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  1. Gibson not supporting Karanka in January and blithely accepting relegation is what nearly finished us off. With the signings Karanka so clearly wanted we could have possibly stayed up.
  2. Well yes, hence us being put into Tier 3 when we were Tier 2 before the national lockdown. Also there's no way people are going to follow the rules. Too many selfish idiots.
  3. @Downsouthcan you change the goalscorers in the thread title? Bit weird to see it credited to Tav when it was a blatant own goal!
  4. And that's how it will stay, probably until late spring, I can't see Middlesbrough ever getting out of Tier 3, not from what I've seen, heard, and read from the general public.
  5. There you go, I made it 4 likes. Think we can definitely win this, I wouldn't change anything. Would like to see Morsy on the bench though.
  6. Think our squad is too threadbare to make the playoffs in all honesty, I still see us finishing comfortably mid-table. A few decent signings in January could change that but I don't see us spending.
  7. To be honest i'm not sure who'd even want to buy Britt
  8. Where do you live? I don't have any tattoo's myself but i've heard nothing but good things about Brothers in Ink on Clynes Road, Grangetown!
  9. According to more than a few people on the DCFC forum there's a clause in Rooney's contract that says he has to be picked every game and can't be subbed off. After last night's performance and seeing him blowing out of his *** after 55 minutes yet staying the full 90 minutes after they made ALL FIVE SUBS, I have a hard time believing that's not true. 60k a week, LMFAO
  10. Yeah, he did that a lot the last time he was here, too. Can't blame Warnock for not starting him, tbh
  11. Okay so I was today years old when I found out that Bombay Duck is actually a fish, how embarrassing!
  12. Nice one, love the price point being £19.86, lovely little touch. Gonna be a tough game this, we don't usually come out of international breaks firing on all cylinders either so I reckon another draw at best.
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