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  1. To be honest RR on the basis of what I have seen so far I think you are being very generous to call him average, I am hoping he is only ring rusty
  2. Well that was quite worrying with the season proper only a couple of weeks away. There was no evidence of a tactical system and the lack of quality on display was evident throughout the side. Sufficient to say that a casual observer would have put York as the Championship side and Middlesbrough as the none league outfit. Not sure where we go from here
  3. This is just a shapeless rabble playing Sunday League football now
  4. Struggling to understand Warnock persisting with this three at the back system with wing backs advanced up the pitch, we just do not have the players to make this work. Get back to four across the back and try to bed it in,, I know itโ€™s only a friendly but at this rateFulham will slaughter us
  5. This defensive system is not working, that is twice we have been left wide open on the left hand side and given their player a free cross into the box to score from
  6. A very fair assessment of where we are AR
  7. Quite impressed with Ikpeazu so far, his shielding of the ball and link up play has been good, certainly something we have been missing. Bishops doing really well in holding their shape and it is proving a good work out for both teams
  8. Right enough now, it is all over including the recriminations, we simply werenโ€™t good enough, time to get back to proper everyday football. Check list, arrange under 15,s coaching, buy paint to tart up the ticket hut, try and find a referee for the first pre season friendly. See life moves on and football with it
  9. Mr Southgate, you set the team up well in the first half, but answer these questions, when Mancini changed his set up at half time and dominated our midfield, why did you do precisely nothing. Why did you leave Mount on the pitch when the game was passing him by. Why did you put Henderson on to do exactly the same thing that wasnโ€™t working. Why leave your substitutions so late so that they didnโ€™t have time to change the game. And finally why subject a 19 year old kid to that pressure. Just left a very full pub that believeMr Southgate that you cost us that game, the same as you cost us the Cr
  10. Having watched both of them the Sterling pen was soft at best, yes there was contact but not enough to knock a five year old over. On the other hand the Kane one was straightforward to me, a blatant clip of his leg. Anyway can we ban the members from Ireland from this forum thread they talk too much sense and have no red white and blue bias
  11. The best team edged it, but Denmark gave us a hell of a game, sorry Smogdane and Borodane, I feel for you but your team did you proud.
  12. Denmark are a very good side, sound defensively with real pace on the flanks, we must not underestimate them, look what they did to Wales. My prediction England 9 Denmark 0
  13. Well done Italy, much prefer to play them than Spain, if we can get past the pesky Danes
  14. Ha ha whoops De Lorenzo, itโ€™s the drink lol
  15. Great game this, my favourite players so far Olmo and Di Maria, what a game they have had. A call out for the referee, he has not put afoot wrong
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