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  1. H Borussia Monchengladbach v Leverkusen A Paderborn v Hoffenheim D Freidburg v Werder Bremen A Wolfsburg v Dortmund H Bayern v Frankfurt 24th May H Schalke v Augsburg A Mainz v RB Leipzig H FC Koln v Fortuna Dusseldorf 26th May H Dortmund v Bayern H Leverkusen v Wolfsburg
  2. Italy - Sampdoria Holland - AZ Alkmaar Canada - York9 FC Australia - Western United
  3. BearSmog

    The NFL Draft

    Some folk don't take too kindly to talk of NFL on this forum. I'm not one of them though.. I'm a Bears fan and followed kind of half followed the draft (skipped the 1st round as we didn't have a pick after trading it to the raiders for Khalil Mack). Though I still think we managed to get a 1st round quality player in the 2nd in Jaylon Johnson. We have been pretty good at unearthing gems in the latter round so I'm pretty confident we should be OK. What are your expectations of the Vegas Raiders this season?
  4. I thought Vladimir Kinder would have worn the number 3 shirt in his time.. but upon research I found out he wore 7 and 17. Oh and he is apparently still playing at the age of 51! Franck Queudrue for me @ 3. Tough competition though.
  5. Dutch league cancelled. No winners, no relegation.
  6. Fully recovered (bar my sense of smell and taste) and back in work!
  7. I had my test results back and they were positive for Covid-19.. So lucky that I just had the mild symptoms!!
  8. I was concerned the first 48 hours as I had a terrible fever and my legs and back were in agony. I feel so much better now, although I have completely lost the ability to smell or taste anything. Hope that returns soon. My symptoms would definitely fall into the mild category.
  9. As I am a health care worker I was prioritised for testing as I developed symptoms. The test however was carried out 6 days after my symptoms started and when I was feeling a lot better (no fever) so pretty sure the results will come back negative as the test was the one to check for the presence of the virus. My test was carried out in the car park of a secure unit/hospital in Cardiff and consisted or a swab to the back of my throat. Very unpleasant.
  10. I had just completed 14 days self isolation (due to my mother in law having the symptoms of Coronavirus), then I developed symptoms myself. I have just isolated myself again for 7 days ending today and I was tested for the virus yesterday morning, just awaiting my results and should be back in work tomorrow. Can't wait to get back to a bit of normality!
  11. We managed to get a slot with the Co op for a home delivery (as we are in self isolation/quarantine).. We had an email this morning saying that 75% of the things we ordered were unavailable. They ended up delivering what they had (we really needed food) and the delivery driver was someone who worked for the government and was redeployed as a delivery driver. He also stated that we were his first delivery of the day that didn't solely consist of wine!
  12. I am currently in quarantine/isolation as my mother in law (who we are living with) has the symptoms of Covid-19. My wife and I are both key workers (social care with vulnerable adults) so neither of us are able to go to work! Frustrating but necessary!
  13. Unfortunately Peter Whittingham has passed away now.. 'Peter Whittingham dies aged 35' http://www.skysports.com/share/11959208
  14. Lockdown is imminent.. I have been told that I must have my staff ID on me at all times as of today as I work in healthcare..
  15. I work in supported living supporting vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, no chance of me working from home...
  16. I work as a manager in the supported living sector with vulnerable adults and Coronavirus is VERY serious. If one of the vulnerable people I support or a staff member get it there will almost certainly be fatalities. We have a meeting tomorrow to plan how we can keep the business continuing providing support for the most vulnerable.
  17. H WBA v Birmingham H Blackburn v Bristol City A Huddersfield v Wigan D Hull v Charlton D Luton v PNE H Boro v Swansea (Gestede) D Millwall v Derby H QPR v Barnsley D Reading v Stoke A Sheff Wed v Forest
  18. A Bristol City v Fulham D Barnsley v Cardiff H Birmingham v Reading H Brentford v Sheff Wed H Charlton v Boro (Tavernier) H Leeds v Huddersfield H PNE v QPR H Stoke v Hull A Swansea v WBA H Wigan v Luton
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