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  1. Downing wasn't announced until 11pm remember.
  2. Don't know where you've seen that. Nothing on Twitter or news sites.
  3. When do you really expect it to be confirmed?.. Today or dragged out until Monday?. He was spotted at Nuffield this morning, if all went well there then it would be a matter of fine tuning the deal. They want it done today.
  4. Is that you saying this or are you copying a tweet mate? https://twitter.com/BenStonesBBC It's this guy. It's a spoof account.
  5. Rumoured Lineup Dimi, Nsue, Ayala, Gibson, Friend, Leadbitter, Clayton, Stuani, Downing, Adomah, Nugent.
  6. They won't interview him as he can't speak a word of English. They didn't interview Stuani either and I don't think Kike has done one interview since he's been at the club.
  7. that is plural! who is the second person!? No they said expecting signings at Reading and Middlesbrough, Don't think they meant more than 1 at Boro.
  8. Just a thought does that supposive player look like Michu to anyone? Long hair, rumours he is having his contract cancelled at Swansea?
  9. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_de_Pena
  10. It's the 23 year old midfielder from Montevideo
  11. Link for the above tweet regarding Carlos De Pena
  12. He hurt his back before the game and tried to do the half time warm up but couldn't shake it off. Will be ok by the weekend.
  13. Nice to hear he's in the squad for tomorrows game although may only get 10 mins or so!
  14. There we go people Nugent has been training today!
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