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  1. Surely if we swapped Coulson and Spence for Browne and Roberts our chances of scoring goes up massively, the flip side to this is that our chance of conceding goes up too. But surely in our home games and also away to the lesser sides it should be worth the risk?
  2. Really looking forward to watching this game tonight! I can't remember the last time I've said that so thank you Neil Warnock for bringing back some positivity to the club
  3. Personally I don't think he should ever be first choice, I didn't rate any of his performances for us and would make him 5th choice after the performance of Wood today
  4. I suppose the fact there away at Luton tonight and then have to travel to us on Saturday works in our favour as we have had a day extra to prepare and no travelling
  5. Good hard earned win tonight, dare I say we could be in for a good season? Fry immense at the back tonight and my MOTM
  6. We could play for another 90 mins and still not score
  7. From their goal kicks hes forming a front 3 with the other 2, and he's seems alot more advanced than Howson and Morsy Plus I know its wing backs, looked like a 343 to me
  8. Isn't Saville playing in a front 3 with Britt and Roberts? I'd consider taking him off for Browne as he has looked abit leggy
  9. I'd of taken a draw before the game so got to be happy with that, just a shame Johnson decided to give away a needless corner for their goal. Hopefully Warnock will have the same opinion and drop him for the next game
  10. I think he's trying Johnson at RWB due to the fact he's absolute s**t on the left
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