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  1. Wow this has come out of the blue and great news just what we need, a proven goal scorer at this level, and somebody I really rate. If it happens then I think we can say goodbye to Vossen who, whilst a good footballer has not exactly set the league alight :)
  2. I have just watched the highlights of the Blackpool - Brighton game on the telly, and I am really concerned with the state of their pitch, how on earth are you supposed to play football on that surface, it is more suited to growing turnips than passing a football ! If that is the best they can offer then whilst I feel sorry for their fans, (not their owners though), they should not be playing at this level.
  3. just a word for the ref, we have seen some awful ones this season, but this guy had a really solid match, despite one of his linesmen going missing a couple of times.
  4. How on earth did we get three points from that, what a mugging. A very important wn and an improved second half but the cracks are still there to see, Ken was way off the game to-day and we still have not sorted the disconnect in midfield when Clayton and Leadbitter stay deep, and as for Adomah as a goalscorer, sorry it just aint going to happen, no composure on the ball. Can we swop Tomlin for their no 10 Pritchard, he was everywhere to-day.
  5. That is the worst I have seen us play all season, and I include the Woves game, which was terrible. The negatives; Fredericks looks about 10% fit and is being run dry, Omeruo pulled out of position time and time again and Tomlin may as well have stayed in the dressing room for all the good he has done, mind you if we continue to launch big balls upfield as we have been doing, then the rest of the forwards may as well stay there with him, terrible tactics against this team. The positives: 1.0 thanks to their kepers rush of blood to the head, please do something at half time Karanka we cannot ke
  6. Ricketts gave donkeys a bad name, Alves at times at least looked the part, but we never really put the ball on his toes enough to see what he could do, part from Man City of course, he looked class in that game
  7. Brentford`s full backs are very strong on the overlap so I think Karanka will concentrate on nullifying that threat, so don`t expect to see Kalas and Friend move to far out of their defensive roles. Leadbitter and Clayton will continue to provide the cover in front of the back four, the big question, as we have all said is, what do you do with the four forward positions. Vossen/Kike/Bamford into one does not go and of the three I would have Kike with his back to goal anytime with possibly Vossen working hard behind him and the two wingers in Adomah and Reach, but that means leaving Tomlin on t
  8. I wondered if something like this would happen in this transfer window. The way the team set up with a flat back four and two holding midfielders in Clayton and Leadbitter is very effective and must be a bugger to play against. However whilst keeping the goals `against` to very small numbers, it does cause problems in linking up the attacking players with Kike, Vossen and Bamford all really vying for one position and no attacking central midfielder to glue it all together, hence the `disconnect` at times between our defence and forwards. Essentially we are set up to counter attack and when tea
  9. First post on the forum, so just to say that I am soooo! proud of my team tonight !! Just got back from the pub after celebrating with my lad, and just to rub it in we were drinking Boddingtons - `The pride of Manchester` lol, That will teach them for the rubbishing they have been giving us all week on their forum, and I always had a soft spot for the City fans until this week. Happy days.
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