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  1. BBC Tees broadcast coverage of all Boro matches on FM and/or DAB. They can't provide coverage on the web.


    However, they can and do provide coverage of cup matches on the web.


    Conclusion? You can't listen to league matches at all on the web and you have to be in the BBC Tees broadcast area to get radio coverage.

  2. Anyone with Arshavin in his squad should note that he's crocked for three matches or more. However, Cesc Fabregas is available again so maybe the solution is a no-brainer.


    Linthorpian2009, your team captain hasn't even played for you so far and remains 50/50 for today. Don't you think you might stand more chance of picking up a few points by making one of your strikers your captain, say Fernando Torres? ;)

  3. Yes, you have and I agree that ibby doesn't help himself sometimes. However, I still can't help the feeling that he's getting a pretty rough ride, even from those of us who genuinely bear him no ill will.


    He's outnumbered.

  4. thanks for the link vectorboro i think there moved there site around www.boro.co.uk i use to go on to that to get on to the forum which would not load up the forum.


    After they deleted the Boro Forum board, the main site's link still pointed to the deleted board for a while, so it didn't work. I believe they eventually got it pointing to their replacement board, after many trials and tribulations. It's not an easy thing to do, you know, but it should work now.

  5. Does anyone remember when he outmuscled Woodgate in front of goal and scored for the skunks at the Riverside? He stood stock still, arms rigid at his sides, refusing to celebrate his goal and trying to shrug off his rejoicing team-mates.


    Returning to Boro to finish off his career would be a generous thing to do and maybe he's not as mercenary as we think.

  6. Here's the table after the introduction of new manager ?SL? and his team lorcan:



    lorcan entered Sky's competition on Monday 2th August and he took 9 points from that evening's Liverpool vs ***nal match. That made it a bit difficult to decide how much of a starter he should get but, just to show that I'm not being purely arbitrary, this is what I did:

    1) I discounted Jake's Allstars because the team looks like it's been abandoned.

    2) Table-ender $ THE DONZ FC $ had accrued 45 points up to and including the Liverpool match.

    3) Normal policy would therefore have been to award a 44 point starter to lorcan.

    4) I deducted 9 points for the Liverpool match and awarded 35.


    He then went on to chalk up a very useful 40 points over the following weekend and has drawn away from the foot of the table.


    Who are you on the forum, ?SL?

    I have also adjusted the weeks played. I suppose the Prem's 36 matches are nearer four 'weeks' than three. What the blazes are the FA doing to the fixture list this year?

  7. Did anyone else spot the inconsistency between "nobody was sold who wanted to be here" and the cancellation of Jeremie Aliadiere's sale? Either Aliadiere wanted to stay and they were going to sell him or he wanted to go and they kept him here against his will. Which one was it, Mr Lamb?

  8. More defenders needed? I'm surprised that anyone took me seriously when I said that playing defenders in midfield means that we need to recruit more defenders. I mean the reasoning is quite plainly ridiculous, so much so that even Lamb wouldn't try to feed it to us. :D Or would he...? :dodgy:

  9. Our club has just turned into a contradiction machine. Why are we looking to bring in a defender specifically and not a midfielder? We've constantly said we have lots of options at the back and lots of cover, which we do so why is a defender suddenly urgently needed.


    Why not a midfielder? We played most of last season with no midfield and have since let tuncay and downing leave. We're crying out for a central midfielder yet are looking for a defender. This guy never fails to make me mad, he's such a clueless idiot.


    Maybe they've forgotten that the defenders playing in midfield are actually defenders.

    Yeah but when your defenders play in midfield it leaves holes at the back. There's no point in recruiting midfielders when you need defenders. That's just plain silly.

  10. As far as Alves is concerned, I fear that he has already had a bellyful of being played in the lone striker role. I don't blame him, either. Players who are at home in that role are few and far between. Rooney, for example, can't do it for the national team because he just gets frustrated and sees red. Thankfully, though, Capello realised that fairly quickly.


    Anyway, if Alves returns to the team he'll be coming back to a squad without Mido, without King and without anyone even remotely resembling the bruiser he needs as a strike partner. Even if we had one, Southgate wouldn't pair them up front so what the hell, anyway? I am just soooo fed up.

  11. And now, the end is near,

    And so I face the final curtain,

    My friends, I'll say it clear,

    And state my case, of which I'm certain...


    Alves, that useless ***,

    Has travelled each and every byway,

    But more, much more than this,

    He did it Friday.


    Okay, so I know it's Tuesday but it's what you call poetic licence.

  12. If we had been linked with replacing Mido with Hulse last year most Boro fans, including me, would have been outraged. Yet, with hindsight, it could have been a great move, provided that Hulse played alongside Alves instead of either of them getting isolated, frustrated and demotivated as one of GS's favoured lone strikers.


    I know that's one hell of a big if and hindsight is a wonderful thing but I called repeatedly last season for a bruiser to play alongside Alves, even for David Wheater, on one occasion. In my opinion, Southgate ruined Alves by using him as he did and it's the single biggest factor in bringing us to where we are now.

  13. Here's the table going in to the international break:



    It's been another high-scoring week and the league's 209 players averaged more than 3 points apiece.


    With 51 points, Sarge is our top scorer once again and it's now clear that he's intent on making his own little breakaway group of just himself.


    It's been a pretty volatile week for the rest of us, with plenty of movement up and down the table, depending on who scored around the 40 mark and who didn't. The points spread a***st the pack chasing our wily old fox is quite narrow and the table is far from settled yet.


    Some things never change, though and it seems that Linny is making another bold attempt at collecting the wooden spoon. :)

  14. Nothing to argue with there, VB, even though I'm fighting drunk and raring for a scrap.


    You really should try harder to get into fights. Or maybe I should chill out a bit more?

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