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  1. We're not separated - she just does all the parenting now! Normally the girls are at her parents while she's at work but they can't even see them right now. Thank God for facetime!
  2. Okay next question, and please don't be offended - Do you know how to burn an iso file onto a disc?
  3. What do you mean by you installed the Win8 iso onto a flash drive? The iso is meant to be burned to a DVD-rom. It should be an executable file for a flash drive.
  4. I do love driving to and from work, but I'm often bored here and miss my girls. My wife currently has them 24/7 because of this soft lockdown and it's driving her mad. I wish I could be home more to support her.
  5. I highly doubt that, but luckily for me the government classes it as key work so i'm not losing out financially for my family during this crisis. The real heroes are the people on here who work in the healthcare industry, you should direct your well wishes to them 🙂
  6. Trust me if I didn't have to work I would be happy being stuck at home!
  7. I spilled my beer when Job scored the opener in the Carling Cup Final, was pretty hysterical after that.
  8. Gentle reminder that we're two weeks behind Italy, and people can't even stay in their own *** homes over here.
  9. It's a dedicated gaming laptop, most really high spec ones go for over a grand but that'll be decent enough for a good few years. 8gb RAM means you'll be able to run multiple leagues in FM and play nearly if not all current releases. The graphics card is decent and the processor is a quad core AMD which in my opinion are better than Intel processors. The hard drive space is standard but easily expandable plus you get an external drive fairly cheaply these days. Plus it has a really cool red-LED backlit keyboard 🙂 The only downside, which isn't really an issue these days, is it doesn't come with an optical drive. Most laptops these days don't however as more and more people stream their content and download their games from platforms like Steam. If you're old school and have a physical copy of FM then you'll need to buy an external DVD-ROM drive.
  10. https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-tuf-gaming-fx505-ryzen-5-3550h-8gb-256gb-ssd-radeon-rx-560x-4gb-15.6-i-fx505dy-bq009t/version.asp
  11. Yeah that sounds like a corrupted hard drive to me. If Lenovo can't provide you with the software to reinstall Windows (i'm assuming you were using Windows 7 or 8 if it's that old) then you should be able to create one yourself with a USB stick and files on the internet, just search Windows *whatever* boot disc
  12. It could be a number of things to be honest, have you tried connecting it to an external monitor or a TV first and then booting it up? If it works fine on an external source then you have a screen issue. If it doesn't work on an external source then it's probably a corrupt system file causing it. The easiest way to fix that would be to wipe the hard drive and reinstall your operating system (you should have a CD-ROM or USB stick that came with the laptop in order to do this. Connect your laptop to a TV or monitor first though so you can see what you're doing!) If that still doesn't work and you can't get a display on the laptop AND an external source, the graphics card could be shot, or the motherboard could be faulty, there could be a CMOS issue, etc etc.
  13. No idea if it's been posted, but this is a fantastic article if you have 10 minutes to spare: https://www.football365.com/news/juninho-middlesbrough-lest-we-forget
  14. As I type this there's a caravan in a layby on the A689 fully set up with a TV aerial sticking out the top, running eletricity off a portable generator. It's a road that police patrol often, so I wonder how on earth it's still there. It's been there for nearly a week now.
  15. Oh and to *** me off even further, I was stopped on my way to work by police on the A19. Good job I had my letter with me, although the hi-viz vest I always wear should have been enough of a clue.
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