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  1. You can take off an attacker when down to ten men and replace him with a more defensive player but you cannot just desert three quarters of the pitch and set up camp on the twenty yard line. What we failed to do was cover our wide areas which allowed them to get behind us with crosses time and time again Now that could be down to Woodgate or the players but it certainly is not the way to set up with ten men and we paid the inevitable price, schoolboy coaching stuff this !
  2. What should have been a happy Sunday ends up just leaving a nasty taste in my mouth
  3. The moment we took off Fletcher and decided to try and hold our kead we were screwed. Hull defenders just pushed up to give themselves width and our fate was sealed
  4. Johnson should have his wages docked for a month he has cost us this match
  5. Well it was going so well a completely different game now down to one stupid tackle. I must mention Assombalonga he was outstanding in that half ably assisted by McNair Tav and Fletcher. Where the hell is Dijksteel suppised to be playing I wish somebody would tell him as he looks completely lost as does Wing in that deep role
  6. That is the best goal I have seen Boro score for many a season WOW
  7. My first live game (well on the telly anyway) since Bristol so it will be interesting to see if we have progressed although the table says we haven't. Been out of the country mostly so had the perfect exscuse not to be closely involved with this car crash season. I am really not sure if I am looking forward to this or not as my current state of apathy is very good for pain relief
  8. I have watched WBA a couple of times this season and they are everything we are not, compact at the back, aggressive in midfield and with pace up front. They are going to be hard to stop winning the league let alone for us to get anything from. I find my interest in all things MFC waning at the moment as the prospect of another few seasons of book balancing and austerity as appealing as the flu
  9. I watched Woodgate being interviewed by Sky after the game and was impressed with his obvious passion for the team and the club. He also said that he changed things slightly in our defensive setup at halftime to prevent our fullbacks being isolated, and it was obvious that this improved things in the second half He also said that he hates some of the things that I do, defenders who mark space instead of players and full backs who do not get close to their man to prevent crosses. All in all, forget about the results to date I am warming to our new manager as a very effective antidote to the reign of Pulis
  10. Good game that a lot of positives and a very welcome point, you can sort of see what we are trying to do but it is still very much a work in progress. Our defensive positioning and marking is all over the place, I don't know if we have a specialist defensive coach, if not then we need one, there was some schoolboy errors out there. Thsnk God for McNair, the best player on the pitch and to think we nearly sold him for very little.
  11. Dijksteel had to get closer to his man there to stop the cross, shame I thought he was playing better this half
  12. Enjoyable half of football with some positives, strong in midfield and dangerous in attack, McNair our main man again. The defence started off looking better organised but started to get more ragged as the game moved on. I know he has not had many games but Dijksteel looks lost positionally, three times he was caught in no mans land and two of those mistakes could have cost us a goal.
  13. Worried because we have yet to play any of the teams I expect to finish in the top 10. A steep learning curve fo Woodgate, will he climb it, who knows, it is too early to say
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