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  1. I agree with all of that, but if Tav and Payero are our most creative players then surely we must find a way to integrate both of them in the side
  2. I predict the team will be Howson and ten others 😆
  3. Interest to see the teams and formations that people are putting forward now we have options, but where does Payero fit in, I don’t see him mentioned. Are we going to have to change our style of play to accommodate him.
  4. I feel kind of queasy, possibly one of my least favourite players, I used to wince when he ran out at the Hawthorns
  5. I am in absolute agreement with this, our defensive “plan”, such as it was looked a complete shambles. Any team who can dominate midfield as QPR did last night, will very quickly demolish a man marking system. We had players last night all over the pitch and out of position time and time again and I am sorry NW but that is down entirely to you
  6. I have just read on another Boro forum that four QPR fans were attacked outside of the ground at full time. Two dads with their their ten year old boys were kicked and punched to the ground by these morons, who then ran off laughing. I am frankly just ashamed
  7. Positives, Issy Jones is a star in the making, Ikpeaza gives 100% Negatives, Howson is finished at this level, our tactics especially in midfield are a joke, have grave doubts about Lumley End of, I am off to bed very angry
  8. Great fun watching this, Uche working his socks off, Issa causing havoc down the left, but we can’t get the ball to him. We are just not pushing up and allowing the QPR defenders to dominate the midfield, and if it continues we will eventually concede.
  9. I do genuinely believe that the majority of footballers believe that they are highlighting racism within the game, my argument is not against the message, but the method of delivery, as it is divisive. See, if you stop using stars in lieu of swearing, you get an answer
  10. I would never boo players even though I disagree with the gesture, because I believe the majority are doing it for the right reasons, likewise neither would I clap it.
  11. No disagreement there between us, only the methods to be employed.
  12. You may very well be right Brunners, my point was that it has derailed a lot of the good things that were going on.
  13. I do not support 'taking the knee', there I have said it. I worked in the States for a couple of years and was shocked by seeing true racism on a daily basis, the antagonism between black and white was just something I had never come across. The BLM was a radical movement started in response to alleged police brutality and unfairness in the justice system, from the start it was seen by most as an anti American thing built on the former African First, American Second credo. The ideals of the original were quickly taken over by radicals on the left and opposed by radicals on the right, which in
  14. You are right Smog there is no better feeling than watch a young player starting to make his way up the ladder in the game, but a question, can he be the answer to one of our wide positions on a long term basis.
  15. Now here’s a scary thought,I work out that the whole of our team today did not score a total of 20 goals in the Championship last season between them. An opportunity for somebody to step up and claim a place in Riverside folklore I think. The lad Dembele who scored the winner for Peterborough looks a tidy player, can we get him please
  16. Hard to see where a goal is going to come from, it is becoming increasingly worrying
  17. I am trying to watch this match too and it is hard going, a massive lack of quality on show from both sides. On the bright side, even without forwards we should beat both of these sides comfortably
  18. Eight new signings sounds great, but an analysis of those incomings make less comfortable reading. Two keepers on a free, a winger on a free who is now injured, two back up semi retired squad fillers, a forward with a moderate goal record from a relegated team, a midfielder from a relegated team, and an Argentinian who may or may not adapt. If it stays like that to the end of the window then I think we can all just put this season in the category of treading water waiting for the new DOF and manager to have an influence
  19. The Wyatt Hotel had Sky in the bar last time I was there
  20. I just don’t think we are ready for this game due to limitations on the side caused by injuries and failure to bring in our transfer targets. What I am hoping to see is a fighting display and a glimpse into the rest of the season. Bloody great to have live football back along with the crowds, 2-0 Fulham, and I don’t care we will get better and more competitive
  21. WBA will take some stopping in this league, they are big, fast and under the new coach they are playing a brand of, in your face intimidating football. It’s quite daunting to look at their squad in comparison to ours, which is why they carry my hard earned with the bookies to become champions. They are talking to City about bringing in Delap but apart from that, Ismael thinks he has the tools for the job
  22. Is this a wind up? Are you seriously telling us you get upset by the abbreviation of the word Argentinians? Word of advice come off social media, you might melt 😁
  23. Just as an aside Borodane, you live in a lovely part of the world, great memories of the area around Silkeborg
  24. I don’t know about you lot but I am feeling more confident about our football club than I have done for a long while. Reasons to be optimistic, a DOF coming in to shake up our recruitment and strategy, we are signing exciting young talent from overseas again, COVID restrictions are over and next season we have hopefully a new manager to take us to a new level,( nothing against NW but I think his time has passed). I am almost prepared to write this season off as part of the rebuilding
  25. According to Wikipedia Boupendza plays for Turkish club Middlesbrough, come on who is playing funny buggers
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