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  1. Surely he'd just speak English louder and slower?
  2. very cryptic Zippy, Rainbow.. I don't see any connections..
  3. Reiziger? Boateng? Mustoe? Mendieta? Zenden?
  4. Roy Hodgson has a really old face?
  5. After all this he is going to be crap isn't he..
  6. It's not like we paid much (if anything) for him..
  7. BearSmog


    I think if OneBoro had a stadium we would definitely be naming a stand after him or even putting up a statue outside
  8. BearSmog


    Such sad news! Was a prominent poster when I joined the board from 606. Genuinely ITK and not arrogant about it. Seemed like a lovely bloke. Rest in peace Vector. UTB
  9. His name is also an anagram of.. Teary in Parmo Because he is so happy to have signed for the Boro
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