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  1. I wouldn't, for me hes better at right back than in midfield
  2. I hope we set up in a 4231 like we did against forest, I'd go, Pears Spence Shotton Moukudi Coulson McNair Saville Tav Wing Morrison Rudy I reckon Saville and McNair are a strong partnership for in the middle of the park, we need to take the game to Charlton so 2 quick full backs pushing on with Tav and Morrison cutting in more and Rudy did well against Forest and I like how we had runners going last him from midfield which Forest struggled with and I think Charlton will too. Predicting 2-0 Boro, Wing brace
  3. I honestly hope Howson doesnt sign a new contract, only way Spence will play next season
  4. HC, the problem with what your saying there is do we have an owner that cares about the club? I havnt seen much evidence from SG in the last few years to say that he does.
  5. I have a feeling Woody will resign today
  6. Arnt we just really boring to watch
  7. If Steve Mac is up at Rockliffe I wonder if it's to work in the role of a DoF instead of replacing Woody?
  8. What annoys me the most in all this is Steve Gibson. In all honesty I like Woodgate I liked him as a player, I like his passion and I may get slated but I liked the fact he got appointed, but it hasn't worked and Woodgate just isn't up to the job and what annoys me so much is that Gibson wont act until it's too late. Why on earth Gibson cant just hold his hands up say he wanted it to work out but it isn't and do the right thing and relieve him of his duties is beyond a joke now, I honestly think Gibson like Woodgate is out of his depth as a chairman and also doesnt know what to do.
  9. Yes and for the simple reason that's hes lost the dressing room and the fans, he looks hopelessly lost and all this chopping and changing he does week in week out just goes to show that he really doesnt know what to do! As a head coach hes is even getting the basics wrong, for example were 8 or 9 months and 2 transfer wimdows into Woodgates tenure and he still doesnt know what shape or formation is his best, what 11 is his strongest and what tactics he wants to deploy! We may well somehow avoid relegation this season but with Woodgate in charge I feel that this will just repeat itself again next season, we need someone in with a clear philosophy and identity but also with experience. Also I like Prawn Cocktail
  10. Woodgate isn't going to resign and he wont be fired, Gibson doesnt give a toss
  11. In all seriousness though, who would want this job?
  12. In all seriousness though, who would want this job?
  13. I reckon its 433 with a back 4 of Howson Shotton Moukudi Friend
  14. I think that he thought he would be able to get these players to play the high press in a 433 formation that he spoke about, but for whatever reason that doesnt seem to happen. On Saturday people have mentioned he was looking at his bench asking why the players arnt doing what has been asked of them. Anyone can say they want to play in a certain way, being able to coach the players to do it is another thing completely
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