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  1. Well, it's that time of year again. Just like previous years at this time, lots of fans are upset that once again they seem to be getting the mushroom treatment - kept in the dark and fed bullshít. It's the same every transfer window. Why should that be, I wonder, although I think I already know why.


    It's because Boro management have no choice other than to issue misleading statements about the club's finances and intended dealings in the transfer market. It's like a poker game where you keep your cards close to your chest if you've got any sense, especially when you're bluffing. It's what they always do at this time of year, so why is everyone so surprised, now that it's happening again?


    It's Saturday now, not long after our loss to Bristol City but I'm confident that things will look a lot different by 5pm Tuesday. Note I said different, not better. :dodgy:

  2. Yeah, right and what will Perform tell you?

    Thank you for your e-mail. Your contract is with Boro World' date=' so please take up this matter with them.[/quote']
  3. The Boro Forum mini-league has received only a single application from you, not two.


    Yep, what you're saying makes sense and I think there is a chance of sorting it out. I think you must have used the same e-mail addy for both registrations at Sky. Their system knows you first of all by your e-mail addy and then - I'm guessing here - by the name of your team. Out of interest, is your new team name alphabetically lower than your 'vectorboro' team name?


    I'm getting ahead of myself. VB, you need to decide whether you want your old team or your new team to participate in the Boro Forum league. Did you use the same e-mail addy to register at Sky on both occasions. What are your two team names?

  4. Bugrit ... I still cannot get access to my team to make changes so I registered a 2nd team which does not appear in our league still.

    Ah, but did you apply to join, PIN 1760 and all that?


    VB, I thought Sky had sent you your password reminder so how come you can't log in? In case your browser or Sky's site need refreshing, try entering your e-mail addy and password again, by actually typing them in.

  5. Here's the table after 26 matches:



    sgtpepper, who led after the six midweek matches, was our top scoring manager over the weekend! I think he really means business this season. :)


    With over 500 points collected between us we notched up an average of 26.5 points each this weekend. The table has been pretty volatile with a wide spread of scores, ranging from Sarge's 42 down to my own 6. :blush:


    Managers scoring in the 30s have made good progress up the table, notably ?JA? whose 41 points take him up 6 places. Meanwhile, those of us who scored in the teens or less have moved in the opposite direction, needless to say.

  6. This is from Tuesday's gossip column on the BBC web site:

    Everton are preparing a £5m bid for Middlesbrough defender Robert Huth. They may be put off bidding for Bolton's Gary Cahill (£10m) and Stoke's Ryan Shawcross (£12m) as their clubs will hold out for big sums.


    How totally bloody galling!

  7. RE Tipple, I'm very fond of ales as opposed to generic larger. Next time you're in the offy have a lookout for some 'old speckled hen', 'badgers golden glory' or 'fuller honey dew'. all around 5% and very tasty ice cool on a summers day. I've also started drinking a belgian beer called Duvel. It's hard to find, but it's delicious and at 8.5% you certainly feel like you've had a beer.

    I agree about beers and ales being more interesting and I also agree about Belgians being great brewers.


    Something you might want to note is that Tesco's have just started a special offer of a range of beers at 3 for £4, including Old Speckled Hen. Others are available at 4 for £5, including Badger Golden Glory. They're 500ml bottles and the offer lasts until 8th Sept. Fullers Honeydew is full price at £1.50 and I suspect that not many offies will be able to compete with that, never mind the stuff on special offer. They also stock Duvel and Leffe Blonde.


    I'm still working on the stock of Newcie Brown that I laid down when it was on offer yonks ago, at a quid a pint. :D

  8. Rob says in another thread that ibby signed up again as TuncayLegend and the system automatically banned both accounts. It looks like duplicate IDs get detected as a spam risk so ibby's going to have difficulty creating multiple usernames.

  9. Bugrit....how about 6 pints of Old Peculiar a night.

    Frankly, I don't think I'd thank you for that. When I want a "brown sort of beer" these days I head for Newcie. I know that might not be a popular choice but it's got weight, it's got (a bit too much) fizz and it's got plenty of hops. Like other booze, nose can be the decider and I can't fault Newcie on that.

  10. May be we should give them a trial at Rockcliffe and see if they are fit enough to be part of our squad.I am sure they would accept £55 ,a pack of Golden Virginia and 6 pints of Camerons bitter per week.

    I think you might have to revise that 6 pints of Camerons bitter per week.


    It's got to be Tets and it's got to be nightly, not weekly.

  11. With regard to Hoyte, I have always wondered whether he might be up to playing right midfield. His proficiency in the defensive role leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion, mainly because he wants to get forward so much. Dunno if that's an ***nal thing but Hoyte has always seems pretty ineffective as a RB, compared to the bloke he was supposed to replace, Luke Young.


    I suppose that what I am asking is "Is Hoyte a Championship right-winger?"


    One thing is for sure - he's not a Prem right-back.

    VB, I suspect that your preference for seeing Arca, Hoyte, Shawky and Alves on their way won't attract much dissent, if any at all.


    The same goes fo Jinky, although I have had to read between the lines and accredit you with wanting to see him stay. I certainly do.

    Y'know, this is really odd but I had some OP delivered a few weeks back and I didn't enjoy it very much at all. It's been ages since I tried OP but I've grown accustomed to alternatives since then, such as Grolsch and the stuff with the red writing on a white background that whacked me, out once a few years back. I've just remembered it was Stella! Yeah, that's the stuff: Stella. It was Stella Artois.

  12. £24 million for Lescot, I would say Huth and Pog are equal standard to him (without injurys)


    To be fair, oneBoro, Lescott did pick up 4 goals and 2 assists last season, compared to Huth and Pogatetz's 1 goal and 0 assists between them. Then again, he was playing under Moyes and they were playing under Southgate.


    Regardless, we are clearly of like mind on Boro's apparent undervaluation of some of our prime assets.


    Centre-backs are the coccyx of a team's central spine. They might not attract the glory that strikers do but they are just as capable of defining a side's performance over the course of a season.

  13. Quite so, VB.


    ibby, you might not appreciate the joke but that doesn't stop it being funny.


    If you can't stop being such a snot, I'll blow you out.


    You might not realise it but you are in danger of alienating whatever friends you have left. Now FFS behave yourself.

  14. Pogatetz has been unlucky with injuries lately but before that he was a brave, committed, no-compromise defender of the sort that we all love. How short some people's memories are. He never took prisoners and he'll be exactly what we need in this division when he's fit again so don't be too keen to write him off.


    Then again, if we are looking to sell a CB then Pogatetz has to be one of the favourites (along with Huth) to bring in a fair return, simply because he's such a class defender. Personally I wouldn't want to lose either of those two but Boro do have a surfeit of classy CBs at present.


    What's a classy CB worth to a Prem club? It has to be at least £12m for anyone under 29 but Boro seem to be targetting less than half that amount and it's maddening.

  15. Asked about any developments in the transfer market regarding Tuncay, Southgate said: "There are things going on in the background and in the next ten days there'll be a lot of activity.


    "Things are warming up with him and a couple of others and I would expect something to happen in the next few days."


    I fear the writing's on the wall for at least two players from Saturday's squad.

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