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  1. This makes a lot of sense RR and something that I think is being discussed by all concerned. Over the last few years we have switched managers, coaching staff, players, style and vision so many times I am frankly dizzy, and where has it got us, skint and mid table. Let us try and build on the foundations Warnock has set in place with this team and let him have a say in a part time role, surely it cannot be worse that chucking everyone out again and bringing in yet another regime.
  2. Positives - Hall brings some much needed steel into the cb position, Kebano looks really good but his lack of fitness showed in the second half, Watmore caused all sorts of problems with his direct running, Bola is improving all the time. Negatives - Bettenelli is a clown, Morsey is just so limited and a red card waiting to happen. The rest were ok and Fletcher needed that game and goal
  3. All over their defence after Watmores wonder goal and we should go onto win this comfortably in the second half. Good performances from Watmore and especially Kebano who looks a class above.
  4. On the positive side we have not just been booting the ball upfield like usual, could be something to do with us not being able to get hold of the ball like !
  5. Well at last the ponderous three in midfield have been split up, with McNair presumably moving forward to give some impetus. I can't see us missing Saville as he is one of the most ineffective tacklers I have seen in that position. I would rather have Fletcher up front than Assombalonga who I think is just protecting himself before new club negotiations begin. Oh well let's see how it goes and let's just hope they don't manage a shot on target at Flappanell.
  6. Is it just me, but I get a shiver down the spine every time I see the first name on the team list is Betterwelly, he must surely be one of the worst Boro keepers of living memory
  7. Bettenelli weaknesses, positioning, kicking, crosses, punching, inability to get down quickly. Strengths Errrr
  8. Seconded he was my hero, what a full back
  9. Warnock is building his team now for the way he wants to play, and well done to Gibson for giving him the backing in these difficult times. I can't quite believe it we have pace and guile up front and it's only been four years coming, hats off to you NW
  10. Assombalonga will be especially invisible now as he will take every precaution to not get injured before the next transfer window
  11. It is an extremely odd situation, especially as it appears he was not arrested and no charges brought against him for possesion, intent to supply or crashing his car whilst doped up as is alleged on social media
  12. Come on guys be fair, our Tony was down to his last couple of millions and needed the percentage of sales fees that Steve had promised him.
  13. Norwich have run out of ideas and are just looking frustrated
  14. I am committed to only saying positive things today so here goes; Fry is excellent, Fisher settled in really well and Bola has the left side stitched up
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