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  1. Balogun was a strange one I actually really like him and would love to get him back, I know he didn't exactly pull up trees but I thought he was starting to grasp what the Championship was all about and was the sidelined for some unknown reason. I reckon with a full preseason he could become a right handful in this league, my only concern is weather there was some sort of fallout which led to his omission from the starting 11 towards the end. Watch him sign for someone like Swansea on loan next season and bag 20 odd goals
  2. I'd say this is easier said than done. Your 2 examples there both cost around about what out most used starting 11 cost combined, goalscorers cost money and unfortunately it's money that I don't think we have, maybe we can get lucky with an unknown gem like a Pukki but we will have to trust Scott and Co with that. Off the top of my head I can't think of anyone we could get or afford that could realistically get us 20+ goals next season
  3. Not necessarily, I imagine Scott was heavily involved in taking him to Norwich. I personally would love him back as its been mentioned he's a great leader, a very good defender at this level and also a great lad too.
  4. Ye, I'd love to have him here. He'd be perfect in a Wilder team and along side Fry & Djksteel/McNair would easily be the best back 3 in the Championship. Just don't know weather we would be able to get him or not?
  5. I'd imagine we will have afew quid to spend in this window as I can see Spence being sold for quite alot considering how many teams are looking at him. Hopefully we can get a bidding war started on him and then the money we receive for him can be used to reshape the squad.
  6. No we won't, he's a tosser
  7. Here it is to the nearest decimal 0.61538461538462. Or as SmogDane said
  8. He's already making himself look stupid, just a complete pointless poster on here. Infact I'm completely lost on how and why he's still on here
  9. I'm sorry pal but I find the fact you keep referring to people as "blud" disrespectful and petulant so please stop doing it you tw*t. Cheers 👍
  10. He has to be asked and he has to answer it.
  11. Ye I know that, but if he goes then Scott has to have his fingers on the pulse, we're still in a battle for the playoffs and maintaining that push has to be priority
  12. Well of he does go we will get to see Scott earning his money, I wonder if he's already lining someone up?
  13. After that performance I'm not too worried. If we play like that between now and the end of the season we will definitely be enjoying the playoffs
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