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  1. Good ol' George Boateng is playing an absolute blinder in the season's curtain raiser at Stamford Bridge. Good on ya, Cap'n!
  2. http://www.mfc.premiumtv.co.uk//javaImages/d8/45/0,,1~6899160,00.jpg It's very... um... blue! Dunno if it's powder blue or sky blue but it's definitely very blue. Sad to say, it's not a patch on last season's classy blue and black stripes.
  3. Today has all the makings of another slow news day so here is some off-topic material from the Transfers thread. Enjoy.
  4. I had Arteta in my squad but he's still crocked. My season seemed to fall apart when he got injured so I hope it's not an omen for the new campaign. Here's an abstract from the BBC's previews of this weekend's matches. Some big names won't be playing or look doubtful, although I see that Gerrard is available according to Sky: Injury llist is out of date... And here's the league table: Ding-dong... Would all the ?XX? people please claim your teams. Thank you.:)
  5. No, you're set fair. I copied and pasted from the old place and I should have made things clearer, which I have, now.
  6. 2016/17 oneBoro Forum Fantasy Football Mini-leagues 2016/17 ***** Fantasy Premier League ***** Our oneBoro Forum mini-league is now open for business and this season's league code will be sent to everyone who creates a squad at Fantasy Premier League and then announces his/her team name in this thread or in a PM to bugrit. While creating your squad, feel free to use the random squad selector because you can make as many changes as you like without penalty, right up until 11:30am on 13th August. Once you have created your squad and you have the league code, sign in at Fantasy P
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