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  1. Sad news, another Boro legend gone. Does he already have a statue outside the Riverside, I genuinely can't remember. If not he needs one.
  2. Meh, should have ended after Series 3 imo Typical Gatiss going off the rails though
  3. (Gibson on the left, Bausor on the right)
  4. Who are you and what have you done with the mild mannered DS
  5. GAME DAY UTB A win will see us safe I reckon, so we'll probably lose today. And McNair or someone will get sent off And the stadium will catch fire
  6. Orta wasn't DoF, he was pretty much Karanka's assistant manager. I don't think we've ever had a DoF, at least not during the Riverside Era.
  7. Keep the system Yes Dom Joly watching a human statue in Covent Garden (I walked over and told him how brilliant I thought Trigger Happy TV was and he should bring it back, he seemed quite pleased.)
  8. Great result, great performance, Millwall dirty *** as usual but we seemed to rise above it and got the well deserved 3 points. Still work to do though. I will hold my hands up and say that was a world class save by Stoj at 0-0!
  9. Can't see us beating Millwall. Can't see us beating anyone for the rest of the season, tbh.
  10. Karanka linked with the Bristol City job
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