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  1. Great performance that Boro deserved all three points, we were by far the better team, another glimpse of how this team will look with a full season under Wilder. Tav was outstanding tonight as good as Clumsley looked bad, we really need to bench him, he has made more howlers in the last three games than a keeper should in a season. Gutted for Payero, doubt whether we will see him again this season. Should be elated at the performance and the point but feel strangely flat
  2. I can’t believe that Lumley just gave them a tap in three yards out, I have lost patience with him now, he has just thrown this game away
  3. Thank god for that we certainly didn’t deserve to go in losing, three good chances before the goal but we didn’t take them. Both sides playing neat fast football but the lack of a left wingback makes us so lopsided and then they just double up on Jones.
  4. Cohesively put Naisby and I agree. There is little doubt that there is skulduggery afoot, the only question is who will end up paying the price
  5. The rulings of the arbitration committee may be binding but I doubt if they would have the scope to settle damages therefore both parties have to agree a sum or go to court and the circle starts again
  6. And that is the crux of the problem, Morris and his administrators have taken the head in the sand option and rather than engage in discussion have preferred to use the media to belittle the claim. The administrators need to be very careful as a claim of not acting in the interests of the creditors would bring crippling damages
  7. A bit harsh 😆 just trying to take a balanced view.Don’t know if EFL arbitration is binding or not, if not then the only course of action would take it to court
  8. His costs to date are probably minimal, legal advice, and formal letters, the zeros only start to add up if council is engaged and it goes to trial. So if he is continuing his feud with Morris then he can afford to do so, or rather I presume the club can
  9. That’s my point, if it were heard in a law court it wouldn’t last ten minutes. Gibson is trying to build a wall with the only way past it being an out of court settlement in his favour, always with the clock ticking
  10. Not my area of expertise but I cannot fathom out what Gibson is trying to achieve with this other than continuing his personal feud with Morris. Did Derby break the rules, yes, did Derby gain an advantage yes, did Boro suffer loss because of those actions, possibly, quantify that loss in fiscal terms. And there is the problem you cannot enter a court of law without being able to say with certainty that the actions of another led to quantifiable loss. The only thing that he may be able to say is that we suffered loss of gate receipts for the play off game, other than that it is all speculation.
  11. Gutted by that Kiddy deserved at least to get to penalties, the WH players going round saying sorry to everyone. That Declan Rice is a decent player, wonder if Wilder is going to make a cheeky bid. At least now I don’t have to worry about Boro drawing Kiddy in the next round 😞
  12. You are kidding me, we don’t deserve that, that hurts. Kiddy players dead on their feet can’t see us hanging on here for very long 😭
  13. Kiddy have played West Ham off the pitch, it’s cold it’s a swirling wind and the state of the pitch is making the ball bobble all over. Off the ball the WH players are moaning to each constantly, they are really not enjoying this. After last night I cannot believe I could be dancing singing and drinking again, oh and at least I can get a pint here unlike Old Trafford. We have already cleared half a million from this cup run, enough to keep us going for two seasons, just love the FA cup
  14. How are we still in this, never mind now let’s go and win it the footballing Gods are with us tonight
  15. We are just hiding, sat watching this and not enjoying it, men versus boys, could be four down easily
  16. Quite right the claim is against an entity not a person. If Gibson wanted to claim against Morris he would have prove personal responsibility and action and therefore liability, impossible to do
  17. As far as Derby are concerned, it is all about majorities and minorities, yes there are some Derby supporters who are deluded and just lashing out. That does not mean the vast majority should lose their football club due to the actions of one man and it would seem the inactions of a firm of administrators. If Derby go down then that is a fitting punishment, liquidation, surely not just think how you would feel
  18. If this is aimed at me as it follows on from my post, then can I just say that I am a huge fan of Wilder and really impressed at what he has achieved in such a short time. However if we are not allowed to question what we see and the possible reasons behind it what is the point of this forum?
  19. Good post RR, my current thoughts exactly. I watched the style of play develop through the Bournemouth, Forest games and thought this is more like it, sustainable tactics that can take the team forward, but since then we have hit a brick wall. Other teams have countered our tactics, but that is to be expected, but even so that shouldn’t mean we just throw the tactic book away and resort to hoof ball and scrapping it out. I guess the question is have we reverted to Warnock style as a pre determined plan or are our players just not capable of adapting to Wilders new style
  20. Wow a battling three points against a very good Coventry side who will be disappointed to be travelling back to the Midlands-with nothing. I know Sporar scored but that was his total input, if people are happy with that fine. I thought Payero did well and Bologan, certainly an upgrade on Connelly who I am having serious doubts over. MOM for me Joe Lumley who had a very good game in difficult conditions, also Tav worked his little socks off. Onwards and upwards UTB
  21. Very even game but Coventry look more comfortable on the ball than we do, we just lack someone to hold onto the ball in midfield and dictate play. Connelly and Sporar as a partnership just don’t work they are just too easily dominated by the defenders. I know he has a nice song but can someone tell me with Sporar what we are getting for our£1.5 million quid a year, he can’t hold up play, runs into nowhere positions and never seems to be where the ball is when it gets near the box. Cannot see Wilder putting up with this for very long in the second halg
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