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  1. Whys so many bl9ody long balls? It really p****s me off
  2. They want this more than we do. Were sitting far too deep, Bristol could win this by 3 or 4 easily at this rate
  3. Have Huddersfield got 12 players on the pitch? We can't get the ball
  4. I reckon its 343 myself but happy to go back to 3 at the back with Fry out
  5. I think without Fry we have to play a back 3, only Fry and McNair are good enough to play in a back 4 so with him out we need the extra cover at CB. A good move in my opinion
  6. Oh how I love spell checker on my phone 🙈
  7. Brentford are the inform team and on a hell of a run, I think its 19 unbeaten? So I'd go 433 over 4231 just as I think we need the extra man in midfield, I'd like to see, Betinelli Fisher Fry McNair Bola Moray Howson Saville Kebano Fletcher Bolasie
  8. I think everyone will be in agreement that SG has once again shown his commitment to MFC, this is the best window we've had for along time now. Like alot if others on here I'm really excited for the rest of the season so I'll join you in saying UTB!!!!!!
  9. Having Bolasie, NML and Kebano as the supply to Britt could see the making of him, I still rate Assombalonga even though he can frustrate the hell out of me
  10. Sorry but you've completely lost me here! What more could you have wanted???
  11. I don't think theres been any talk of CMs coming in, how long is Tav out for? Maybe Warnock wants to play him in CM now we've almost signed another winger
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