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  1. That is a pretty fair assessment of the game. We lacked energy and the changes made left us unbalanced especially down the left hand side, Peltier is not and never will be a wingback and Fry is very uncomfortable playing on the left of a three. We have seen now how this Wilder team will look in the future but we still lack the personnel in places and certainly the injury cover to make it work consistently. Exciting ride though isn’t it!
  2. I am so enjoying watching the Boro again, we weren’t at our best but we did the business, a long time since I ended a match with just a croak for a voice. How much is Jones worth to us, 20 million, more perhaps, the kid is unplayable at times. And finally a mention for our fans, they were just outstanding, proud to be Smoggie
  3. Herron, at last Sporar runs at the near post and gets his reward, oh Jonesy we love you
  4. Blackpool have done really well to close down our space, make it difficult to pass, but we are not helping ourselves. The left hand side is a disaster area with Peltier completely out of his depth as a wingback, which in turn has left Hernandez struggling, it shows the lack of depth we have to play this system. McNair back to centre half to free Fry back into his favourite centre role, Taylor on and we will see how that goes
  5. I think the biggest difference has been the scrapping of Warnocks very strange man marking system which took so much out of the players they were knackered well before ninety minutes
  6. Great performance that,I don’t know where to begin. The centre three were bloody marvellous to day with McNair my man of the match. So much work from the midfield, Howson now settled in his holding role and Tavernier and Crooks working their little socks off. The forward line still needs work but what a player Isaiah Jones is becoming, Premier League scouts must be lining up to buy tickets. So good to be a Borough supporter again, thank you Father Christmas for Chris Wilder and his coaching team, role on 2022 UTB
  7. How has Wilder turned a bunch of plodding hoofers who had zero confidence to this team in a few short weeks, or is the fact that Warnock and his tactics were just holding individual players back. We have utterly dominated Forest and how they are still in this game is beyond me. The priority for January is for the recruiting team to find us a couple of forwards who can put the ball in the net
  8. DS that is it in a nutshell “we are getting better each game” , at last after many seasons you can see a progression both on the field of play and off it
  9. Just watched Chris Wilders after match interview on Sky. Just to say it is great to be managed by a grown up, oh andI thought Fry was magnificent today
  10. What a great win and full credit to Wilder, he tweaked it at half time and Bournemouth faded away, we would have lost that game under Warnock. We are now seeing what this team can become with a few additions
  11. How did we get through that half not conceding at least a couple of goals, Bournemouth are such a good side, streets ahead of us at the our current state of development. Don’t get the booing when we are trying to play it out, what do the crowd want a big hoof to their centre halves. Playing with Sporar is the equivalent of having 10 men on the pitch
  12. Bournemouth have us tied up in knots at the back and we just do not know how to cope with their forwards denying our defenders space. If we cannot solve this then it is only a matter of time until they score
  13. I think Wilder now knows what he has inherited and the players who can slot into his system and those that will not. In an ideal world I think he would like to bring in five or six players, but we shall see what January brings. I have seen enough though so far from Wilder to believe that next season we will be a force to be reckoned with in this division, and no I don’t believe we are good enough to get promotion this season
  14. We went away to an inform team above us and came away with a point in a professional spoiling performance, but dear me from about 60 minutes on we looked knackered. We really need to take our chances if we are to play this formation away from home, and I am really struggling to see what Sporar brings to the team apart from pointing at the grass for a pass that would be impossible. A mention for McNair, he never stopped running all day, where would we be without his energy
  15. Second half dying on it’s feet, both teams cancelling each other out. Not very exciting to watch for the neutral but a point here would be a good result for us, can we keep our concentration and energy levels up
  16. Absolutely SA he looks on balance a better option than Daniels if he can cut out the odd howler, big lad as well he towers over that penalty area
  17. A very controlled performance from us, cool on the ball, no hacking away and tactically tight. On golden chances it should really be 1 - 1, Watmores howler plus a mix up in our defence let their centre forward a straight run in on goal and should have scored. If we are going to release a centre half forward then one of our midfield must learn to cover him, early days though of this formation and we will learn. Nice to see us playing football again and you can understand now why Daniels was dropped after his rugby punts of last week
  18. I cannot believe Watmore missed that, how just how! At least we have stopped the big boot down field from Daniels, but still in shock we are not in the lead
  19. Yes we got three points, but after a complete change in direction from Wilder and his coaching staff and a more fluent type of play emerge over the last few games, we saw some players revert to type and start just kicking it aimlessly down field. I do not see how pointing this out and being worried by it is negative and complaing
  20. I like Jones a lot but if he is to nail down that RWB he is going to have to learn how to defend as well as contribute in the top third of the pitch. There were times on Saturday that he was caught well out of position and put the centre backs in one on ones, also needs to get goal side of his attacker and learn how to slow him down He is still learning though and I am sure the coaches are drilling this into him
  21. Frustrating though isn’t it DS, just when you think certain players are getting their act together they revert to type and just boot it, and yes you are basically right, some of them are incapable of improving. The number of times we panic and pass it back to Daniels to boot upfield is just embarrassing and it inevitably just passes possession to the opposition
  22. Good three points but disappointing display frankly. How can a team that played so well at Huddersfield put on a display like that, Wilder must be tearing his hair out
  23. Where is the energy, the closing down, we look knackered and just willing to accept that Swansea will win the second ball
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