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  1. If Bruce is still at the Albion at the end of the loan period then Mowatt will not be returning and will be put up for sale
  2. A lot of people within WBA, not just the fans, are not very happy with our signing of Mowatt, he was very highly thought of within the dressing room and coaching set up. He never seemed to click with Bruce but kept his head down regained his fitness but was then cold shouldered, very strange as they are not brimming over with midfielders. Their loss is our gain, a very solid midfielder at this level who will replace Howson I guess. I understand that we are paying his wages for the season but with no loan fee, no idea about recall options, my source doesn’t have that answer
  3. I don’t react to him, I try not to even read his input as I believe the guy has some serious issues going on in his head. Unfortunately some members do react to him and the resultant bunging up of the thread is pain in the aaaa. From my viewpoint the Mods had to do something as it was getting worse so I thank them for that
  4. My thoughts exactly AR, to let go 13/14 players and bring in the equivalent new ones, and still expect team cohesion is just not going to happen. We saw at QPR that we looked like strangers at times with players still getting to grips with their new team mates and positioning. Realistically whoever comes in between now and the end of the window it is going to take until Xmas to bed everything in, whilst the more established sides will have moved away from us by then
  5. I think so as at times they were looking around like lost souls as they tried to keep a straight line, so much so that they ignored the gaps in front of them. If that is the case it begs the question as to what we have been doing all pre season !
  6. Good shout Duvel, the three centre backs stayed deep all the first half, leaving acres of space for QPR to exploit in front of them. I cannot believe that Wilder asked them to do this as we just don’t have the legs in the team to get back, so can only presume that the three of them just did not do as instructed. It was noticeable that this changed second half and for a while we looked a compact unit. Having thought about it overnight and calmed down a bit, my only conclusion is that we don’t have the players for this system. Oh for a Claude Makelele or Ngolo Kante in that central defensive po
  7. If Wilder insists on playing this system of releasing the wingbacks upfield then he has to solve the problem of who is going to protect the centre halves when we lose possession. The best example was in the 83rd minute, we lose the ball in their half and our centre backs are back peddling, Adomah crosses behind them and only a deflection stops the fourth. Howson is trying to get back but hasn’t got the legs and the rest of the cover is nonexistent. This has been going on for too long now, either bring in the players to make it work or adapt the system to give us some solidity at the back and p
  8. Frankly he looks a class above anyone else in that position that I have seen in this league
  9. We should all remain hopeful but you can’t keep making the same tactical mistakes, did you watch the second half against WBA?
  10. He set the team up for that first half and he needs to take responsibility for it
  11. For the first time since he arrived I am starting to wonder if Wider is the saviour after all, he certainly has a lot of questions to answer over how he has set this team up today
  12. What chance would any forward have playing in this team, the service to them has been abysmal
  13. Time and time again we lose the ball in their half and Howson is in no man’s land, he was never a defensive midfielder in his prime, so how we expect him to be one now baffles me
  14. This is embarrassing, on the basis of this showing our entire midfield needs to be replaced, we can’t pass or tackle and are so slow that we are going to get thumped here
  15. pikerman


    Thank you DS, I could not put up with much more of that rubbish. Clearly the guy has mental health issues and gets his kicks from disrupting this forum to the detriment of us all
  16. Well no shocks there, just proving really what we already know, we need a left CH, a defensive midfielder, competition and options for Crooks and McGree and forwards who can consistently find the net. Don’t we look so much more balanced now with Giles on the left and to have a proper goalkeeper. Two of the divisions heavyweights come together and a draw happens, not the end of the world and a lot of positives, but our season is going to depend on how we perform in the transfer market
  17. The need for a proper defensive midfielder is apparent, we are all over the place at the moment
  18. So many positives from that half, controlled football on the ground and towards the middle of the half we started to break down their midfield. Negatives, only Watmore failing to finish his chance off. You can see where we need to strengthen but the new lads,Giles and Lenehan are showing the way forward, oh and Akpom looks so much more confident in this formation
  19. I believe that the club knew that they were going to lose Tav this window and had agreed with him to be allowed to move on if the right offer was received. Bringing in McGree was good solid planning and progression and in addition now moves Boyd Munce up the pecking order, it’s what happens in football clubs. Tav was a high energy player who was the glue in our midfield due to weaknesses elsewhere but by addressing those weaknesses we can become a stronger team, providing the money is invested wisely. I will hold off judging this new model until the transfer window is over and we have played a
  20. I have very positive feelings about this lad, he has every chance of turning into something special for us all to get behind
  21. He could not bring documentation from the club but any attempts to go further than that would be classed as a restriction to his ability to earn a living and he could claim damages.
  22. That would be classed as restriction of his ability to earn a living, he would be unable to take documents from Norwich, but anything other than that is not enforceable. I fancy the job of Head of Recruitment, it just seems to involve reading the lists of free agents and keeping an eye on who is not very happy and not getting game time at the league above me 😆
  23. When Kieran Scott was appointed as Head of Recruitment it was stated by the club that “he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge”. I presumed, perhaps wrongly, that he would bring with him his little black book of contacts and hidden gems just waiting to be unearthed and polished. Perhaps it is me, but I don’t see much evidence of this change of recruitment policy as yet, the ones we have brought in so far are on frees and loans, and the ones we are allegedly looking at are further big money loans from other clubs. If Coventry can unearth Gykores, for whom we would be willing to pay big
  24. Just to echo this, the coaching staff at Villa think so highly of Archer that they are pushing Gerrard to keep him in the PL squad. The thought is that he could be ready to replace Ings in a few months he is rated that highly by everyone there. Four clubs have have made general enquiries, three in the PL and one in Scotland, they have all received the same answer, wait and see. This info comes via someone in the club by the way
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