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  1. We look so much better when we keep the ball on the deck. They are doubling up on Jones every time he gets the ball which makes it really hard to put the cross in. Dijksteel has had a great half and a clap for Crookes who has worked his socks off, turning out to be a great buy
  2. I get the feeling that Tony Mowbray and NW do not like each other, there could be as many fireworks on the touch line as on the pitch
  3. OliverBurke please no we should just turn around and keep walking. WBA had high hopes for him having coughed up about £15 million when he arrived from Leipzig. The word was that he couldn’t settle in Germany and that once back here he would settle down and become the player he was supposed to be, he didn’t! The coaches tried to get him to do what they wanted but he wouldn’t listen and gradually he slipped down the order. One of those footballers who flatters to decieve
  4. Sounds good but haven’t six of those been free transfers which are presumably straightforward. A better measurement would be I guess how many have we tried to actually buy from another club and have succeeded, Payero, Ikpeazu and Crooks minus Munoz and Van thingy
  5. Warnock will be running round Rockliffe now telling anyone who will listen “told you I should have been allowed to buy Hoillett instead of these Johnny Foreigners” (yes I know he’s Canadian 😆)
  6. Only a personal opinion on a football forum set up to give opinions,chill and go for a walk on the beach
  7. No you are not, I have watched him closely this season and I am still convinced there are major deficiencies in his game
  8. I fully supported the clubs decision to bring in Warnock as we needed an old hand to steady the sinking ship Woodgate helped create.I was surprised he was offered a further year but could see a certain logic in it and thought with the acquisition of the right players we could push for a top six finish and therefore supported that decision also. Things have happened since then that have made me question the support, first of all the tactics on the pitch, they are unfathomable, the criticism of certain players is just unprofessional and the constant slagging off and swearing at officials shows a
  9. Payero and don’t forget Stojanovich, he preferred his own mango him and we all know how that turned out
  10. But if the players coming in to strengthen us are not the ones the manager wants then what is the point. Warnock is a stubborn old goat and he will not give them game time to prove his point.
  11. Sorry my tablet seems to be acting up re my previous post. What I was trying to say was that the club seems to be going in two different directions at the same time, which is never good and will derail this season. Never have we needed a DOF more than now
  12. Right, thinking of the positives from that match……………………., long pause whilst racking brain. Isiah Jones if he stays on this trajectory will play in the Premier League, Lumley had a really good game, so everybody off his back please and let him settle in. On the first half performance I could be a tactical genius in the Championship, well at least I wouldn’t set the team up like Warnock did. On the negatives, no let’s not bother and move on
  13. Ditched the stupid formation and gone to a back four, playing 30 yds further up the pitch and we are starting to play football
  14. I cannot blame our players for that disjointed performance, that is entirely down to Warnock and his baffling formations and tactics, he is making decent footballers look Sunday league level. If only we had an Argentinian wonder kid who cost £6 million quid to take control of midfield
  15. This is pretty hard to watch, no control in midfield, no discernible formation that I can make out and we are wide open on our right as Dijksteel seems to be under instructions to follow his man as far as Redcar
  16. We need to solve the problem of the left sided centre half, You can see that every time Fry comes in from the left he looks uncomfortable.
  17. Right footed always played on the right when I saw him play, also not the quickest
  18. That would be a strange one as I never saw him play in that position for WBA
  19. I agree with all of that, but if Tav and Payero are our most creative players then surely we must find a way to integrate both of them in the side
  20. I predict the team will be Howson and ten others 😆
  21. Interest to see the teams and formations that people are putting forward now we have options, but where does Payero fit in, I don’t see him mentioned. Are we going to have to change our style of play to accommodate him.
  22. I feel kind of queasy, possibly one of my least favourite players, I used to wince when he ran out at the Hawthorns
  23. I am in absolute agreement with this, our defensive “plan”, such as it was looked a complete shambles. Any team who can dominate midfield as QPR did last night, will very quickly demolish a man marking system. We had players last night all over the pitch and out of position time and time again and I am sorry NW but that is down entirely to you
  24. I have just read on another Boro forum that four QPR fans were attacked outside of the ground at full time. Two dads with their their ten year old boys were kicked and punched to the ground by these morons, who then ran off laughing. I am frankly just ashamed
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