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  1. For anyone interested Errea have just dropped a load of new kits for some of the smaller nations in Europe. https://www.footballshirtculture.com/new-kits.html
  2. Sorry.. I'm a Kieran myself so couldn't let this one slide..
  3. I'm sure Keiran Scott will be relieved. Also Kieran Scott
  4. https://www.footballshirtculture.com/2021-22-kits/lanus-2022-errea-home-away-kits.html I admit I was a little gutted when I heard we were ditching Hummel. I think that Errea kits have come on massively since we had them as a partner and I'm confident that the quality has improved since then too and I think we are guaranteed someting bespoke.. seeing other team's kits (above) fills me with even more optimism.
  5. - Grandad’s Team - Boro - Dad’s Team - Boro - Mum’s Team - Boro - Local Team - Boro (Moved to Cardiff as an adult) - Your Team - Boro Added extra - Son's Team - Boro/Cardiff (he is 8 and he hasn't decided yet although only wears a Boro shirt for PE)
  6. Middlesbrough v Hull City I honestly thought/hoped that we would go on a winning run towards the end of the season and wouldn't have to author another matchday thread this season ..but here I am with my trusty box of gifs ready to give it another whirl. Those of an anti-gif constitution I advise you look away from the OP now.. Introduction It was disappointing to come away from last nights match v Fulham without a (deserved) point.. ..but in the grand scheme of things I personally didn't think we were going to get much from the best side in the division and was
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