  13. Obviously hoping to find the next Jamie Vardy, but our recruitment team simply aren't good enough for that kind of thing.
  14. Apparently he didn't sign anything.
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