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  1. Mogga did a job on us last night, he moved his midfield up to man mark our three and set his two forwards to harry and get in the face of our back three so we had no time on the ball and no one to pass to. It worked a treat and we had no answer to it so expect every team now to do the same. We need midfielders who can find space, turn and bring in other players and let’s be honest we don’t have them, so it’s an interesting coaching challenge for Wilder. Having said all of that, we should have had a penalty, Crooks should have scored with at least one of those headers and Connolly and Jones should have hit the target. There you are on another day we could have won 5 - 0, let’s move on to the next game

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Borodane said:

    At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if it came out that MM actually owns Quantuma through one of his shell companies. Then man is a crook without morals. But i suppose the Derby fans can start a crowdfunding to pay the HMRC.

    Funny I was thinking along those lines Borodane. MM appoints this company as administrators and they use the same diversionary tactics and disinformation as MM did, hmmmhh strange!

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  3. 1 hour ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

    If they're getting funding from somewhere they should be paying their massive tax bill off first. If that means selling players then so be it. It's like the administrators are just making up their own rules as it stands.

    Just this, forget about buying players concentrate on paying your tax bill, as don’t forget that money is owed to the British public and would pay for hundreds of new nurses, (or six NHS diversity managers 😆).

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  4. When our players get (often deserved) criticism I take a deep breath and remember that they have been coached in three different styles in three seasons by managers who I would not let anywhere near one of my junior teams. Under the Wilder regime there is a pattern and a purpose and players like Tav will benefit and should improve with consistent approach. Please bear with them and don’t sell them you most likely will see much better players evolving this season and next. Thank God for Wilder

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  5. 1 minute ago, AnglianRed said:

    Just seen a replay of CBM's goal - very nice build-up and finish. Looks like he could be a great acquisition.

    As Brunners said, even though we're only playing a L2 team, I'd say we've had a very good first half. The youngsters in particular have all stepped up and played their part. Can see them all having bright futures with the club.

    Credit to Mansfield, they haven't just rolled over, even at 2-0 down. They've made it hard for Boro at times and we can't afford to get complacent 2nd half.

    I agree AR our young players have looked really good, Wilder must be rubbing his hands in glee looking at what is coming through


  6. 47 minutes ago, sanddancer said:

    Great result but let’s have a bit of honesty. 
    We gifted another goal, lost the mid field, ragged back line, no out let, poor decision, passing and movement. With the amount of missed chances from both sides the game could have gone either way. If anything apart from the fitness and belief we went backwards. 
    A ravaged Blackpool made us look pretty average and we got lucky for never giving up. Well done the travelling fans. 
    The game proved the squad does not have the numbers, depth of talent or balance and changes are required. What it does show is what Chris can do with a very average squad and the question must be, what the hell can he achieve with time and the right players.. 

    A big thank you to all those involved at the club over the past year, those that have accepted and adapted since Chris arrival because the win yesterday is a result for the effort. Let’s have a deep clean take a deep breath and get ready for an exciting 2022. 


    That is a pretty fair assessment of the game. We lacked energy and the changes made left us unbalanced especially down the left hand side, Peltier is not and never will be a wingback and Fry is very uncomfortable playing on the left of a three. We have seen now how this Wilder team will look in the future but we still lack the personnel in places and certainly the injury cover to make it work consistently. Exciting ride though isn’t it!

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  7. Blackpool have done really well to close down our space, make it difficult to pass, but we are not helping ourselves.  The left hand side is a disaster area with Peltier completely out of his depth as a wingback, which in turn has left Hernandez struggling, it shows the lack of depth we have to play this system. McNair back to centre half to free Fry back into his favourite centre role, Taylor on and we will see how that goes

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