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  1. I still have that same question about hardware, though, mate. I use a PC and I do not own a TV. Do I need additional hardware?
  2. I had a look at the possibility of getting kodi after I read the Gazette article about the Stockton trader who was raided recently for selling "kodi boxes". It led me to the conclusion that you need to buy a bit of hardware for kodi to drive. If I'm right, maybe something here would suit your/my needs? Advice from someone who actually uses kodi would be very welcome.
  3. Radio 4's In Business this week is called "Return to Teesside" and, despite an unpromising start, the programme isn't entirely the doom and gloom you might expect. It's well worth a listen, both for those of us who have already been there, done that and also for youngsters embarking on their careers. The podcast.
  4. Like every football fan in the country, would love André Ayew at my club. Such a pity that the link to Boro is on a site © Extreme Soccer Rumours LTD
  5. Trying to find out if he can un-cancel that cancelled contract with Penarol. Welcome back. I'm not back, just watching the game so thought I'd pop in here and see what people were saying. Welcome back but if you're not, I'm sure you know you can, any time you feel like it, like. ;)
  6. It says you don't need to have a subscription That's right, the site first greeted me with a popup promising a free stream of the match if I registered. Unfortunately for me, registration went awry somehow and I'm currently in limbo.
  7. Register at AVFC if you want to watch their live stream of today's match.
  8. It's common place outside the UK. Clubs have a head coach instead of a manager. It has its advantages. I quite like the thought of dispensing with the UK's all-powerful managerial system. Employing head coaches to manage the squads they get given certainly has its attractions but I suspect that not everyone would be in favour, especially the likes of Harry Redknapp. :)
  9. Many of us have to be much more cost-conscious. I'm not well off by any stretch of the imagination. We are talking about season card vs walk up prices. I don't mind paying the same as I sign up for my piece of mind and to get priority access. I don't begrudge people who need to walk up paying the same price I did in the slightest. Obviously the cost saving is a bonus, but hey - its not the only reason you get a season card surely? Maybe I wasn't quite so clear when I said "I'm not in it for the money really as long as it isn't more expensive ;)" - What I was saying is that as long
  10. Yeah and it makes me wonder where next season's prices are heading, too. If the plan is to restore the differential between ST and walk-up costs it could go one of two ways, one of which is going to be very unpopular.
  11. Many of us have to be much more cost-conscious.
  12. I'm sure that's true. Was just having a laugh at Hansen's expense, mate. :D
  13. Yeah, you can't win anything with kids. Just ask Alan Hansen... [video=youtube] "Starlets to come in... Scholes and Giggs, Cantona and Steve Bruce... they just ain't got it." :D
  14. The American connection could very well be a factor in recruiting Guzan. To understand why, you need only listen to the strange notions that the American commentators express about our U23 squad in of Saturday's match vs Atlanta Silverbacks. :)
  15. Steve22, welcome to oneBoro... provided you're not just trying to drum up traffic for the other site. ;)
  16. I gave each of those a listen and I can think of plenty of 70s tracks that I would listen to in preference to The Who doing "I'm Free" with the LSO. Still, to each his own, I suppose. The other four served to remind me why I gave up on pop entirely with the advent of disco. For thirty-odd years now the only time I've heard pop has been when I've had it inflicted on me on pub jukeboxes. I know, of course, as I knew at the time, that I was missing out on a lot of good stuff so I'm always ready to listen, learn and catch up. Unfortunately there was nothing there to make me want to seek out mor
  17. Single league with an option to join the paid contingent.
  18. No problem with that, mate. :D
  19. Once he's "place-marking" it's probably best just to mind his own business, methinks.
  20. Never too late, mate. :) Just announce your team name in here and I'll send you the league code in a PM.
  21. Sure, go ahead, provided it's nothing excesssively foul-mouthed.
  22. Brilliant Bugs, got it, final question, how do you prioritise the subs? Click on a sub card and drag and drop it on top of another one. The left-most card has priority, subject to maintaining the required minimum of three defenders on the pitch.
  23. See second bullet, two posts above yours. You have to save your team to preserve your selections.
  24. Here are some hints and tips to help you to get the most out of the site. They're not in any order and I'll add to them if people post further questions and suggestions. As misterweed has just discovered, your playing formation changes automatically as you move your players between bench and pitch using either drag and drop or the little buttuns situated beside the player cards. Clicking on a player card allows you, a*** other things, to appoint your captain and vice-captain. Your captain scores double points. If it turns out that your captain doesn't play for whatever reason then your vice-
  25. That's what bad losers do and it's clear that he wasn't bothered in the least about what he had just done His "up yours" attitude to Winston Reid is also typical of that type of player. (Was it WR whose blood was boiling?)
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