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  1. Thinking back I am having great difficulty in remembering Sporar actually jumping at all, he was very good at pointing to where he wanted the ball though, world class in fact
  2. Whoever we bring in they must have the mental strength and”will to win” to play in the Championship. Too many times this season I have seen us panic and fold when games got tough, we need a couple of leaders to dig in and take back the initiative and I don’t mean just kick the opposition like Crooks tends to do
  3. What a strange half, we couldn’t get close to the ball for 20 minutes and then Crooks scores and we wake up. The second gave us real confidence and we dominated them after that. A mention for Daniels who has brought so much more confidence into our defence, Mcgree also looks a very good signing
  4. We just seem to have run out of energy since the Chelsea game, almost as if we are running up an ever increasing incline, perhaps too many games in too short a time has taken it’s toll
  5. The good news is we are one up and that’s about it, no urgency, no pressing and just no attempt to move the ball faster. This must do Wilders head in I know it does min
  6. We are just so easy to defend against, it’s always the easy option taken. Just push up and put some pressure on their back line, you can see how this is going already
  7. Can we use this post as the definitive full stop for this discussion as it really sums it up very succinctly
  8. I don’t know if Chris Wilder employs a Public Relations manager or not, if he does sack him, if he doesn’t then get one, appallingly handled
  9. Can’t watch this anymore it is just painful. Can we open the summer transfer thread please as most of this team needs to be rebuilt
  10. Same old same old, we are clueless going forward and always susceptible to defensive errors. Sporar reminds of that kid at school who stood on their goal line all match for a tap in and never got his shorts dirty
  11. Win or lose I cannot blame the team selection as that is exactly what I would have gone with. Three points today or I fear it may be over for us
  12. Well that was a totally forgettable game but a hard earned point none the less. Do you remember the days when losing Crooks for three games would have mattered? I have stayed on the fence over Connolly but now I just cannot see what his strength are and what he offers as a footballer
  13. You had me at “how little our forwards are” oh for some physical presence up front to hold the ball up
  14. With Lumley not playing I now quite miss those buttock clenching moments when the ball went towards our goal, it at least livened things up and had a certain comedic value
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