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  1. I'm sure he will accept the highest bidder, which won't be us
  2. Pears on loan would be the best bet if we get another GK, he's got alot of potential
  3. I wonder if Celtic could come back in for Assombalonga if Edouard is sold?
  4. in all honesty I'd rather them both go, I think either offer very little in midfield along with Howson
  5. We don't really need much of the same though, we already have that with Saville and Howson.
  6. Anyone reckon Jack Clarke is a possible target?
  7. Ye I totally agree, any signing we make has to be a player that improves our starting 11
  8. To be fair, Browne could be the creative midfielder Warnock is looking for?
  9. Any ideas on the targets? Or is everything under wraps at the minute
  10. So it seems as though we're definitely in talks with 4 players then! Anyone have any idea who?
  11. I'd hate us to sell any of the younger players this season. For me I want our team to be built around Coulson, Spence, Fry, Tav and Fletcher. Let's add the experienced players to these by selling any of the others
  12. Plus his wage demands will be way too high, plus do we need a RB? We already have Spence and Djiksteel
  13. I honestly cannot believe how a organisation as big as the EFL has managed to make such a mess over the Wigan points deduction, surely though as the rule is a 12 point deduction for going into administration and other teams have had to accept such a penalty recently there should be no grounds for appeal at all! Its pretty embarrassing for them on how poorly they have dealt with it
  14. Wing isn't a Warnock type player, nor is Tav or Spence. I'd expect these 3 to be moved on by Warnock as soon as he's announced as manager and quickly replaced with the likes of Gunter and afew journey men
  15. First half of the season id be agreeing with you but since the turn of the year he's not looked bothered and in my opinion put in below par performances.
  16. OK, cheers for that, makes me feel a little more chilled out with it all 👍
  17. This summer window will be one of the biggest we've had for a while regarding the amount of ins and outs, what concerns me is that we could be wasting a massive opportunity to mould this team into the high press attacking team we were promised by handing the reins over to Warnock. I like Warnock and he's saved us from definite relegation but I just don't believe he's the right man to take us forward
  18. We are well overstocked in the middle so would need to get rid of 2 or 3 first
  19. Hull and Blackburn left after QPR so its very possible they could get that
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