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  1. So we have no first team full backs available, but we must presumably have at least two under contract and playing for the U23s. Are we saying that they are not good enough, the manager doesn’t trust them or what. How does a young player break into the first team if they are never given a chance to prove themselves 

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  2. Just one more point I would like to make before I retreat to my Guinness to console me. How can an employee of a business be allowed to devalue 8 million pounds worth of assets ( Payero and Siliki) just because he doesn’t agree with the decision. I really do not like Warnock now !!

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  3. Apart from the first 15 mins I watched that with my mouth open and my head in my hands. Tactics awful did we learn nothing during pre season, Dijksteel is not a wing back and five at the back just leaves us disjointed all over the pitch. This panic tactic of lumping the ball upfield when closed down went out of schoolboy football ten years ago. All over the pitch we were inferior to Coventry, let me repeat that we were inferior to Coventry. It’s still early days but it is not working and the clock is ticking for Warnock

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  4. 11 minutes ago, Denzel Zanzibar said:

    Hernandez was very much a Warnock signing. Already played in this league for a start.

    And why do people think Payero is some sort of superstar? His price tag, perhaps? The fact he's an Argentinian U23 regular?

    I don’t know if Payero is a superstar or not, the point is I would like to watch him to find out

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  5. 16 minutes ago, LinoJo3 said:

    One reason I think siliki and payero have a good chance of getting games under warnock as daft as it sounds, is they both look like they can ping a great ball from deep and payero is a set piece specialist.




    has potential to be the most exciting midfield/attack since Karanka. I just hope we don’t waste what we’ve got.

    Ooohh I am getting excited by that

  6. Right here we go, strapped in and glued to here and Sky Sports. If the rumours are right we could at the end of today have a team with pace and midfield possession to feed a strike force, and it has been a fair few years since you could say that isn’t it. Yes I know things will probably go horribly wrong,(again), but I am hugging my positive stone

  7. 2 minutes ago, Redcar Rioja said:

    Lots of endeavour but no end product. Too much faffing about around the Blackburn box and also too much faffing about for the goal we conceded by once again not getting a challenge in and dancing around the opposition attackers. 

    Referee very poor for both sides but more so for Boro. Those challenges near the end were a direct result of the Official losing control of the game and letting too many sly challenges go. I don't think I have seen so many shirts being not just tugged but literally almost pulled off yet nothing given. 

    While there were many improved displays from Lumley, McNair and Howson we were powder in the last third. Two points from a possible nine is unacceptable even allowing for the poor standard of Officiating. 

    A like RR for the best summing up so far

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  8. OliverBurke please no we should just turn around and keep walking. WBA had high hopes for him having coughed up about £15 million when he arrived from Leipzig. The word was that he couldn’t settle in Germany and that once back here he would settle down and become the player he was supposed to be, he didn’t!  The coaches tried to get him to do what they wanted but he wouldn’t listen and gradually he slipped down the order. One of those footballers who flatters to decieve

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  9. 14 minutes ago, BoroJake said:

    We’ve signed 9 players this window. One of the most in the championship. There’s a week to go ffs 😂

    Sounds good but haven’t six of those been free transfers which are presumably straightforward. A better measurement would be I guess how many have we tried to actually buy from another club and have succeeded, Payero, Ikpeazu and Crooks minus Munoz and Van thingy

  10. 1 minute ago, Foogle said:

    Am I the only person who's still failed to be convinced about Spence? I don't even think he's good enough to start week in week out for us yet he's constantly linked to the prem? 

    No you are not, I have watched him closely this season and I am still convinced there are major deficiencies in his game

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  11. I fully supported the clubs decision to bring in Warnock as we needed an old hand to steady the sinking ship Woodgate helped create.I was surprised he was offered a further year but could see a certain logic in it and thought with the acquisition of the right players we could push for a top six finish and therefore supported that decision also. Things have happened since then that have made me question the support, first of all the tactics on the pitch, they are unfathomable, the criticism of certain players is just unprofessional and the constant slagging off and swearing at officials shows a lack of class. To add to that it is obvious he does not like the change of direction of the club, DOF and foreign players and cannot stop himself letting it be known either at press conferences or by team selection. I had no great expectations for this season, only hope, my concerns are more about the damage it is doing to the club whilst these internal battles seem to be taking place

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  12. 14 minutes ago, newyddion said:

    The direction of bringing in players to strengthen the squad, to give us more attacking options? Who on earth is writing off the season after FOUR games?

    I agree we threw the QPR game away.. but that was a blip imo, an own goal and no attacking option to replace Ikpeazu.

    We get the three points at QPR (which we were more than capable of doing and we would have been on 2ppg after four matches.

    Lets see where we are at Xmas. A point away at Derby isn’t a bad result.

    But if the players coming in to strengthen us are not the ones the manager wants then what is the point. Warnock is a stubborn old goat and he will not give them game time to prove his point. 

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