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  1. While we're on a dark note... If you live and work within sight of Eston Nab, when was the last time you saw the sun? When was the last time you saw the nab, for that matter?
  2. Who is Naughty Boy? what is he That all our members seek him Raucous, rough still wise was he The muses, graces lent him That he might uncovered be. So sorry, Bill
  3. aka the renowned Anti-aircraft gunner "Flak Sid"
  4. No, none of the names you have mentioned is the one that certain mods, including me, have in mind. There will be no further comment from me on this particular matter. :)
  5. If the account that some of us have in mind actually does belong to NB then it's already been getting along without too much trouble for months. Although style and content are strikingly similar for the two personae, opinion is divided a*** the mods.
  6. Yeah, the team-creation routine takes you to the sign-up page without saving. From there, it's very easy to lose your work, as I discovered to my great annoyance. That's why I posted the tip about enrolling first.
  7. It's this bloody mist getting people down. Day after day of it. Where has the sun gone? It's supposed to be flaming June!
  8. Just had a thought... have you checked this thread? I moved some of yours over here.
  9. Why was my silly buggery deleted in the transfer thread then? You don't like it when it's aimed at you? I don't know what you're talking about. I haven't deleted anything for ages. I have had a look in "Transfers" and I don't see any of your posts as deleted. (Yes, mods can still see posts that members delete and we can and do make them permanent after a time.)
  10. Ah, well that's where you're wrong. All sensible discussion and no silly buggery would make for a very dull place indeed. Lighten up, man.
  11. This is a football forum and since when did being a football fan have anything to do with being rational? Surely, this is a place to be as daft as you like without ever being held to account for it.
  12. How do you measure it though? A good question but one that has no satisfactory answer, unfortunately. The best I can do is to tell you that I, for one, saw that NB was getting mentioned here and there for no apparent reason, i.e. when he wasn't involved in the conversation at all. The comments weren't particularly spiteful but nor were they entirely pleasant. As I posted earlier, there comes a point where mickey-taking becomes bullying. Whether or not we have reached that point is unclear, to say the least, but let's stop it right now in any case.
  13. On another matter entirely, I see that an old friend is in attendance. Hiya VectorBoro!
  14. Something needs clarifying about Naughty Boy having free reign to do just as he likes. He was banned for three months in February because of a foul-mouthed outburst following a spat with other members. He wasn't universally welcomed back with open arms after he returned but it became apparent to some of us that he was, perhaps, being singled out for special treatment, not by the mods but by certain members. It's time for that to stop.
  15. Moved to http://oneboro.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?tid=8156
  16. I have second thoughts. It's completely unfair on the members to hijack an important thread like this. I'm going to move a number of posts to a new thread.
  17. This thread is already seriously derailed so I make no apologies for the following: When a number of people decide that they'll have a bit of innocent fun at someone else's expense we can all see the funny side and have a chuckle. If it happens again, however, it can lose its innocence and descend into bullying. And, yes, I would draw the line after the first incident if someone starts feeling victimised. Bullies always claim that the other party is "just asking for it" or that they are "only having a bit of fun". Think on that, people.
  18. Rest assured that the rich and powerful clubs will be okay. ;)
  19. I agree. Nobody knows the consequences of leaving the EU for GB as a whole. The only thing I'm sure of, personally, is that the rich and powerful have less to fear and more to gain from brexit.
  20. You can't be serious! There are going to be consequences no matter which way the referendum goes and you've never heard of any of them? The mind boggles!
  21. Don't be disappointed. There's a progression and he's on his way to a knighthood, never fear,
  22. Economically it's vital that we stay. Only the rich will avoid the consequences of leaving the EU and only the rich have anything to fear from EU legislation about tax havens, tax avoidance and employment legislation. The upper echelons of the Tory Party want out because the EU poses a threat to the power they have always wielded in this country. Sadly, it's now looking increasingly likely that we are going to allow ourselves to be conned by them once again. When I suggested that Cameron actually wants us out out of the EU, I wasn't being flippant. He has got so much wrong it's impossible t
  23. I'm in! A tip: Enrol before creating your team.
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