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  1. I think we will beat Reading but lose to Cardiff and Sheff Wed. Does anyone know whats happening with Wigans apparent points deduction?
  2. I think with Pearson you have named the ideal candidate, knows the league, knows how to set up a successful Championship side and plays good football. Plus I reckon he would get the fans on side too
  3. Our new manager appointment this summer could be the biggest Gibson has had to make, were still counting the cost of having Pulis and his kick and run players and if we sign Warnock it will nock us back even further. The problem with Pulis and Warnock is that there old school with tactics and playing style, and in 12 months if Warnock leaves we will back back in this exact position, there is just no sense or positive reason to give Warnock the job. Its time now for the clear out, to get in a manager with experience who has a clear vision and playing style that everybody can get on board with. I'm not saying get Karanka back but he's the best example I can give of what I'm trying to say, love him or hate him he came here with a vision and clear idea if how he wanted to play and set up and it worked perfectly, Gibson needs to look at that appointment and use it in getting our next manager
  4. If Stoke lose to Brum tomorrow, its as you were with a game less. So not all doom and gloom
  5. Oh, I haven't seen any of his films 🙃
  6. I watched him in the FA Cup against the bar codes, looked much better than a League One player
  7. Well thats positive, another defender who looks like he has a great future ahead of him, what do you reckon he would cost?
  8. I like us to have a look at Rob Dickie from Oxford, 24 year old no nonsense center back who's contract ends 2021, I think he'd be a real good signing and definitely fits our transfer strategy
  9. I honestly can't see passed a 1-1 or 0-0 draw and I don't know whether that would be a good result or not. I reckon if we can get 4 points from Bristol City and Reading we will have cracked it. I once saw Ronan Keating in a Starbucks queue at Manchester Airport and as your all dying to know what he had he went for a Latte
  10. I can't help thinking that Warnock is being lined up as a DoF for next season, the way he talks about how the club needs to change with how they recruit and who they recruit seems to me that he may be here but more behind the scenes.
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