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  1. Akpom, Assombalonga, Nketiah as a front 3! Just imagine that
  2. Thought at kickoff people were saying he wasn't there??
  3. I'd like to stick with the 3412 formation, so I'd go with Dejan Wood, Hall, Fry Spence, McNair, Morsy, Coulson Browne Fletcher, Assombalonga Definitely would rather promotion, although very slim chance of sneaking 6th at best And come on guys! It has to be black pudding
  4. Please nobody shout at me but I wonder if Jack Wilshere would drop down a division? If wages could be agreed
  5. The fact is that at this exact moment our squad is weaker than what we had at this point last season but the performance was much better than anything Woodgate managed to serve up. With 3 or 4 good additions to the starting XI that started last night I think we will do ok and we could see some of the doom and gloom on here starting to lift. I'm a half glass full kind of person and I definitely saw positives last night
  6. This is the first time in afew seasons (since Pulis) that I'm really looking forward to watching the Boro, we may not play total football with Warnock but for me he's starting to bring a feel good factor back to the club! Reckon we could nick this 1-0 UTB
  7. Bettinelli in goal makes us better so im happy with this, still think we need another 3-4 players
  8. Seems the Watford comedy show continues with players already turning on the manager and players refusing to play, could be the best time to play them
  9. It will be interesting to see if Warnock can convince him that CB is his best position though. I'd be happy with a back 3 of Hall, Fry & McNair
  10. And replace who? Wouldn't Tav be playing the role of providing this season? If we get Mowett is it another season on the bench for Tav, we need to give him the opportunity to be the creative CM for us
  11. Its alittle harsh to say he's the worst out of the 3, i think his chances created and assissts stats are pretty decent but I'd say out of the 3 hes the 1 we need the least
  12. Yeah I agree with this, I think Warnock is a big fan of his aswell so I think he will be a fixture in the starting 11. If we can get in another CB then I could definitely see him being the holding midfielder
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