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  1. But we knew there contract were running down before this season started and talks with these players regarding contracts should have been held pre season and those who wouldn't sign new deals should have been moved on in the summer, ok I agree moving on Shotton, Gestede and Johnson was tried but Clayton, Howson and in particular Ayala would of still commanded half decent fees
  2. Maybe loaning Oxford in is to see if he is a suitable replacement for Ayala. Also considering were meant to be a "selling club" now were doing a pretty crap job of it considering we've let 7 players contracts run down to the last 6 months
  3. So if Gibbo and Oxford come in and we already have Fry and Ayala who will be the first choice pairing if Woody wants to play a back 4?
  4. I think if he does go it will be a last minute panic buy for someone
  5. But he hasn't won anything, hes a completely pointless footballer
  6. Why are we playing Gestede? Hes crap! Also the press doesnt work with him coz hes too lazy
  7. I thought Liddle was a defensive minded midfielder? Is he attack minded then?
  8. 343 formation with Tav and Roberts either side of Fletcher! Plenty of pace there, cant wait for this!
  9. Fabianski has been forced off against Sheff Utd with another injury, could force West ham's hand abit
  10. I agree, I think although he was bought as a RB he does seem to have all the attributes to be a very good CDM, with Soence playing well at RB now I wonder if when fit Woody could be tempted to try him there
  11. Has that big red arrow just pushed that car forward?
  12. Also I think there is zero chance of us being able to afford Toney
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