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  1. Blackpool are gash and we played our kids in the league cup. We'll lose 3-0 again
  2. Bring Grant back as a coach please, Boro
  3. I never said he *was* working undercover, I just said he clearly already was working for us before he "officially" started.
  4. Great stuff @wilsoncgp, I'm glad we have someone who can commit to this properly. Always interesting to see how the club responds to supporter opinions, even if I'm not a matchday regular myself.
  5. Absolutely no excuse not to win this, so we'll lose 3-0
  6. I agree. He's taking the *** *** now. Get him out of our club ASAP
  7. Haha the way we're playing it might be a while before someone matches me 😉
  8. Teams have started to figure out Jones as well, we can't just let teams put three players on him every game. He looked knackered after 60 minutes today.
  9. Warnock out Bet he blames Siliki and Sporar somehow
  10. Lol at Bamba trying an overhead kick. Tell you what though, it's been an entertaining first half
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