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  1. Fantasy Football You have until 11.30 to make any last-minute adjustments to your FPL squad. Super 6 The 12.30pm deadline is fast approaching, or should that be 3.00pm? Sky don't say. Did you remember to predict the time of the first goal? Predictions League Don't forget there is a 12:30 match today so get your predictions in soon. If you miss the early kick-off you can still predict right up until 3.00pm - just predict V or Void for the early kick-off. Good luck for the season everyone.
  2. A Hull v Leicester 12:30 D Burnley v Swansea H Crystal Palace v West Brom A Everton v Tottenham H Middlesbrough v Stoke (Negredo) H Southampton v Watford H Man City v Sunderland A Bournemouth v Man Utd H ***nal v Liverpool H Sheff Utd v Rochdale
  3. Good move for all involved, that. Sorry I know it's stupid to critique people's grammar, but why the comma before 'that'? As an English teacher isn't just doesn't make sense :( This is a football forum and football fans don't need to make sense in any way, least of all grammatically. However, since you started it, that comma was placed correctly, that (comma was). :P
  4. The FT has an interesting article about managers, under the banner Why star Premier League managers matter less than ever Here's a quote from it: :D
  5. Every season yields its super value FPL players like Riyad Mahrez last season. I'm willing to bet that at least three players will add £1m to their value before January. Trouble is, I'm not sure I can name them. Can you?
  6. I think I've just created a surprisingly good recipe for "Crunchy Pasties" without really meaning to. :D
  7. Raf smog, if it suits your needs, I'll gladly highlight the paid contingent in my weekly table, like I did last season for CF's paid competition.
  8. I'm glad you found your way home, Rain Dog. ;) Check your PMs for the forum league code.
  9. Earlier on today I commented elsewhere that I had been catching up on "Transfers" and that, once dell_zincht and p_mards had let their little spat subside at post 14318, the rest of the thread was a real pleasure to read. I said it was "message boarding at its very best", a credit to the forum and to everyone involved. Let's all keep it that way, hey?
  10. Thank you. You're very observant.
  11. The "oneBoro Forum" league now has 54 members. Some stalwarts from previous seasons have still to put in an appearance, even though I have made sure they have the league code. Don't leave it too late people. Two entrants remain unidentified, however, and it would be appreciated if the owners of TeamCarc and SmellsLikeTeamSpirit would please lay claim to their squads. Raf smog, if you are having similar problems identifying members, PM me with their details and I'll help if I can.
  12. "So, you've just scored your first ever hattrick in a Boro shirt, Gaston. Tell me, while your achievement is still sinking in, no more sex or no more football?"
  13. Guesses? Really? They're supposed to be carefully researched, highly informed and knowledgeable assessments of the most likely outcomes of a series of vitally important sporting events. Guesses indeed! ;)
  14. Yeah, threads are like buses. You wait for ages and then six turn up all at once. Actually, it just shows what a considerate lot we've become. There was a time when every little event would result in members creating two or three or more new threads to cover the same topic. In olden times, this very matter could have got a new thread called "What's with all the new threads?" :) Roll on Saturday so we can all return to discussing the really serious business of Boro football.
  15. I'm pretty sure we can fit you in, so welcome to the league, SmogDane. :)
  16. For any members who might be getting a bit fed up with all this competition malarky, please be patient for a few days more. I promise it'll all go quiet when the season gets under way and recruitment deadlines have passed.
  17. It's not too late to join the forum's 2016/17 competitions but time is fast running out. Who's that wizened gnome-like little pundit on the BBC who fancies himself at predicting football match results? The name escapes me for now but if you think you could do better why not test your skills head-to-head with other forum members in the Predictions League? Perhaps fantasy football is your thing? If you are new to fantasy football why not head on over to the Premier League web site and decide whether it's the kind of thing that might interest you. If it is, create your team there straigh
  18. It's a sell-out I tells ya!
  19. Great opening post. Put a smile on my face as soon as I saw the headline. :)
  20. Dunno 'bout beating... would take some spanking, for sure!
  21. How odd. I think it's an excellent article, accurately reflecting prospects for both club and a number of players. I know you probably resent the suggestion that the March flare-up could still be smouldering away under the surface but I have to admit to fears that she could be right. As she says, time will tell.
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