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  1. That man has neither been truthful or honest the whole of his life, the only priority Tony Pulis has is himself. I amazes me that football Chairmen continue to give him a job and throw money at him, and before you ask, no I dont like the man.
  2. Yeah but Warnock is a nice guy, Pulis is a slimeball
  3. Here is my conspiracy theory re Roberts. NW doesn't really fancy him as he doesn't fit into his formations, but, our agreement with Man City dictates that if fit he must be in the matchday squad.
  4. Blackburn changed it in the second half and made it harder for us, but on attempts and effort we deserved three points. Thought McNair was outstanding, mom for me, but also Dijksteel he was everywhere. We are looking such a good side, all pulling together and so well organised now, thank you NW for chasing away the dross and incompetence left by Pulis and Woodgate
  5. How did Blackburn not score there, all down to Spence losing concentration
  6. That is undoubtedly the best half of football from a Boro side I have seen in a long time. We have energy, belief and our organisation across the pitch is excellent, if only we had a cutting edge, then we could and should be a couple of goals to the good. I am loving that back three of Fry, Dijk and McNair they look so solid, the two wing backs are also putting a shift in. Can we keep this going, Blackburn look a decent side but it is their for the taking
  7. Played 9, conceded 5 goals, the same as the much vaunted Watford Premiership defence. After last seasons abysmal showing then step forward Neil Warnock and his coaches, what a turnaround, take a bow, you have given us back our sense of pride
  8. Turned on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday to be faced with Tony Pulis giving me the benefit of his football knowledge and sparkling personality, turned off Sky Sports
  9. Thanks Brunners, I was wondering that. It would explain a lot, he looks absolutely lost in the wingback, winger position, no wonder if he has been coached through youth teams to play a different role
  10. "we need to be fast or clever, and we are neither" Quote of the day AR. I think NW knows that which is why he wanted another option of a big bruising centre forward, but it wasn't to be
  11. I know one thing after watching last nights game, if I was one of the other Championship teams I would not want to play us !
  12. Looks a different player now he is in the centre rather than on the left, he just could not adjust his balance and positioning in that position
  13. But there is no urgency when he does it almost as if he is going through the motions
  14. I want to get hold of Spence by the collar of his shirt and shake him so hard, so lethargic and lack of running into space
  15. We have just taken off our two best attacking players, surely they cannot be tired this has been played at walking pace at time, strange decision
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