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  1. 15 minutes ago, mj south said:

    I like us to have a look at Rob Dickie from Oxford, 24 year old no nonsense center back who's contract ends 2021, I think he'd be a real good signing and definitely fits our transfer strategy

    Transfer strategy? That's being very kind to our recruitment department..200.gif

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  2. 1 hour ago, Borodane said:

    No idea. Someone with experience but not another one of the merry-go-rounds. Hughton would probably be perfect but I doubt he'd want to come even if we do survive. I can see Pearson getting sacked and Gibson going for him. Personally I'd probably want to look outside of England.


    Ryan Gosling Lol GIF

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  3. H Borussia Monchengladbach v Leverkusen

    A Paderborn  v Hoffenheim

    D Freidburg  v  Werder Bremen

    A Wolfsburg  v  Dortmund

    H Bayern v Frankfurt

    24th May

    H Schalke  v Augsburg

    A Mainz v RB Leipzig

    H FC Koln v Fortuna Dusseldorf

    26th May

    H Dortmund v  Bayern

    H Leverkusen  v Wolfsburg

  4. 3 hours ago, Alves car salesman said:

    With some of the other european leagues looking to start ahead of the championship, I was curious to see other people teams are that they follow, for me it’s as followed


    Germany - SV Hamburger 

    Spain - Athletic Bilbao 

    Italy - Fiorentina 



    Italy - Sampdoria 

    Holland - AZ Alkmaar

    Canada - York9 FC

    Australia - Western United 

  5. On 5/1/2020 at 7:44 PM, Snake said:

    In the absence of anything footy related I watched most of the draft rounds mainly to see how my Raiders got on.

    Fairly pleased with who we got but its the process that I'm most impressed with hereby the worst teams get the first pick and the salary cap has to be watched

    Something similar for the PL/EFL would solve a lot of the financial problems

    Oops - wrong forum!



    Some folk don't take too kindly to talk of NFL on this forum. I'm not one of them though..

    I'm a Bears fan and followed kind of half followed the draft (skipped the 1st round as we didn't have a pick after trading it to the raiders for Khalil Mack). Though I still think we managed to get a 1st round quality player in the 2nd in Jaylon Johnson. We have been pretty good at unearthing gems in the latter round so I'm pretty confident we should be OK.

    What are your expectations of the Vegas Raiders this season? 

  6. I thought Vladimir Kinder would have worn the number 3 shirt in his time.. but upon research I found out he wore 7 and 17. Oh and he is apparently still playing at the age of 51!

    Franck Queudrue for me @ 3. Tough competition though. 

  7. 2 hours ago, Downsouth said:

    How concerning was it for you BearSmog?

    I was concerned the first 48 hours as I had a terrible fever and my legs and back were in agony. I feel so much better now, although I have completely lost the ability to smell or taste anything. Hope that returns soon. My symptoms would definitely fall into the mild category. 

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