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  1. I heard the catch in your voice there.
  2. Maybe Subotic has agreed to join us instead of them which has forced them to look elsewhere? On the other hand they just might not have even been in for him (which I suspect is the more likely) *Crosses everything he can* Without wincing... ...or mincing.
  3. The Gazette did a pretty good article on the ins and outs of work permits in general and Gaston Ramirez in particular.
  4. There was always going to be an area that was last to be strengthened and it's turned out to be RW.
  5. I have just realised that I haven't watched s4 of Banshee yet. First episode has rung plenty of changes and sent the story lines off down some interesting new paths and it's looking good for lots and lots more gratuitous violence. :)
  6. I have moved the ticket prices discussion over here.
  7. Please take discussion of ticket prices to the appropriate place.
  8. Coming soon. Are you in the Predictions League?
  9. Gazette saying a loan deal for Negredo is almost done.
  10. If you have trouble logging on make sure you are at oneboro.co.uk not .com.
  11. Such a pity that Blair never foresaw the violent aftermath of the war in Iraq. Most regrettable. However, it is very gratifying to know that he did foresee Saddam Hussein's ever-increasing viciousness towards his own people, had he remained in power. Good job he's gone! So it seems that Blair was right all along. Well, according to his rather selective crystal ball, he was.
  12. John Humphries interviewing Tony Blair on R4 right now.
  13. After watching the second episode of the second series of "Hell On Wheels" I have to say I am growing increasingly disenchanted with the show. It started off full of foreboding and stark realism but it seems to have morphed into a sort of sketch show, dedicated to chronicling every western cliché in the book. "Custer's last little wagon train on the Ponderosa", not starring John Wayne, Alan Ladd, Clint Eastwood or good ol' Jack Elam. Remember him?
  14. If it's true that people get the government they deserve, we must be a shockingly inept lot.
  15. I can't watch any more of this. Very much "Emperor's new clothes" imo.
  16. Actually, they have been as low as £3.44 and they have been the hardest hit share in one of the hardest hit sectors on the exchange! I was premature with my first top-up at £4.3580, premature again when I bought more at £3.6512 and premature yet again when I bought more at £3.5800. I finished up increasing my pre-Brexit holding by 50% at an average price of £3.9044 - not very good. Furthermore, today's £3.95 close was 39p up on the day and it's the first time my post-Brexit trades have been in profit. Today's move (up 11%) has continued the volatility that CRST's share price has been showin
  17. This is getting confusing now but I reckon so.
  18. My thread bookmarks (the little blue right-arrows that begin thread titles) have all disappeared! Anyone else notice the same phenomenon?
  19. bugrit


    Good time to draw a line under this.
  20. bugrit


    And there's that, as well. :)
  21. bugrit


    Yes, dell_zincht, welcome back. Respect, man!
  22. Minging in the rain We're minging in the rain This is us, this is England, We're minging again
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