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  1. Yeh but if you pick 11 players and they win your great if you pick the same 11 next week and get hammered then it’s your fault. All managers do is pick the 11. That’s their only job. Really. Not training Man management not tactics not scouting just pick an 11
  2. Yeh but if you pick 11 players and they win your great if you pick the same 11 next week and get hammered then it’s your fault. Literally their job. Oh good one. So if you pick 11 winners one week then the same 11 next week and they are crap it’s your fault
  3. Yeh but if you pick 11 players and they win your great if you pick the same 11 next week and get hammered then it’s your fault.
  4. This just in, when we lose, people attribute it to the manager getting it wrong, when we win, people attribute it to the manager getting it right. More at 10. But it’s not always the managers fault. The players have to take responsibility for their own errors too That’s why the players also get lower ratings after a loss. I’m sure she didn’t just mean they get lower marks when we lose That’d be pretty obvious at all clubs. Maybe it was the fact that pullis has a bigger jump In marks than the players when we win and lose as if it’s always more his fault than the players
  5. This match thread should not be over shadowed by this McClean incident. As a mod you should not be making personal comments on The Troubles. He never mentioned The Troubles. He merely pointed out the very obvious double standards from a National newspaper That’s the sun the mirror the mail I can’t read . Is there a paper that is ok or is it all fake news
  6. Also I just saw the video and McClean didn't start on Boro fans, Boro fans started on him, yelling abuse at him for not wearing the poppy as he left the pitch. Some absolute creatures follow this club Follow every club
  7. Or 3 cb with friend and downing as wing backs Glad hugill is getting a go
  8. Surely if your forced to wear one then it has no meaning. All the news readers are given one before they go on all exactly the same from the same box. So does that say they support the cause. NO it just says they’ve been told to wear something
  9. Good point about the set pieces, but don't equate our transfer spend with ability though. Britt cost 16m and he doesn't look like he's worth 5m at the moment. Gestede and Fletcher were 7m each when they're not worth anywhere near that combined. If this squad cost 80m, we've overpaid by about 50m. A lot of the crap wasn't bought by Pulis but the players he has brought in are no better either. Who bought Randolph he’s proved a great buy. As has flint and saville. I don’t get some thinking saville was a waste of money I’d put him up there as our best midfielder .
  10. I know gestede was only on a short time but he did everything the others didn’t. He won headers held the ball up and laid off a couple of chances for others . But when he really had to win a header he hit it with the shoulder. So how many points do you deduct for that
  11. 5 at the back doesn’t have to be more negative than 4. It gives the wide players a lot more freedom to go forward and also frees up one of your centre mids to be more forward thinking
  12. I know gestede was only on a short time but he did everything the others didn’t. He won headers held the ball up and laid off a couple of chances for others .
  13. A couple of weeks at least until the swelling goes down. Pulis specifically says they don't actually know the extent of the injury. He does say there’s an outside chance of making stoke and that’s only a week away
  14. Because somebody somewhere HAS to be to blame ,
  15. I TOTALLY agree with this. Lack of will, vision and focus, being too afraid of doing the wrong thing, instead of wanting to do the right thing... Could it be...and I know I’m being way out here ..and some may think I’m radical. And even ridicules But could it be that we just had a bad game ....I know .i know it’s of the scale for footballers to have had a bad game. Even that the opposition just played better but who knows maybe I’m just right
  16. Even when you have Rafa as manager some supporters will think you’ve lost because you haven’t picked the team they would have. It’s the way of things Supporters think they know best regardless of the info they have. And if the team wins with a different team than the one they picked. Then they would have won by more. And if they lost then they would have won with the team they picked no evidence needed
  17. You’re right, but I’m looking at things differently. If we get promoted with this squad, I personally think we’d fair worse than the PL season with Karanka. With AK we had a settled system and it always felt like we were only a few short of a team capable of a survival challenge. This season’s formation and team sheet is chaotic, not a core nucleus/system for us to build on like those teams that have managed to solidify their PL status. I’d rather us have a plan and make good progress to building a strong to team to last, even if it takes 2-3 seasons. I really hope to be proved wrong, we stick with the 5-3-2, give youth a chance along the way, and add some quality wing back signings in Jan - that would be exciting. Your point and mine are completely separate things to be fair. Points wise we are doing very well this season, I don't think there's really much debate to be had there. Is this squad good enough for the Premier league? No of course it isn't I agree with you. To be honest I don't think we've got a player in the squad who I think is good enough for that level. Maybe If we brought in 5/6 new players next season then we could make do with a handful of the current squad but we'd need wholesale changes. Its pointless worrying about though really until we (potentially) get there. Surely no team in the championship has a team good enough for the prem The only ones close are those that have been relagated. And as they were relagated they aren’t good enough either .
  18. There’s only one team in the top 7 we haven’t played yet so we are doing well to be on top. Some home games to cement that now
  19. Adam Reach has slightly better stats than Mount this season in the league :) Apparently Mount has created the most chances in the championship out of any English player, straight from G-Money himself. No idea if that's actually the case, but that's why he got picked. Sometimes it’s just about what you see
  20. Really weak midfield. It would probably get relagated from the premier league
  21. Maybe the state of the Wembley pitch last night could be a reason we haven’t had concerts before
  22. richmfc

    2-0 lead

    These days I'm still nervous with a 2-0 lead We haven’t lost a 2goal lead all season. Not sure we’ve actually lost a lead
  23. I don’t rate Britt. He supposedly does some things well but at the moment isn’t doing those things that well. Holding the ball up isn’t one of the things he does well. He often looks like he can’t be bothered to do the thankless tasks and the ball bounces of him constantly . Hugill. Hasn’t been fit so far. Probably getting close now. He’s not as good at running onto a ball as Britt , or as Britt should be. But his hold up play is better , is he good enough !!! I think we should give him till Christmas before making that judgment . But just to confirm. Sometimes they do their good things badly and sometimes their bad things well
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