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  1. It's almost like the Boro admin is watching OneBoro thinking.. there hasn't been any puns for 10 mins.. let's post the lads playing cricket...
  2. Aa someone with two first names in my full name..
  3. What if going for Steffen on loan rather than Darlow for £6million allows us to get someone like Gyökeres without needing the money for Spence right now..
  4. Can you imagine if they had Lumley in goal 🤢
  5. He'll be off to the World Cup too.. USA number 1..
  6. It's OK, we have a great history with American goalkeepers...
  7. I personally would be wanting more money up front than worrying about add ons because I genuinely believe he will flop and struggle to hit any potential add on targets at Spurs..
  8. I think it's too early for this.. I need transfer news.. where is Juninho23....
  9. Search for Donkey and see what comes up.. Ok when I did on my phone it came up with 🐴 .. but no results on here.. Now let's announce Lenihan so we can forget Bout this shambles
  10. Friendly vs Marseille at the Riverside 22nd July
  11. Am I the only one not convinced by mungosmum?
  12. Feel like we should set up some sort of Boro Wales supporters group
  13. Well done for that.. awful city to drive around!!
  14. Welcome aboard.. also a Boro fan in Cardiff
  15. Missed the opportunity to make a save**
  16. He's rubbish, dropping the ball already...
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