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  1. There's no hiding place, Aarfy. You have to suffer the consequences.
  2. Me too. I'm bottom of the table! :D
  3. Haha, you're doing a lot better than that, mate. :) There's 15 of us!
  4. Splendid news. Keep on trekkin' mate.
  5. From the PL website: Middlesbrough (mfc.co.uk) 9 July v York City (Bootham Crescent) 16 July v Doncaster Rovers (Keepmoat Stadium) 30 July v Aston Villa (Villa Park)
  6. It depends entirely on your financial status and dealing costs. I have no idea of your financial status but I can explain a bit about dealing costs. Most deals cost a set fee and my Halifax Share Dealing Account, for example, charges £12.50 regardless of deal size and whether I'm buying or selling. Other accounts at different banks and brokers will charge something similar to that, often less, although many of them also sting you for commission on the value of your holdings, say 0.35% per annum or some such. Personally, I see no good reason to let the fat cats get even fatter at my expense
  7. Yes and that's reflected in the dividends the sector pays. The single overarching reason for buying in, though, is the UK's chronic housing shortage. Despite labour shortages causing bottlenecks, the sector is highly profitable and looks set to remain so... bar a dramatic crash in the housing market. That little bugbear aside, CRST is probably the sector's top growth stock and they have recently increased their interim dividend by 42% as part of their ongoing policy to reduce dividend cover to 2 by 2017. Anyway, I have just put some more money where my mouth is and I'm perfectly content
  8. Anyone with a few quid going spare could do worse than dip in to the market and snap up some shares in house builders Crest Nicholson. They were trading at £4.34 a few moments ago, down more than 24% on the day. One of the most highly rated shares in the sector, they have been hit particularly hard today because their recent statement warned that a brexit could adversely affect a small part of their business. The house building sector has been hit very hard so it has a lot of scope for recovery as the shock of the referendum result wears off.
  9. If the FTSE and european stock indexes are anything to go by - and money talks very loudly, methinks - this week's growing confidence in a Remain vote is all set to pay off. Cut your losses and switch back to sterling if you made a poor decision earlier, folks.
  10. bugrit


    In the interests of fairness, or the lack of it, or just out of pure malice, your mods have decided to impose a week's ban on the following members: brunners dell_zincht Will If they, or other members, do not like it then that's tough but we've had enough.
  11. If there has been a better episode of GoT I can't think of one.
  12. Can you believe that the BBC, of all people, are using American date format now? Look at the dates on the links at the foot of this page. They could have tried to lead everyone towards the logical YYYY/MM/DD but no, they confuse everyone with that totally stupid US format. The links are to other BBC pages as well!
  13. I have copied this to "Forum Revamp" in the Staff Room where it will receive Rob's attention in due course.
  14. Smoggie_in_Canada has done a great job of answering the main gist of your post and s/he might even have rekindled my own interest in certain dark arts. :) There is this, though: It's not exactly intuitive, since there is a Quote button there, but it's the Reply button you need if you want to do what I have just done i.e. quote from your post.
  15. With a bit lot of coding knowledge you can do good stuff with NotePad. :)
  16. It has been a while since I did any web design and that was back in the days when CSSs were new. It seems to me, however, that you haven't given very much to go on with regard to what you require from your software. All sorts of different approaches to web design are possible so which one(s) do you prefer? Maybe you will find something to suit your needs in this review of free web design software. Note the "free" there. :)
  17. I have just watched the episode of Gotham where Penguin gets cured in the asylum. What a terrific actor Robin Taylor is. It would have been so easy for him to signal duplicity but he plays it dead straight. Wonderful stuff!
  18. I didn't answer the question because it isn't relevant. I don't know what the 55 votes were on, so I can't comment on whether we as the electorate would want them or not. Speaking for myself, I feel that my interests are better served by the EU than they are by the present UK government. To that extent at least, your apparent belief that "we" are having EU legislation imposed on us against our wishes is incorrect.
  19. I think we all know that truth of that particular matter, including MidlandsBoro. It's why he didn't answer the question in the first place. ;)
  20. How is that relevant? I was hoping to gain an insight into the identity of the "we" you used. Are you talking about the UK's MEPs, the Council of Ministers or what?
  21. Ah, but how many of those 55 laws have been to the advantage of the working man?
  22. On the immigration issue, it's always been the people with get up and go who make the brave decision to get up and go. Immigration played a huge part in Britain's domination of the 19th century and it was the mass migrations of the 20th century that made the United States the powerhouse it now is. Gene pools stagnate and go into decline without constant refreshment.
  23. What would be the group name for Spanish and Portuguese speakers? Iberiophones?
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