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  1. You listened to that to, i nearly crashed the f ing car
  2. I think he walks into norwich or sheff utd sides. Plus several lower end prem so no way he will be here next season.
  3. Is it wrong for me to be willing derby to score. Just dont want any reason for pulis to spin it
  4. Yet another worldy from randy!! This is proper car crash stuff here
  5. Someone can correct me but i think are about 14th in total seasons spent in the prem and are a decent catchment area clu ( one club town with a decent football heritage) I think it is a pretty attractive proposition when you consider what elses is available.
  6. I heard a rumour, when TP has sexy time his missus always has to go on top. Because he can only f**k up :s Have to give you that one Uwe. :) brilliant:) Bravo old boy, bravo :)
  7. Nobody but nobody wants to see tony have a sexy accident!!! We will probably sneak this and won the last 2, the twonk is going to be here forevvveerrr.
  8. I sat at the six medals (pub near by) today as my lad was working at the ground. I swear you could not tell if there was a game of football on.
  9. Both wood and spence have arrived with the first team squad, so you never know
  10. Nathan Woods Didnt we just announce we are letting him go? NOOOOO... He's one of our best prospects I don't think it was Wood who was being released(unless for good money). Given how hot a prospect he is, Boro forums would be in sheer meltdown. Def not released, i think it is him amd djed spence that pulis singled out as on the fringe of first team squad
  11. If this is true then the transfer window is going to be fun this year, the whole town will be ITK like the Mowbray days He will have a DoF above him. Would that be a dinosaur of football SDS??
  12. Think i read that we were not in a position to march stokes offer so we didn't really have a say
  13. Chuffed for them, even more so that i cashed out on my acca just before they scored the second ;)
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