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  1. West Brom away please, purely for selfish reasons, easy journey on the train and a nice club to visit. I wonder how many of the members of this forum still actually reside on Teesside.
  2. Ok my moan is Scottish Football, as regards having to listen to interminable results on Sky and the BBC, when in truth I could not care less if Brechin City drew with Alloa, I do not even know where these places are ! Could the broadcasters not split it so that we get English results only shown and vice versa. Having worked in Scotland on a number of occasions I can assure you that they are just as interested in S***horpe versus Yeovil as the aforementioned fixture.
  3. [bOn][/b] On a positive note on a slow news day, if we went for Hooper at least we would not have a problem with him moving North, after Glasgow anything is an improvement, and Teesside would seem like the sunny South :D
  4. Well said Billy, that just about sums up the situation, setting up as we do we will never score a shedfull of goals but neither will we concede many, just depends on your viewpoint as to how you wish the team to play.
  5. Best player in the division in that position, but according to a mate of mine in Nottingham there would be riots if they sold him, and to Derby, well no that will just not happen, the animosity between those two clubs runs very deep!
  6. I think that was Rhodes, and at the time, we were confident of it happening and that what was sold to Downing. Personally now I think that situation is dead and buried.
  7. Happy TT I would be bloody delirious, Nugent is a handful, especially at this level and Gayle cutting in from the left gives us a whole new dimension. The problem is There is a long way to go before that happens, didn`t Nugent just sign a new improved contract at Leicester on PLeague wages, can`t see him wanting to tear that up, and Gayle is still just speculation Very true, i'm confident we'll get it over the line though. Hopefully before Saturday. You've got to wonder though with the fee standing at £4m, potentially less up front that there is money being put aside for one big splash. I
  8. Happy TT I would be bloody delirious, Nugent is a handful, especially at this level and Gayle cutting in from the left gives us a whole new dimension. The problem is There is a long way to go before that happens, didn`t Nugent just sign a new improved contract at Leicester on PLeague wages, can`t see him wanting to tear that up, and Gayle is still just speculation
  9. Thanks Preston Fan and best of luck to you for the season, defensively you were sound yesterday and that Garner is a bit of handful isn`t he. I think you might need to alter your tactics a bit in the weeks to come if you are going to end up with a decent haul of points, but on the other hand on that performance you will establish yourself easily in this division. Love Thor, please send him back, best laugh of the week-end.
  10. I am and you are spot on MBP, one sits the other fills the gap between the defence and attack, whereas both our DFM`s tend to sit in front of the defence as the first option. The question is, is that tactics or are they not capable of playing that link up play.
  11. It's not bad at all the way some people are going on about it you'd think the season has already finished I do not think that people have their heads in their hands but it is worrying that the same frailties and shortcomings that were apparent from last season are still there.
  12. During my football days it was hammered into us that you must defend and attack as a unit otherwise the opposition will exploit the gaps, quite simply to0day we did not follow that simple rule and it will not improve until we do. For those questioning the contribution of Dimi just wait to see Petr Chech against ***nal, truly awful.
  13. So are we all agreeing that basically it is not the players that are at fault but the tactics of the manager and coaching staff. As I said previously it will not matter one jot if we get Rhodes or not, he will be isolated just the same as Kike was to-day if we do not play more positively.
  14. Negatives No width No bodies in the box One paced Midfield lying too deep Too many long balls out of defence Gaps between defence/midfield and attack Positives Fry looks a great prospect Fabbiani made a difference very positive Observations The ref and linesmen looked very inexperienced Playing to that set up we could have Pele at centre forward and we still would not score Lets face it PNE are an average Championship Div 1 side who we should be beating if we are to get out of this division.
  15. Stuani 79th minute in a 1-1 draw, (just to be different)
  16. Up the Doombar :D Just as a side a former colleague of mine is a big Swindon supporter and he reckons we will be blown away by Stephens, reckons he will be a PL regular soon, can`t wait to see him in a Boro shirt. God isn`t it great to have football back :D :D :D
  17. I watched Reach carefully last year and I came to the conclusion that he was playing to the instructions of the manager. It was apparent that part of his role was to cover Friend as he moved forward rather than operate as a more orthodox forward such as Adomah on the right, this limited his opportunities to play `one on one` and get in crosses. He was however very effective at cutting down the oppositions supply route down that side of the pitch, I cannot think of one match where the other team got any joy whatsoever from our left side, it was nearly always the right. I think the jury is out a
  18. Do we have movement at last, oh please let it be true, Gayle would create havoc in this division with his pace, especially with Stewy threading the ball through to him. A much better option than Rhodes for the way we play, fingers crossed.
  19. Great into that well done, and isn`t it nice to have a proper match day thread again. I think the team selection is spot on, my only thought is, does Karanka plan to move George into the centre to cover for Gibson and thus freeing up Husband.
  20. A very intimidating place if you were an outsider, but brilliant if you were one of ours. So many great memories of when football was `proper`. Hughie McIlmoyle gave me the best header I have ever seen and I was about 6 ft away. Busting for a pee with no way of getting to those disgusting toilets at the back of the stand due to the crush. Hicktons penalties and the roar as the long run up began. Being smacked in the side of the head and over a barrier by an invading skinhead from West Ham, they soon left though, (well most of them, some are still missing). being mesmerised by Georgie Best in a
  21. Has anyone got any info on why the Stuani holdup is happening. How long does it take to send an e form to the Uruguayan FA and back to us via FIFA. Ah perhaps I just answered my own question, we have not bunged them enough !
  22. On the bright side the debate on how good he actually is will now tail off, and for that I am very grateful, as I think it has been done to death.
  23. According to The Mail we have upped our offer for Rhodes to £14 million, yes that`s right £14 million sterling not euros, wow we are now in the land of silly money ! Also reports in the Mirror that Dwight Gayle is off to Fulham on a season long loan, so it looks like the options are narrowing all the time.
  24. I agree he's not the best at RB, but the reality is, he's going to be RB cover. Can't see us signing another defender, personally... I don't remember us playing 'Muff'! :P Woops, (it`s the drink you know) :)
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