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  1. OK cheers guys, bit of a shame as I love watching Tav play but I guess it makes sense with this season seemingly over
  2. Does anyone know if we will be seeing Fry or Tav again this season or are there injuries going to keep them out?
  3. Just listening to Warnock in his pre match press conference and I get the feeling he was hinting at still being at the club when his coaching days are over, I wonder if he will be making the step up to some sort of DoF role after next season?
  4. I think with Spence he's using these last few games to see if he can be effective as a winger and someone he wants here next season
  5. Did we start playing better when we changed formation to 433?
  6. Irrelevant of your age, comments like that really wind me up when it's just not true! I'm 36 and I've seen 100s of players worse than Spence
  7. Looks like a 343 to me. Looks pretty good, hopefully Warnock has taken the shackles off and were going to go for it
  8. Whys so many bl9ody long balls? It really p****s me off
  9. They want this more than we do. Were sitting far too deep, Bristol could win this by 3 or 4 easily at this rate
  10. Have Huddersfield got 12 players on the pitch? We can't get the ball
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