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  1. My prerequisites for a new manager/head coach • Completed all (or at least most) of their coaching badges. • Experience of coaching at different age levels, but with at least some experience of senior football. • Has more than one approach to football, being able to adapt when things aren't working. • Positive attitude, honest and doesn't look for excuses.
  2. A Cardiff v West Brom D Huddersfield v Blackburn H Hull v Blackpool H Middlesbrough v Sheffield Utd D Preston v Stoke H QPR v Birmingham H Barnsley v Nottingham Forest H Derby v Reading H Fulham v Swansea A Luton v Coventry H Millwall v Bristol City A Peterbrough v Bournemouth
  3. H Coventry v Peterbrough H West Brom v QPR D Reading v Middlesbrough H Birmingham v Preston H Blackburn v Cardiff D Blackpool v Barnsley H Bournemouth v Luton A Bristol City v Fulham D Nottingham Forest v Millwall H Sheffield Utd v Derby H Stoke v Hull D Swansea v Huddersfield
  4. Why was left footed Marcus Taverier played at right back when Dijksteel went off and right footed (and very slow) Lee Peltier kept at left back? Answers on a postcard...
  5. D Hull v Sheffield Utd A Barnsley v Blackburn D Cardiff v Bournemouth A Derby v Stoke H Fulham v Reading H Huddersfield v Nottingham Forest D Luton v Swansea H Middlesbrough v Blackpool D Millwall v Coventry A Peterborough v Birmingham A Preston v West Brom H QPR v Bristol City
  6. D Blackburn v Hull A Blackpool v Huddersfield H Bournemouth v QPR H Sheffield Utd v Preston H Reading v Peterbrough H West Brom v Derby D Birmingham v Fulham D Bristol City v Luton A Coventry v Cardiff A Nottingham Forest v Middlesbrough H Stoke v Barnsley H Swansea v Millwall
  7. Usually I wear rose tinted specs and find something positive.. .. but the specs are tinted with turd after watching that. Warnock out...
  8. Well Lea-Siliki is definitely on the bench at least...
  9. Why am I so excited for this line up?! I know its going to disappoint.. but there is a part of me deep down that thinks we will see Payero start today.....
  10. H Birmingham v Derby H Blackburn v Luton A Blackpool v Fulham H Bournemouth v Barnsley D Bristol City v Preston A Coventry v Middlesbrough A Reading v QPR H Sheffield Utd v Peterbrough D Stoke v Huddersfield D Swansea v Hull H West Brom v Millwall A Nottingham Forest v Cardiff
  11. He is hardly going to come out and say that he is looking at the direction that we intend to go with the management/coaching team whilst they are still in place... ...although I'm certain that's an area he will be addressing
  12. https://www.mfc.co.uk/news/watch-kieran-scott-on-joining-as-head-of-football
  13. 1. Who makes your starting XI? Lumley, Dijksteel, Fry, McNair, Bola, Howson, Tav, Crooks, Hernandez, Jones, Uche. Subs: Daniels, Hall, Peltier, JLS, Payero, Watmore, Sporar 2. Why hasn’t Payero been given more game time so far? Because Warnock feels he needs more time to adapt. Hoping that it happens sooner rather than later. 3. Which of our summer signings are you most excited about seeing in a Boro shirt? Hernandez, JLS and Sporar.. cant just pick one.. 4. People used to use the phrase “being sent to Coventry” as an insult. Where would you least like to be
  14. I am.. just getting ready for my meeting with Mr Warnock...
  15. Kieran* I wouldnt usually be this pedantic but it's my name and it is always being misspelled 😘
  16. Is there some douche searching through footballers old tweets in the hope of catching someone out.. bit pathetic
  17. You're all a bunch of *** 😘
  18. That predictive text hey..
  19. You see him for like 10 seconds and he makes like two passes I don't really know how you can draw that assumption from the footage we saw there. I totally understand that it's not a huge sample size, it was just my throwaway opinion based on a comparison with what I saw from the other players. It just seems to add a little credence to Warnock's view that he isn't quite up to speed yet. I could be (and probably am) wrong, but it was just my opinion.
  20. What little I saw of Payero he definitely looks a little lost /off the pace...
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