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  1. Yes I see, I disagree with your viewpoint and I am an idiot, that is a fairly typical response by supporters of this kind of gesture politics, closely followed no doubt by claims that I am racist.
  2. Well said Dan, unfortunately footballers cannot see that they are supporting a divisive American radical gesture, as anyone who has lived in the States will confirm. Let them do it if they want to, but don’t complain or try to cancel those who don’t agree
  3. I agree with both AR and GB, and another worrying aspect is that it hands a huge advantage to the three sides coming down from the Prem as they will have their squads largely in place already and loads of cash to strengthen where necessary. Basically the Championship has become an unfair competition and my money to Skybet will go on all three relegated clubs going back up again next season. You have to be pretty useless to not use the parachute payments successfully, like errhh, let me think, Gary Monk springs to mind!
  4. DR I hope you handle disappointment well, actually being a Boro supporter you probably do after all the practice. There is no way we are in a financial position to buy a striker that is capable of playing in the Premier. The only way to go down that road would be to have the scouting prowess to bring in an unknown with promise and I don’t think any of us have that level of confidence
  5. With the benefit of many years of coaching at junior level, I watch Spence and I just want to run onto the pitch, grab him by his shirt and give him a good shake. There is definitely talent there but the lack of concentration is a huge weakness, he just seems to switch off and the game (and opposition players)just passes him by. Can he be coached into a top rate player, no in my opinion, you either have a football brain or not, and that is what separates the exceptional from the good. Any decent offer, accept it and move on.
  6. Just for a minute imagine being in Josh Coburn's head at the moment. You are 18 years old, your gaffer has the belief in you to put you into the first team and you score with your speciality a header, talk about walking on cloud nine. Well done son may you and Malley go on to have successful careers in this great game
  7. Malley looks a real prospect, and he’s ginger, whoops can I say that,
  8. Came on here to check up on club gossip and I find race baiting, I am done !
  9. Nearly the end of the first half and zero attempts on goal, who would have thought that after seeing the team sheet announced !!
  10. Is there anybody on this forum who believes that Bettanelli deserves his place in this team, and if so, on what basis. A goalkeeper should instil confidence in his defence, organise that defence, know when to come for a cross, position himself to block shots and make the forwards work for their goal. This guy just does none of the above and frankly is a liability and a mistake waiting to happen, did you see that attempt to come out for a cross yesterday, schoolboy error stuff. Right sorry rant over, I just do not get what NW sees in him and I hope to God he is not thinking of making his move p
  11. Moving on I am trying to stop spitting blood over the appalling refereeing. Just imagine how much better this team would be if we had a forward of the likes of Viduka who could hold the ball up, that is what I am holding onto for next season, now we just have to find one.
  12. Watched it a dozen times now and Saville gets there a fraction before their player, who then kicks Saville and goes over. A hard decision to make but on the basis of the previous ninety minutes of clown refereeing this guy should be demoted to the West Midlands North league
  13. Joke refereeing, and he was only five yards away !!!!
  14. This makes a lot of sense RR and something that I think is being discussed by all concerned. Over the last few years we have switched managers, coaching staff, players, style and vision so many times I am frankly dizzy, and where has it got us, skint and mid table. Let us try and build on the foundations Warnock has set in place with this team and let him have a say in a part time role, surely it cannot be worse that chucking everyone out again and bringing in yet another regime.
  15. Positives - Hall brings some much needed steel into the cb position, Kebano looks really good but his lack of fitness showed in the second half, Watmore caused all sorts of problems with his direct running, Bola is improving all the time. Negatives - Bettenelli is a clown, Morsey is just so limited and a red card waiting to happen. The rest were ok and Fletcher needed that game and goal
  16. All over their defence after Watmores wonder goal and we should go onto win this comfortably in the second half. Good performances from Watmore and especially Kebano who looks a class above.
  17. On the positive side we have not just been booting the ball upfield like usual, could be something to do with us not being able to get hold of the ball like !
  18. Well at last the ponderous three in midfield have been split up, with McNair presumably moving forward to give some impetus. I can't see us missing Saville as he is one of the most ineffective tacklers I have seen in that position. I would rather have Fletcher up front than Assombalonga who I think is just protecting himself before new club negotiations begin. Oh well let's see how it goes and let's just hope they don't manage a shot on target at Flappanell.
  19. Is it just me, but I get a shiver down the spine every time I see the first name on the team list is Betterwelly, he must surely be one of the worst Boro keepers of living memory
  20. Bettenelli weaknesses, positioning, kicking, crosses, punching, inability to get down quickly. Strengths Errrr
  21. Warnock is building his team now for the way he wants to play, and well done to Gibson for giving him the backing in these difficult times. I can't quite believe it we have pace and guile up front and it's only been four years coming, hats off to you NW
  22. Assombalonga will be especially invisible now as he will take every precaution to not get injured before the next transfer window
  23. It is an extremely odd situation, especially as it appears he was not arrested and no charges brought against him for possesion, intent to supply or crashing his car whilst doped up as is alleged on social media
  24. Come on guys be fair, our Tony was down to his last couple of millions and needed the percentage of sales fees that Steve had promised him.
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