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  1. Thanks Brunners, I was wondering that. It would explain a lot, he looks absolutely lost in the wingback, winger position, no wonder if he has been coached through youth teams to play a different role
  2. "we need to be fast or clever, and we are neither" Quote of the day AR. I think NW knows that which is why he wanted another option of a big bruising centre forward, but it wasn't to be
  3. I know one thing after watching last nights game, if I was one of the other Championship teams I would not want to play us !
  4. Looks a different player now he is in the centre rather than on the left, he just could not adjust his balance and positioning in that position
  5. But there is no urgency when he does it almost as if he is going through the motions
  6. I want to get hold of Spence by the collar of his shirt and shake him so hard, so lethargic and lack of running into space
  7. We have just taken off our two best attacking players, surely they cannot be tired this has been played at walking pace at time, strange decision
  8. Right I have found a positve, the referee hasn't been as bad as the usual standard
  9. The problem is we have no width to put hard low crosses in and no tall centre forward or two so we can go route one, in other words we are toothless. Coventry well organised but I bet they wish they could play against our attack every week. This cant go on, NW needs to take a gamble and mix it up, is Browne on the bench
  10. Yawn. So in summary Coventry are defending in depth and seem well drilled, we show no sign of having the width or the necessary guile to break them down. Probably 1 - 0 to either side Yawn
  11. Rather remarkably we have turned from a relegation battling shambles to a team that suddenly nobody fancies playing. Stand up Neil Warnock and your coaching staff and take a bow, you deserve it. A special mention to Anfernee Dijksteel, we may have unearthed a special player here
  12. If it makes you feel better I had a conversation with a member of the Villa coaching staff regarding Mr Bolasie, it went something like this" when he came here I was really excited about working with him, I rapidly realised he was only here for the money". Apparently towards the end of his loan with Villa he was barely on speaking terms with the other players. So that was a bullet dodged then !
  13. I may be wrong but I cannot recall any of our current squad of players attracting attention from PL clubs or top end Championship clubs. Says it all really as to the quality of player that previous managers have left us with
  14. Three at the back again I don’t believe it there goes my early optimism
  15. It needs some really special players to be able to play the wingback system, and to put it bluntly we don’t have them. I am therefore very pleased that Warnock has recognised this and we might be moving onto a more solid system with square pegs in square holes. Somewhere in Bola is a good fullback, what he needs is a confidence building run in the team and someone in front of him so he is not caught out continually in a one on one situation. Feeling confident that this will be our first win of the season and that Akpom will score again, I did say you would like him!
  16. For those of you who have not seen this lad play, I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised. A really good signing at a reasonable price, now let’s work on changing our plodding midfield to give our strikers a chance
  17. I watched Akbom about three or four years ago playing for Arsenal reserves against Villa and was really impressed. He is a big strong lad and had lightning pace running into channels but does not look like a natural born finisher, he will certainly offer us something different from what we have. The price looks about right and we certainly shouldn’t lose money on the deal, but, unless we can solve the perennial problem of width pace, creativity and crossing then he will struggle like all the rest
  18. We are better organised than last season which you would expect under Warnock but the same problems are there for all to see, a lack of pace width and creativity in the centre leading to little or no chance for our forwards. On that showing and with no changes in personnel then mid table mediocrity beckons
  19. A competitive half of football spoiled for us by poor defending from the corner. We look very one paced and really lack creativity in the midfield, could badly do with another centre half and a loud mouth antagonist as captain, it is all just to easy for Watford. Finally can somebody tell Spence what he is supposed to be doing he looks lost
  20. Thanks for the welcome back Blanco I must cover up the Maori prison tats. I have a great deal of respect for Warnock, unlike your dad Pulis, so we will have to find something else to disagree about. Strange times these and I can see a lot of clubs being in financial difficulties this season ourselves included, perhaps success of clubs will now be measured by survival
  21. Well nine months away from this site( NZ and not jail by the way), and what has changed. Our recruitment appears to lurch from bad to worse and the width and creativity sorely needed still hasn’t been addressed. We are skint unless you are a relation of SG and having flicked through this site I have to be honest I have not heard of a single person we have supposedly been linked with. Oh well at least Warnock is an upgrade on that con artist Pulis who is no doubt enjoying spending the money he robbed off us, good decision SG, you were warned. I also hear that Changing Times is a new friendlier compassionate person, we will see as the season progresses
  22. Well played Boro, outstanding performances from McNair, Fry and Howson, we really are starting to look like a proper team
  23. What a change in our defensive performances since earlier in the season, have we got a new defensive coach or have the players just started to listen. We used to be all over the place, with full backs picking their noses and the cb,s left isolated. Now we operate more as a unit, keep a straight line and look forward not back, all basic stuff but what an improvement it makes to our shape
  24. What is happening ? We have been crying out season after season for width, pace and youth, now it is happening in bucket loads, exciting times again I think
  25. Our players looked drained when they came off the pitch at West Brom so I am not surprised he has had to freshen up the teams energy levels. However I am surprised at the change in formation and especially not bringing McNair back as he will be rested and champing at the bit. Woodgate has earned a bit of credibility from me after the last game so let us hope he has got it right.
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