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  1. I reckon we might send Brad James back there, see if he can hack League 2 before possibly returning as our second choice keeper when we're in League One next season
  2. Followed the text updates on the BBC and even that was nerve shredding, great stuff Poolies!
  3. Well that was terrible, the cynic in me thinks GS doesn't want to top the group in order to avoid facing the runner up of the group of death...
  4. Scotland will tire in the second half. Bring on Grealish, it'll be game over for them
  5. 3-0 to England tonight, I reckon. It is of course, coming home.
  6. The same inept GS who got us to the World Cup Semis in 2018, had a virtually flawless Euro qualifying record and who ignored the media and popular supporter opinions so that he could set up his team in order to beat Croatia last week? Christ, you're a moron.
  7. While it's true that anything can happen at International tournaments and they will be right up for it especially coming off the back of a loss, Scotland are awful and we should be beating them comfortably.
  8. It may actually be beneficial for us not to top the group, as if we do we face the runner up of the group of death - France, Germany, Portugal or Hungary!
  9. That's awful news, sorry for your loss Steve.
  10. Scotland have to win now pretty much, which could be an advantage to England. I think we'll be cautious though and win 2-0
  11. He's not coming anymore even though he definitely was and in fact we'd signed him and everything. But now he's not
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