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  1. Would-be league members should post their team names in here. This applies regardless of which league you want to join. Furthermore, ("KM" please note) it's the only way you can expect to receive a PM with the league code you need to join the oneBoro Forum league.
  2. Half-time approaching and Sociedad in a pinball session around our box following their corner. Leads to another corner and more pinball wizardry. Half-time. 0-0
  3. Sounds good. Plenty of possession and being quite industrious. Defensively sound. Offensively, Downing getting plenty of mentions along with the usual crew - Gaston, Negredo and Nsue, too. Still goal-less.
  4. Yep, I've caught up and it's on line, right enough, despite what the BBC Tees web site says. Great!
  5. No, not on line unfortunately according to http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbctees/programmes/schedules Wrong, wrong, wrong! It is being covered on line!
  6. I want Victor Moses. His career has stalled since he joined Chelsea, just as everyone knew it would and it's a real shame. Still, that's how they do things at Chelsea. They take a young player who was setting the league alight at lowly Wigan and then they stifle his career, for no good reason whatsoever, just because they can. Hell, I despise that bloody club. In all likelihood, here he goes again, impressive pre-season behind him, probably off out on loan to some club that'll give him little more than bit parts because he's not really their player. Would love it if we could rescue him.
  7. True that! I tried, believe me, I tried but we've now got another league. Ho, hum. :D If, eventually, they all get around to taking you up on your generous offer to act as treasurer, just let me know who has paid and I'll show them appropriately in the primary league table. Should simplify matters quite a bit. In the meantime, cry havoc and let loose the dogs furore. ;)
  8. Beardcalona - BeardySmog, Middlesburg - jmsguzzi, dunno about the last one though. Thank you.
  9. What's the pin for the official FPL? "KM", please check this thread's opening post. I've checked and can't find it... You're not going to. :D "KM", just read the instructions in the opening post and do what it says there please.
  10. Nah, Hull have never matched Blackpool's early Prem days, when their swashbuckling style made them really worth watching. You're right about them looking likely to emulate Blackpool's rapid decline, though. Can't help but feel sorry for both sets of fans.
  11. In the FPL competition, new applicants don't actually get assigned membership of any leagues until after the next set of results has been processed by the site. I suggest you wait until after Round 1 before you kick out any interlopers and close your league to new members. You might find this useful. It's my list of oneBoro members and their team names: [table] [tr][th]Manager[/th][th]Team Name[/th][th]2016/17[/th][/tr] [tr][td]SmogInSheff[/td][td]2 Goals 1 Cup[/td][td]x[/td][/tr] [tr][td]Bantsford23[/td][td]3 Cheers for Ramirez[/td][td]x[/td][/tr] [tr][td]TheTeesTease[/td][td]5 rubbe
  12. What's the pin for the official FPL? "KM", please check this thread's opening post.
  13. Hmm. I'm not so keen on the Sun competition either but at least it provides a solution to the administrative difficulties of running a paid mini-league. Trying to run one based around the Fantasy Premier League presents a choice between a) trusting everyone to pay up at the end of the season b) appointing a treasurer to collect pre-paid funds and trusting him to pay out at the end of the season c) some other cost-free, risk-free way of collecting and holding funds until the end of the season, but what, exactly? Your call.
  14. Never in a relegation battle but slipping to 16th in a tough run of fixtures at end of season. Negredo 8
  15. Done. Give it the once-over and let me know if you want anything changed.
  16. My first (fruitless) search was for "OneBoro". :) It's far from intuitive but entering the PIN brings up the oneBoro league. Very odd, but if it works then fair enough. :) I'll put appropriate instructions in the OP.
  17. Welcome. Check your PMs and see the opening post if you need help.
  18. There's a problem, CF. I have created my Dream Team squad but I can't find anything related to OneBoro Forum when I search "Leagues to Join". Searching for "boro" turns up a bunch of leagues, none of them yours, unfortunately. Searching for "forum" yields three, again none of them yours. :(
  19. Ah, okay. It's not really a question of letting you, CF. Feel free to organise something in the Sun competition and I'll gladly promote it in this thread's opening post and help out in whatever way I can. There are two problems with using the Donate button: PayPal charge for collecting donations and I understand that there are legal restrictions on doing what you want.
  20. Last season's tenner-a-man league was on a winner takes all basis, with payment by PayPal at end of season. I understand that it all went to plan. Splitting this season's prize three ways makes it more difficult and it's going to require some sort of central collection point for subs, whether that's cash up front or post-event. Perhaps you should consider appointing a treasurer to collect subs and distribute winnings. Most will be via PayPal, no doubt, but the treasurer might need to be flexible about that.
  21. Been watching "Interstellar" on kodi/exodus and just popped out to adjust my sound filters and say thanks, guys! :)
  22. Yes, the starting premise of The Americans - two KGB "sleepers" raising a family in early cold-war America - provides a wealth of possible plot lines and the script-writers certainly take full advantage. It's splendid stuff, well paced, credible and always improving.
  23. Aha, that clears that up, then. Many thanks. :)
  24. Yeah, it looks like he's just trying to generate traffic for the other site. Will remove his posting privileges for now. Steve22, you can't post any more but you may still send PMs.
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