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  1. Ah thanks mate, I ❤ you too. 😁
  2. I think the more players we bring in who want to play the ball on the floor the poorer he will look, poor signing from Warnock
  3. Really pleased with how Payero grew into the game and in the second half was a very positive influence for us.
  4. Surely the compromises will have to come from Warnock although I'm hoping he doesn't agree to them and decides to jack it in instead. Doubt it though
  5. It seems to depend on who you speak too
  6. I think we need to accept the fact that he's going nowhere. One of Gibsons biggest flaws is that he hangs on to managers for too long.
  7. IB coming up now so perfect time to sack the old goat off
  8. That's it, I will not be going to another game while Warnock is in charge! There is no enjoyment in this whatsoever, its like Tony Pulis all over again
  9. If it ends Warnocks time here then I'm all for it
  10. Maybe he knows the writing is on the wall and that Gibson is actively looking to replace him, so to save face he is blaming the set up of the club for his failings this season. Either way I can't see Gibson accepting these damning comments from Warnock
  11. I think you should probably lower your expectations alittle bit, there's no way on earth we could tempt or even afford either Lampard or Reiziger and going for a left field foreign appointment is always a big risk. Maybe the ex Barnsley gaffer who's now at New York Redbulls (I think) could be a possibility
  12. Was Scott at Norwich when Alex Neil was? I think he would be a really good appointment for us, I think he would definitely get a tune out of these players, knows the league very well and has a promotion under his belt.
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