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  1. Norwich have run out of ideas and are just looking frustrated
  2. I am committed to only saying positive things today so here goes; Fry is excellent, Fisher settled in really well and Bola has the left side stitched up
  3. You mean around the half hour mark😄
  4. Trying something different tactically against the top of the table away from home with confidence low could backfire spectacularly. What I fear is it ends up as a boot fest to anywhere with the ball just coming back at us until the inevitable happens.
  5. Sorry but having seen that team it strikes me we have just put the white flag up and are hoping to keep the score down
  6. I understand that we had long talks with WBA re a loan deal for a player, unfortunately Alladyce is unable to bring in his replacement so it never got completed. Albion have played this very close to their chests so I do not know a name but I would guess it would have been Matt Phillips, as I believe he is operating on a contract extension at the moment and would have been unlikely to have it renewed. Shame I like Phillips even if he has lost a degree or two of his pace.
  7. Don’t worry Digger I have learnt not to rise to the wind up merchant to whom you refer
  8. I totally agree with this it is not that Spence makes mistakes, but the fact that he keeps on making the same ones. Was he given the freedom to roam from side to side by the coaching staff or did he just decide that himself. If it was a tactical plan then other players were at fault because nobody coveted his position and a goal like the one Blackburn scored became inevitable
  9. I watched Saville today and the amount if tackles he loses out on is phenomenal,, he just seems to go in with no belief he can win the ball
  10. In my day that smirking ahole would have been sorted out on the pitch and would have been stretched off not allowed to walk off, then again it was the eighties
  11. An this day get any worse, tjat is a groin strin for Tav and four weeks out
  12. We have collapsed defensively, we are all over the place, thats what happens when two of your settled back four are off the pitch
  13. For those on here who may think I bang on about the positional play of Spence, watch the build up to that goal, we were all over the place
  14. The Fry challenge sickened me to a point I lost focus on the game, was it on purpose, of course not, was it reckless and dangerous most definit and a penalty and a red card. This Blackburn side are cynical to the extreme with niggling fouls and a foot being left when they can, live to see us win this now. Spence spends so much time out of position he must be aboriginal, he just goes walkabout.
  15. Karanka has got his tactics, spot on, stopping us playing midfield with a high press and pushing his full backs forward, we cannot handle it. I expect Warnock to counter this in the second half, take off Wing, push Tav into the middle and Watmore out wide, that will do it. Shocking performance so far p, can only get better
  16. We are so far off the pace of this game it is frightening
  17. Wouldn't it be nice to have a midfielder who could receive the ball from defence, hold the ball and bring in the forwards, it would stop all this long ball forwards and losing possession
  18. I have absolutely no idea what to expect of this match, how can we when players have had the virus and been unable to train, could be anything
  19. Really pleased for Browne that he is getting a start, I just think that there is a very decent player in there, he just needs the games to grow the confidence
  20. Just seen the goal on Sky Sports!! Somebody on here had a pop at me regarding my belief that Bettenelli should be sent back to Fulham. Just watch his positioning for that goal, the guy is a liability
  21. Reading some of the posts on here regarding Roberts and him not getting picked because of his perceived lack of commitment to tackling back. If that is true and that is Warnocks reasoning then I can only believe that he has not seen him play for a couple of seasons. The coaching staff at Villa were tearing their hair out by his lack of commitment and some of the players didn't even bother talking to him
  22. Great defensive performance in that second period, applause to the back four and Saville for his covering
  23. Oh come on are you seriously telling me he gives you confidence in goal, he flaps at crosses, can't hold shots and his positioning at corners is amateurish
  24. Betenelli should be back in West London tomorrow morning, why just why do we persist with him. The ref is a joke
  25. Came out the second half with much more energy and purpose and we get the reward, well worked goal, pleased for Akpom
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