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  1. I need to make changes to my team because of injuries and Ive forgotten my password.Ive contacted the help desk but I am waiting for a reply.


    Anyway thats my first excuse of the season

    I had Arteta in my squad but he's still crocked. My season seemed to fall apart when he got injured so I hope it's not an omen for the new campaign. Here's an abstract from the BBC's previews of this weekend's matches. Some big names won't be playing or look doubtful, although I see that Gerrard is available according to Sky:


    Injury llist is out of date...


    And here's the league table:



    Ding-dong... Would all the ?XX? people please claim your teams. Thank you.:)

  2. Sorry Bugs for sounding a little thick here :rolleyes: but do the people have to re-register the teams we have already registered on the EG.

    No, you're set fair. I copied and pasted from the old place and I should have made things clearer, which I have, now.

  3. 2016/17 oneBoro Forum Fantasy Football Mini-leagues 2016/17


    ***** Fantasy Premier League *****


    Our oneBoro Forum mini-league is now open for business and this season's league code will be sent to everyone who creates a squad at Fantasy Premier League and then announces his/her team name in this thread or in a PM to bugrit.


    While creating your squad, feel free to use the random squad selector because you can make as many changes as you like without penalty, right up until 11:30am on 13th August.


    Once you have created your squad and you have the league code, sign in at Fantasy Premier League, click Leagues in the top menu bar, select Join a league, select Join private league and enter oneBoro's league code. It's as easy as that.


    Remember... to receive the league code if you have never previously taken part in a oneBoro mini-league, you need to enrol at Fantasy Premier League, create your squad and then let bugrit know your team name, either in a PM or by posting to this thread.


    Our mini-leagues are intended for oneBoro members so if you're one of the forum's numerous lurkers, you'll need to register on oneBoro to acquire the league code you need. It costs nothing to register and, as I'm sure you are already aware, we're a friendly bunch. :)


    Member Raf smog is organising a paid mini-league in the FPL competition:

    Right if anybody wants to join a Barclays fantasy premier league paid league.  


    I have set one up code is: 77129-299824 name is oneboro paid league


    It will be £5 per man. The money will be paid to the winner at the end of the season by paypal (if available) or bank transfer whichever


    The prize money will be decided when we have a list of participants with maybe a prize for 1st and 2nd


    I will do regular updates on here so people can keep an eye on it while logged into this website.


    If anybody enters please can they post on here so i know who is who.


    Thank you and good luck


    For more on the paid mini-league, read on from Post 2868 in this thread.



    2016/17 oneBoro Predictions League 2016/17


    You competitive types should also think about having a crack at the oneBoro Predictions League.



    2016/17 Sky's Soccer Saturday Super 6  2016/17


    Courtesy of Maccarone, we now have a brand new Super 6 mini-league, Code: NC1VPM :)

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