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  1. So we have no first team full backs available, but we must presumably have at least two under contract and playing for the U23s. Are we saying that they are not good enough, the manager doesn’t trust them or what. How does a young player break into the first team if they are never given a chance to prove themselves
  2. Just one more point I would like to make before I retreat to my Guinness to console me. How can an employee of a business be allowed to devalue 8 million pounds worth of assets ( Payero and Siliki) just because he doesn’t agree with the decision. I really do not like Warnock now !!
  3. My only contribution to the afternoon having watched that aimless rubbish is that Warnock has to go tonight, my patience has finally run out
  4. In the west of Ireland with no broadband so travelled 45 minutes to watch the match in my friends pub only to find I had missed it due to an early kickoff. I feel blessed
  5. Apart from the first 15 mins I watched that with my mouth open and my head in my hands. Tactics awful did we learn nothing during pre season, Dijksteel is not a wing back and five at the back just leaves us disjointed all over the pitch. This panic tactic of lumping the ball upfield when closed down went out of schoolboy football ten years ago. All over the pitch we were inferior to Coventry, let me repeat that we were inferior to Coventry. It’s still early days but it is not working and the clock is ticking for Warnock
  6. Same answer really until we get to see him play who knows
  7. I don’t know if Payero is a superstar or not, the point is I would like to watch him to find out
  8. Berahino,the laziest, most unfocussed footballer I have ever had the misfortune to have to watch, huge talent and promise when he was a kid, all wasted on the big "I am", please God no!
  9. Right here we go, strapped in and glued to here and Sky Sports. If the rumours are right we could at the end of today have a team with pace and midfield possession to feed a strike force, and it has been a fair few years since you could say that isn’t it. Yes I know things will probably go horribly wrong,(again), but I am hugging my positive stone
  10. No you won’t he has to pass his GCSE in English first
  11. Really enjoyable game and we played well in bursts and we should really have won it, but the lack of a proper striker cost us. Totally baffled by the freezing out of Payero, I think it is childish and unprofessional of Warnock, just to prove a point, which is what he is most certainly doing
  12. We look so much better when we keep the ball on the deck. They are doubling up on Jones every time he gets the ball which makes it really hard to put the cross in. Dijksteel has had a great half and a clap for Crookes who has worked his socks off, turning out to be a great buy
  13. I get the feeling that Tony Mowbray and NW do not like each other, there could be as many fireworks on the touch line as on the pitch
  14. OliverBurke please no we should just turn around and keep walking. WBA had high hopes for him having coughed up about £15 million when he arrived from Leipzig. The word was that he couldn’t settle in Germany and that once back here he would settle down and become the player he was supposed to be, he didn’t! The coaches tried to get him to do what they wanted but he wouldn’t listen and gradually he slipped down the order. One of those footballers who flatters to decieve
  15. Sounds good but haven’t six of those been free transfers which are presumably straightforward. A better measurement would be I guess how many have we tried to actually buy from another club and have succeeded, Payero, Ikpeazu and Crooks minus Munoz and Van thingy
  16. Warnock will be running round Rockliffe now telling anyone who will listen “told you I should have been allowed to buy Hoillett instead of these Johnny Foreigners” (yes I know he’s Canadian 😆)
  17. Only a personal opinion on a football forum set up to give opinions,chill and go for a walk on the beach
  18. No you are not, I have watched him closely this season and I am still convinced there are major deficiencies in his game
  19. I fully supported the clubs decision to bring in Warnock as we needed an old hand to steady the sinking ship Woodgate helped create.I was surprised he was offered a further year but could see a certain logic in it and thought with the acquisition of the right players we could push for a top six finish and therefore supported that decision also. Things have happened since then that have made me question the support, first of all the tactics on the pitch, they are unfathomable, the criticism of certain players is just unprofessional and the constant slagging off and swearing at officials shows a
  20. Payero and don’t forget Stojanovich, he preferred his own mango him and we all know how that turned out
  21. But if the players coming in to strengthen us are not the ones the manager wants then what is the point. Warnock is a stubborn old goat and he will not give them game time to prove his point.
  22. Sorry my tablet seems to be acting up re my previous post. What I was trying to say was that the club seems to be going in two different directions at the same time, which is never good and will derail this season. Never have we needed a DOF more than now
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