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  1. I live a stones throw from Sophia Gardens, so get to watch Glamorgan a fair bit. My 7 year old is developing a bit of an interest in cricket so hoping to get him along to some T20 blast matches (not sure I can keep him focused for a 4 day game)
  2. I'm also willing to chip in/contribute in any way I can! I have no specific skills but lots of opinions!
  3. Has anyone mentioned Eddie Howe? Just wondering..
  4. Where are you exiled Bluebird? I'm exiled in Cardiff!
  5. Introduction I don't know where to start with this thread, our season appears to be in a state of flux and Boro fans are struggling to know how to feel We could probably do with a nice easy game next where we can get a win, who is it? In form Cardiff? Great.. The match sees two of the leagues spritliest young managers come head to head in what is sure to be a mouthwatering battle of wits.. We can rest assured that we have one of the best goalkeepers in the league between the sticks in Bettinelli Footage emerges of Boro defenders reaction to
  6. I don't know if it's been mentioned (can't be bothered to read that far back) but I think we should consider Warnock as director of football/consultant and bringing in a young(er) manager who buys into the same philosophy and can be moulded into a mini-Warnock.
  7. I used to have fancy hair before the pandemic robbed me of my barbers..
  8. Goals don't matter, wins matter!
  9. Wait for the first time one of the new boys plays badly so we can start slagging him off as a waste of space? You could also completely write one of them off before they kick a ball..
  10. He is based in Birmingham.. that's probably why he is using them.. probably
  11. Does anyone else think we will struggle to get any players from the Premier League on loan? I think the managers might look at the Roberts situation and think that their player might get more game time elsewhere.. just a thought.
  12. Symptoms lasted with my wife and I for no more than 48 hours.. both absolutely fine now. Headaches and fatigue seemed to be the most prominent symptoms we encountered.
  13. Yeah, on my vaccination card they say the side effects can be expected for up to a week. They list headache, sore arm and slight fever as the side effects to expect and if you discover any others to let them know.
  14. I would personally like to recieve the 2nd dose a bit quicker, but if it means more people getting the first dose sooner then I'm all for it. On the vaccine itself, since having the jab I have been incredibly dehydrated, have the worst headache and my heart rate in the first 24 hours has been between 20 and 30 beats per minute faster than normal (I wear a smart watch). Oh and my arm hurts like hell. Hope it's all worth it!
  15. Had my first vaccination today (had the Pfizer one) seemed to be getting through people pretty quickly. Got to wait 10 weeks for my second jab.
  16. Duncan Watmore Championship player of the month! https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/duncan-watmore-named-sky-bet-player-of-the-month
  17. Booked in for my vaccine on Friday 😁
  18. Who is this Monopoli we are linked with? Is he Italian?
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