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  1. ibby, we have all put a lot of effort into sorting out the burning question of who the real ibby is. Now that we have finally fingered you and Rob has restored your rightful username, don't you think that you are being a little ungrateful? Why not just accept the current deal with good grace and say ta to Rob? It will score you loads of brownie points if you do.

  2. Good to hear from you again, stocktonman.


    Yeah, we're all on tenterhooks, waiting to see who goes and when. Worst case scenario is two or more of our players going on 30th/31st, leaving little or no time to recruit replacements. It wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

  3. Here's the table after the 4 midweek matches:



    With 8 teams having played a match more than the other 12, the table is less informative than it might be but I haven't let that stop me giving sgtpepper his moment of glory!


    You're the target man now, Sarge. :)

  4. I read the article some time ago, probably after I followed VB's link. I think I might have commented at the time that overall indebtedness is meaningless unless you know how much is for capital projects, like the Riverside and Rockliffe Park. It's the money that is borrowed to finance day to day operations that is dangerous. In particular, if you are into the banks so you can pay wages then you've got real problems. We don't know whether Boro are in that position.


    BORO4EVER, did you find out why SG quit the Bulkhaul board?

  5. I think we still need the real ibby to stand up and we should hope that he isn't very short otherwise we may not see him. Unless we look for the motion of a small person standing! That might stand out more than the actual standing.

    But that's my point entirely, Cap. Ibby standing is not necessarily the same as ibby doing other stuff like reclining, lounging or sound asleep. This thing needs sorting.

  6. It could be to do with his age at the start of the final season of his Boro contract, or something equally obscure.


    One thing that seems likely to me is that clubs spending lots of money on their acadamies will have tried to protect their interests. Let's face it, Sir Alex and the other "big 4" managers were probably foremost in dictating terms and they will have tried to balance their poaching aims against their risk of losing their promising acadamy youngsters. It could have worked out rather well for us.

  7. But that's my point exactly, oneBoro! It all comes down to a matter of blind faith in the end and I can put my trust only in the real ibby, not some ne'erdowell imposter but only the one and truly real ibby and no-one else.


    As for VB's comments, that's all very well for you to say, pal, but some of us have become confusionalised by what's been going on over here. It's all very well for oneBoro to say that Tuncay is now ibby but who is Tuncay now? Come to think of it, who was Tuncay in the first place, some Turkish glory-seeker or one of the best players we have ever seen at the club?


    These are serious issues that have to be resolved and the sooner the better, although you can ignore the bit about Tuncay being a glory-seeker. He's one of the best sportsmen I have ever seen anywhere and I wish him success wherever events might take him.

  8. Doh! I been drinking again.


    Is Ibby the original ibby or is Tuncay? If Tuncay is, who is "poster briefly known as Ibby"? I need to know, by way of eradicationalising confusionment, that is, right?


    If ibby's on his feet and genuinely stood up, how can we tell for sure? How tall is ibby? Does anyone really know?


    Ibby's the only one who can resove this pressing issue so it's time for all true men to do it and for sure. You listening, ibby?

  9. I think that the fact you are pondering these questions highlights all the uncertainties of being a Boro supporter. We all know that the official line is that we are aiming to go straight back up but that still leaves plenty of doubt about the club's full intent. Will Gibbo be content to see us become a yo-yo club because, if you can yo-yo without ever spending anything on Prem players, it could be quite a lucrative policy.


    As to the class difference between the two leagues, it's there for all to see, just as plainly as the difference between the Champions League clubs and the rest of the Prem. We talked last year of three divisions in the Prem - those competing to get into Europe, the safe middle-rankers and the group fighting to avoid relegation. Perhaps that third group and the Championship group that's fighting for promotion are one and the same. What I mean is that the bottom echelon of the Prem could be regarded as including the likely promotion candidates from the Championship and that group, as a whole, isn't Prem quality. If that's right then we have an answer to the question about the class divide but it's shifted so that it happens at about slot 14 or 15 in the Prem. It's an answer, Jim, but not an answer as we know it. It's enough to drive a man to drink... which reminds me...

  10. It's simply a matter of recording the transfer of shares in the company's books, more or less. Control then passes to the new shareholders.


    There might be some FA and Prem conditions to observe as well, of course, but I would expect everything to go through with a nod and a wink.


    The short answer is: My guess is that ownership of NUFC can change hands within hours, once a deal is struck.

  11. As a former foam-hander, now turned pessimist, it's going to take more than this to get me back on side. Okay so we've had back-to-back away wins and three clean sheets on the trot but can Southgate turn it around like he did after his Manager of the Month award last August? I hope he won't but you should never underestimate the capabilities of a determined plonkah.


    Just kidding? You bloody betcha! I'm cock-a-hoop!

  12. anyone got a texaco league?

    Yes, The Winners, league PIN 90.


    Some of us joined after someone posted an invitation on the EG Boro Forum but the thread has been deleted now so I can't be any more specific. Note that The Winners has members from all over the place, not just Boro supporters.

  13. Just joined.........ForzaBoro FC.

    Welcome aboard, boroby6872! You've got a nice-looking squad there - should do well.


    I see that you missed the opening week's matches so we'll give you a bit of a leg up: one point less than our former runaway champion manager, ABH. Before you get too excited, ABH doesn't get into his stride until after Christmas, so you're coming in with 13 points.


    (Jake's Allstars look as if their manager used the auto-select feature and promptly abandoned them so I'm disregarding them for the purposes of deciding late starter awards.)

  14. Good stuff, Sarge. Keep it up.


    Thank you, Cossey_boro.


    VB, is your e-mail account sending Sky's messages to your Junk e-mail folder or straight to Trash? Automated reply systems usually respond quickly so I have a feeling that the problem could be at your end. It would account for the missing User Registration message and for the apparent lack of response to your "forgotten password" notification.

  15. Here's the season's first league table:



    In terms of fantasy football points, it's been a weekend dominated by just one team and, most notably, by just one player, Cesc Fabregas.


    As anticipated, MK Dons head the table with a hefty 58 points, of which 36 were contributed by Cesc Fabregas. The rest of the team chipped in with a very healthy 22 points, so well done ?RL?, whoever you might be.


    There are some very familiar names in the upper reaches of the table but it looks like the old guard are in for some stiff competition from our new managers...


    Bing-Bong! Will all ?XX? managers please identify yourselves by your Boro Forum names. Thank you.

  16. Sky haven't released their tables yet but one of our managers has Fabregas as his team captain, so I think I know who's going straight to the top slot.


    Two goals, two assists and almost certainly man of the match for 17 or 18 points and then doubled for captaincy? That's one hell of a start to the season.

  17. We need to get another goal early in the 2nd half otherwise I can see their bottoms twitching towards the end.

    Bugrit ... Isnt boozing whilst gambling a big no no :)

    No, no. It's fine. :D


    It's interesting to hear the pro-Swansea commentators taking what solace they can from what they are watching. It augurs well for the final result, methinks.

  18. A word of appreciation to Rob for posting the link to the audio commentary.


    I'm now trying to reconcile watching my wagers on the EPL, my interests in the afternoon's horseracing (both on Betfair), keeping up with the posts on here and listening to live commentary on the Boro match. I'm glad I'm totally sloshed, otherwise I would never cope!

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