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  1. Well done lads, you didn’t let your heads drop in the second half and have done the club proud on this cup run. It remains to be seen how much it has cost us with the injuries to Dael and Paddy, apart from donating the gate receipts to charity. I do hope Gibson knows how to ensure that money gets to the people who need it and out of the grasping corporate clutches of big charity executives expense accounts
  2. Yes, I broke mine years ago when I got stood on and the studs broke the bone, bruised and swelled straight away, six weeks in plaster 😞
  3. That’s the first thing I thought too, two months out if true, it really is not going well is it
  4. Good point 😆 now I feel even more peed off
  5. This will come as no shock to anyone, our forwards are non existent and we have nothing down the left hand side, now we have never heard that before have we, roll on the summer transfer window. Chelsea (through gritted teeth) are in a different class and could play this in carpet slippers. I hope this does not seriously damage our confidence going forward
  6. That’s what £550 million of Russian money buys you
  7. You might get away with having no left wing back in the Championship but not at Chelsea’s level. Wide open again on the left and game over, going to watch the rest of this through my fingers as we could be on a stuffing here
  8. We never learnt the first time and left Mount wide open on the left wing, this time a precision cross and we are 1 down. If Taylor is to go forward the someone has to cover him or this could get away from us very quickly. Chelsea are certainly not Spurs
  9. Much better second half, that’s what a good manager does, spots the problems and adapts. Pleased for Balogan, as I said before, he needs a full season in this league and then he would be some animal. Tav for me was mom, a non stop performance all over the pitch, also a mention for Dijksteel he was excellent
  10. Sunday league football on a Sunday league pitch, very disappointing, if I was a neutral I would have switched off by now. Brum are really poor at the back but we just cannot seem to control the ball, what has happened to Crooks he looks way off the pace. If we don’t get three points off this lot we can forget the play offs. Hopefully we can sort ourselves out in the second half exploit the spaces in their defence and get a second and third
  11. Wilders team talk .Right you two that is not a barn door it is called a goal(yes the thing with the net) you can hit it if you only believe
  12. I have the greatest respect for Wilder and that was not a poke at him more the fact that we have four strikers all similar but all with one attribute, they cannot take the chances given to them. As for the bit about Sheff U , one of the main reasons they got relegated from the Prem was that the strikers Wilder brought In for big money couldn’t hit the proverbial barn door, I hope it’s not a trend.
  13. I don’t want our strikers to ‘have good energy’ ‘ to run around a lot’ ‘ to find good space’, I want them to put the ball into the opposition net and none of them can basically do it
  14. Can’t work that one out RR are you agreeing with me or not
  15. We all live in that hope bubble but if Millwall have done their homework they will be all over our back three from the off and closing down the space between them and our midfield. It seems we can not cope with this, go to pieces and start lumping it forward to our midget front men, the rest is well known. But we live in hope that Wilder has sussed it now Blanco and it will be a different story
  16. Take off the penalties Sporar has scored and his record is even more ordinary.
  17. Any idea what Hall did or didn’t do, he has just disappeared off the radar which is strange considering he is one of our top earners. Perhaps he has fallen into the same black hole as Ameobi
  18. We were second best right across the pitch and hardly won a challenge. Frankly I am struggling to give a Boro player a four out of ten anywhere. This has been going on too long now away from home, they high press us with energy, we get forced back and crumble, we need to change our tactics and quickly
  19. Wow we are all over the shop here, the back three are 20 yds further back than they should be, the midfield and forwards are being bullied all over the pitch, we could concede five or six at this rate. This team is not good enough to make the playoffs let’s just accept it and move on
  20. Sporar is a waste of space, discuss. We are getting battered here
  21. My only concern is if Dael Fry’s pocket is big enough to accommodate Ronaldo, Kane and Lusaka 😆
  22. Good article that and I fully agree. As I said earlier there are enough grounds to believe that the actions of Quantuma will be investigated by an outside body sometime in the near future
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