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  1. Well played Boro, outstanding performances from McNair, Fry and Howson, we really are starting to look like a proper team
  2. What a change in our defensive performances since earlier in the season, have we got a new defensive coach or have the players just started to listen. We used to be all over the place, with full backs picking their noses and the cb,s left isolated. Now we operate more as a unit, keep a straight line and look forward not back, all basic stuff but what an improvement it makes to our shape
  3. What is happening ? We have been crying out season after season for width, pace and youth, now it is happening in bucket loads, exciting times again I think
  4. Our players looked drained when they came off the pitch at West Brom so I am not surprised he has had to freshen up the teams energy levels. However I am surprised at the change in formation and especially not bringing McNair back as he will be rested and champing at the bit. Woodgate has earned a bit of credibility from me after the last game so let us hope he has got it right.
  5. Best game I have seen for a long time by Boro, there are signs that these young lads are starting to knit together as a team. Big credit to Woodgate this time round, and to the players just thanks for giving me optimism for the New Year. Trying not to laugh at the West Brom supporters around me they are in a state of shock
  6. Oh my God what was that from Fletcher, goal of the season Yes Yes Yes
  7. My first live viewing of Boro this season and I am shocked, so much energy, belief, attacking intention, what the hell has happened. In all honesty I am only at the Hawthornes because somebody leant me their season ticket and I wasn't expecting us to compete like this. Coulson Spence, Tavernier have made WBA look like the side fighting relegation. Can we keep this up, what a boost that would be
  8. What awful defending, schoolboy stuff, for those with season tickets and have to watch this I feel your pain. I have tried to stay pretty neutral about Woodgate but enough is enough he us out of his depth
  9. Well that was just grim, I have no idea what we are trying to do, we have no midfield to pass to, no game plan, and frankly just look out of our depth. Stoke will probably go on to win this as they can at least pass to their own players.
  10. Wash your mouth out Stockton born and bred with the accent to prove it like
  11. Looking at some our players I keep expecting their mums to march onto the pitch, grab the ball, and tell them to get back home for their teas
  12. You can take off an attacker when down to ten men and replace him with a more defensive player but you cannot just desert three quarters of the pitch and set up camp on the twenty yard line. What we failed to do was cover our wide areas which allowed them to get behind us with crosses time and time again Now that could be down to Woodgate or the players but it certainly is not the way to set up with ten men and we paid the inevitable price, schoolboy coaching stuff this !
  13. What should have been a happy Sunday ends up just leaving a nasty taste in my mouth
  14. The moment we took off Fletcher and decided to try and hold our kead we were screwed. Hull defenders just pushed up to give themselves width and our fate was sealed
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