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  1. Maybe Bauser was in South America to talk to Doriva?
  2. I was highlighting the fact that we have had a few years of not spending money following by having ago this year as being a "longterm plan" it's the best way of keeping online with FFP
  3. Once again Steve Gibson is showing why he's the best in the business, takes a lot of stick for putting the brakes on things but there's always along term plan with him
  4. Shame that as I reckon he could be a decent keeper at Championship level
  5. And bringing back the little fella as technical director! what a dream
  6. So is there 3 players from South America that we're looking to sign? Payero, Muniz & im sure another has been mentioned, I'm just wondering if one of these 3 is the mystery foreign player Warnock was looking at in Jan?
  7. Please say your surname is tiffin
  8. The point being that this lad is head and shoulders above anything you will find in L1 though. The excitement around signing him is because we as Boro fans were expecting a transfer window of signing freebies and cheap players and we now look like signing a player who has the potential to be one of the best player in the Championship
  9. What a start to the transfer window! seems Gibson is ready for another push this season and give Warnock exactly who he wants to succeed, cautious optimism from me at the moment
  10. I reckon a midfield 3 of Morsy Tav and Mpanzu would definitely be a top 6 midfield, Fry and McNair will be as good a CB pairing as there will be in the Championship so if we can sort out the front 3 we will be pretty close
  11. Considering Warnock wants to bring in 3 strikers how do you know he will be our main man?
  12. What you have to remember is that Warnock isn't looking for a prolific striker who plays off the shoulder of the last defender, he's looking for a link up man who can hold up the ball and supply runners from midfield which is the kind of thing Smith could be very good at. He may not score 20+ goals but could very much be involved in 20+ goals with assists and goals
  13. Well said DS! Getting totally fed up with him clogging up the board with crap
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