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  1. Apologies, I was skimming, didn't read anything properly..
  2. The Rangers kit isn't made by hummel.. They have released a few good kits already in the lower leagues, see Cambridge and Fleetwood as examples.. high hopes for ours.
  3. The 5 subs thing is allowed but its up to the individual football associations whether they adopt it
  4. Is Lyle Taylor not just an older version of Ashley Fletcher?
  5. I think that says more about the defenders we have at the club than it does him..
  6. If we follow our current trend of results we will lose at home to Cardiff and beat Sheff Wed away.. so all is well with the world!
  7. Transfer strategy? That's being very kind to our recruitment department..
  8. Duffy - No thank you Keogh - No no no no no NO!
  9. I'm going for a relegated trio of Barnsley, Hull and Birmingham..
  10. it was his Dr Watson phase rather than his Bilbo Baggins
  11. I imagine the English leagues will fall in line with this. This is the latest news from the Premier League... 'PL clubs delay vote on transfer window dates' http://www.skysports.com/share/12024594
  12. I think clubs have delayed voting on transfer window dates so i think it is a bit unknown at the moment..
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