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  1. It's Saturday morning and I must have made a couple of dozen posts last night but I can't remember any of them. Just as well, really, since they're best forgotten anyway.

  2. I hope you're right, Aid.


    Come 2nd Sept and Jinky is still here I'll be happy but what if he's gone?


    Reports of MON watching our last match do not please me at all. If he picks a recruitment target, the only thing I'm certain about is that it will be someone we don't want to lose. After stealing Luke Young twelve months ago who will it be this time? Will it be Tuncay, Wheater, Huth or will he spot the qualities of our ascendant star, Williams?

  3. Rob, it's a tradition now.


    You have to ban the Sarge. :)

    Andrew, I'm with you all the way and, as Sinatra sang: "When somebody loves you, It's no good unless he loves you, All the way..."

    LOL, Andrew's totally gobsmacked!

  4. ...Apologies to everyone for taking over this thread with Northern Irish football talk!lol...


    No apologies needed. You two exemplify what footie is all about. It's not the clubs, it's not the players it's the supporters, it's you guys. And it's also us guys and everyone else who pledges allegiance to Boro, for long as we both shall live.

  5. Beers 0 Bonarda/Malbec lots.


    Sarge, someone mentioned Ali and I've checked and it wasn't you. I think I can guarantee you that it definitely wasn't you but somebody did, so who was it? Let's get him!


    Sadly, our op-needing player could well be gone before we draw the curtains on the transfer window. After watching him create Jinky's wonder goal and then rush in to pull Huth away from trouble on Tuesday, I can see why the Artful Dodger made him Pompey's captain. Maybe we should follow suit and hope that he stays.


    As for the other guys, they'll get their turn if they are still here in September.

  6. Andrew, you really should stop this.


    Ibby effect aside, we have similar opinions and calling for the thread to be closed doesn't reflect well on you.


    All I can say to you is that tolerence of those who are differently endowed brings its own reward. You might have to listen carefully, though.

  7. thepassenger just got himself a brownie point from me. WhyTF can't we just accept that some folks look at the world and see it differently from the rest of us? Maybe they are right, dammit!

  8. I don't think you will ever win over Andrew Parkes, though. You seem to have got right up his nose already.

    Maybe it's your brownie points.



    Brownie points?? Wanna explain that?

    Not really, now you haven't any. :)
  9. I think we have to accept that when a club - any club - negotiates with youngsters, the club has to try to reconcile its young player's aspirations with those of the club.


    With regard to Boro, I have no idea whatsoever what the club aspire to so how the hell can we expect Johnson and others to commit themselves? Are we really trying to return to the Prem next year?


    If we aren't then we need to say so. Otherwise, we have to get everyone on board and make it clear that we are going back up, come hell or high water.


    Frankly, I can't see a Boro team full of acadamy players getting us promoted back to the Prem. We are going to need people like Gary O'Neil to get us back up. After last weekend, when GON put his health on the line to drag Huth away from bother, I don't see why he shouldn't get the captain's armband.


    We need someone to take over on the pitch and Gary O'Neil could be the making of us if we give him the chance.

  10. No arguments with that at all, except my aversion to idea of "tying down" young players like Johnson.


    It can't be done. No club can do it. Young quality players know it and so does everyone else. Let's face it, if you or I were a young player with a lot of potential would either of us sign a long contract with Boro in August, 2009? Sadly, the answer has to be no.


    Would either of us sign a long (2y+) contract with Manchel***pool? Sadly, the answer has to be maybe and the "maybe" creeps in only because the lure of Champions League football beckons.


    Personally, I don't blame young players who want to keep their options open. Footballers have short careers, so who can blame them for wanting to cash in on their skills or seek glory in the national team from as early an age possible?


    I am sloshed and I have lost the plot and I am going to close.

  11. Well, ibby's rep is +1 and Aid's rep is -1 and that averages out at nix, nothing, nil, zero.


    Therefore, the answer to your question is no, sod all.

    I have just acquired an extra star and I see that I have made exactly 50 posts, so I think I know where the stars come from.

    And there go Stephen Hawkins and all those astronomers trying to make out it's something to do with a big bang.

  12. A euro superleague has its attractions. Assuming one up and one down, the play-offs between europe's domestic league champions for the single promotion slot would be something worth watching!


    The problem is that we would never see Torres at the Riverside again and we have the same problem if we stay in the Championship.

  13. ibby, when Aid started the thread "Will the real ibby please stand up" I was one of those wondering where you might be. I watched the thread develop and it took a while but eventually we sussed out who was who. In the process, the thread turned into a good-natured hoot and a lot of people had a good laugh about all the confusion. Can't you just try to see the funny side of things and stop being such a spoilsport?


    As for Sol Campbell, I don't think we have room for another CB. It's as simple as that, really. Even if we were to sell Huth and Wheater, he would still struggle to find a place on the bench when we have Pogi and Riggott and two or three acadamy graduates all vying places.

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