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  1. Mogga did a job on us last night, he moved his midfield up to man mark our three and set his two forwards to harry and get in the face of our back three so we had no time on the ball and no one to pass to. It worked a treat and we had no answer to it so expect every team now to do the same. We need midfielders who can find space, turn and bring in other players and let’s be honest we don’t have them, so it’s an interesting coaching challenge for Wilder. Having said all of that, we should have had a penalty, Crooks should have scored with at least one of those headers and Connolly and Jones sho
  2. Right far too much negativity on here tonight, so am going to end on a positive and go to bed. Belagun looks a proper player
  3. Does anyone else thinks Khydra looks like Mickey Flanagans love child 😆
  4. We have definitely gone up a gear, pushed the midfield further up and are starting to ask questions of Blackburn.
  5. Urgent request anybody found a midfield in red shirts, ours appears to have gone missing
  6. You wouldn’t want him AR, think of all that constant yapping
  7. Funny I was thinking along those lines Borodane. MM appoints this company as administrators and they use the same diversionary tactics and disinformation as MM did, hmmmhh strange!
  8. Just this, forget about buying players concentrate on paying your tax bill, as don’t forget that money is owed to the British public and would pay for hundreds of new nurses, (or six NHS diversity managers 😆).
  9. When our players get (often deserved) criticism I take a deep breath and remember that they have been coached in three different styles in three seasons by managers who I would not let anywhere near one of my junior teams. Under the Wilder regime there is a pattern and a purpose and players like Tav will benefit and should improve with consistent approach. Please bear with them and don’t sell them you most likely will see much better players evolving this season and next. Thank God for Wilder
  10. You gotta laugh, that means Forest now can’t afford Spence in the summer, on that performance he is heading to the Prem, would still rather have Jonesy though
  11. Just pleased we avoided Kidderminster, too many split loyalties to be comfortable with that draw
  12. I am trying not to be too critical of individual players given all the changes, covid, pitch etc, but Lumley had a shocker today and none of the aforementioned really apply to a keeper making such basic errors
  13. Any cup tie against lower opposition on their home turf is going to be a battle, we won lets just move on. Well played Mansfield, you deserved the draw, its a cruel game at times.
  14. Well that was fun, proper old fashioned cup football. For a team thrown together we have done really well even though at times it is clear that some of the players are not sure where they should be on the pitch. Roll on the second half
  15. Whilst it is normal to question team selection, those chosen and left out, these are not normal times. We have no idea who has/had covid and their levels of fitness, so I guess we just go with what is there and trust the management team. How you set tactics with such a cobbled together bunch must be a nightmare, as someone said previously, it ain’t going to be pretty.
  16. Crazy L just got one foot in the ITK Hall of Fame with that one 👏 👏
  17. On another note, a friend tells me Brighton are monitoring Isaiah Jones very closely with a view to a bid in the summer, they expect their competition to be Leeds
  18. He comes from Galway, they all look like that, and are basically mad 😂
  19. I think I must be living in an alternative universe 8 million, 15 million for Tavernier, have I missed something?
  20. They say regular sex improves your memory, so as we enter 2019, I would like to wish all my fellow Smoggies a happy new year
  21. That is a pretty fair assessment of the game. We lacked energy and the changes made left us unbalanced especially down the left hand side, Peltier is not and never will be a wingback and Fry is very uncomfortable playing on the left of a three. We have seen now how this Wilder team will look in the future but we still lack the personnel in places and certainly the injury cover to make it work consistently. Exciting ride though isn’t it!
  22. I am so enjoying watching the Boro again, we weren’t at our best but we did the business, a long time since I ended a match with just a croak for a voice. How much is Jones worth to us, 20 million, more perhaps, the kid is unplayable at times. And finally a mention for our fans, they were just outstanding, proud to be Smoggie
  23. Herron, at last Sporar runs at the near post and gets his reward, oh Jonesy we love you
  24. Blackpool have done really well to close down our space, make it difficult to pass, but we are not helping ourselves. The left hand side is a disaster area with Peltier completely out of his depth as a wingback, which in turn has left Hernandez struggling, it shows the lack of depth we have to play this system. McNair back to centre half to free Fry back into his favourite centre role, Taylor on and we will see how that goes
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