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  1. If we follow our current trend of results we will lose at home to Cardiff and beat Sheff Wed away.. so all is well with the world!
  2. Transfer strategy? That's being very kind to our recruitment department..
  3. Duffy - No thank you Keogh - No no no no no NO!
  4. I'm going for a relegated trio of Barnsley, Hull and Birmingham..
  5. it was his Dr Watson phase rather than his Bilbo Baggins
  6. I imagine the English leagues will fall in line with this. This is the latest news from the Premier League... 'PL clubs delay vote on transfer window dates' http://www.skysports.com/share/12024594
  7. I think clubs have delayed voting on transfer window dates so i think it is a bit unknown at the moment..
  8. Swap Johnson for Coulson and Friend for Moukoudi and I like this team.. everyone playing in their correct positions.. bring on Roberts and Tav in the 2nd half to have a go when Millwall tire.
  9. Northern Premier...
  10. Woodgate will be our manager in league 1.
  11. H Borussia Monchengladbach v Leverkusen A Paderborn v Hoffenheim D Freidburg v Werder Bremen A Wolfsburg v Dortmund H Bayern v Frankfurt 24th May H Schalke v Augsburg A Mainz v RB Leipzig H FC Koln v Fortuna Dusseldorf 26th May H Dortmund v Bayern H Leverkusen v Wolfsburg
  12. Italy - Sampdoria Holland - AZ Alkmaar Canada - York9 FC Australia - Western United
  13. BearSmog

    The NFL Draft

    Some folk don't take too kindly to talk of NFL on this forum. I'm not one of them though.. I'm a Bears fan and followed kind of half followed the draft (skipped the 1st round as we didn't have a pick after trading it to the raiders for Khalil Mack). Though I still think we managed to get a 1st round quality player in the 2nd in Jaylon Johnson. We have been pretty good at unearthing gems in the latter round so I'm pretty confident we should be OK. What are your expectations of the Vegas Raiders this season?
  14. I thought Vladimir Kinder would have worn the number 3 shirt in his time.. but upon research I found out he wore 7 and 17. Oh and he is apparently still playing at the age of 51! Franck Queudrue for me @ 3. Tough competition though.
  15. Dutch league cancelled. No winners, no relegation.
  16. Fully recovered (bar my sense of smell and taste) and back in work!
  17. I had my test results back and they were positive for Covid-19.. So lucky that I just had the mild symptoms!!
  18. I was concerned the first 48 hours as I had a terrible fever and my legs and back were in agony. I feel so much better now, although I have completely lost the ability to smell or taste anything. Hope that returns soon. My symptoms would definitely fall into the mild category.
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