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  1. Neil Warnock wins manager of the month...
  2. Introduction Nearly 9 months after my last matchday thread I have fetched my dusty box of gifs from the loft ready for action. Ironically my last thread was our away trip to Brentford last season which ended in a 3-2 loss. Since then not much has been going on right? Empty stadiums have become the new norm and, dare I say it, seems to be suiting us just fine. Flourishing under Warnock we are unbeaten since the first game of the season filling the fans with a strange and surreal sense of optimism Although there has been one too many draws for the liking of most, epitomised in last nights 0-0 draw with Blackburn which saw a strong defensive performance.. ..and a toothless attack.. Brentford have had an average start to the season, adapting to the loss of key players from their BMW attack that very nearly propelled them to the promised land. They have however splashed the cash on former Boro target Ivan Toney He does guarantee goals though.. The Big Questions Will we see Patrick Roberts feature or are his legs just too fragile? Will our strikers figure out how to score? Or will it all be left to forum favourite George Saville? What do we think the score will be? (Hi Neil if you are reading this, I'm a big fan) Bear out..
  3. Will have it up today..
  4. Lived here 18 of my 37 years. My wife is Welsh and my kids are half Welsh (Mudbloods)
  5. Only if we get relegated...
  6. I think this is the crux of it, I don't think he fancies Walker at all!
  7. dreaming a bit i see, you know we are going to go a goal down to an 11 minute set piece or deflected shot. why torture yourself.
  8. Wasn't that where SG found him? It's rumoured that he ended up there after trying to negotiate a 2 week stay in the Moscow Hilton.
  9. Prediction Boro 2-0 Coventry (Akpom, Saville) Starting XI I think we could see another run out for the 433 formation. Expect Roberts to start and possibly a return for Britt, most likely from the bench again. COME ON BORO!
  10. Here is my entry. Completed using my s-pen from my Samsung galaxy note 10+ 😆
  11. Oh phew, thought it was my turn
  12. Ill try and have the Coventry thread up tonight 🤣
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