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  1. Hope Luton are this poor on Sat, Reading are decent going forward.
  2. Hope anyone going to Manchester and staying has digs sorted. Stayed in Salford this Friday whilst dropping youngest at Uni, £43 for a budget hotel, same hotel on Fri 4th is £187, madness that!!
  3. Best I've seen us play in the flesh since Brighton 3-0 away. McNair made for Wilders system, superb, fry reminded me of Gary pallister striding out with the ball. Fluid as anything, players look a level above under Wilder.
  4. Top top comic, tragic at only 58. If anybody hasn't seen 15 Storeys high, try and find it, only 2 series and written and starred Sean, really good.
  5. Yep, not silly at all. This and the reception when the teams walked out got to me more than I thought it could. CT pretty much sums up the actual game by my god what an atmosphere.
  6. Don't think you are the only one mate. I have held off until this morning to book a ticket, perfectly natural to be anxious after the last 18 months. I'm cacking it tbh, but excited in equal measure.
  7. Was gonna moan , but good last 15 and could have won. First game of the season bit it was typical warnock so expect more of the same. Fans sounded great
  8. Ah OK, just saw as I was scrolling. I won't hold my breath then
  9. Someone posted on twitter the Argentina Olympics squad list and has him listed as a boro player. Would imagine all done bar the reveal
  10. Really poignant for me this. My eldest son's partner had to give birth to their first child yesterday even though she had passed away in the womb on friday. Tragic and devastating for us all but the way in which he has handled himself in the last few days is incredible. So whilst it hurts like hell, a very proud father.
  11. One of the relegated teams at home first up. Cov, Brum and derby away all midweek please once crowds allowed, purely selfish reasons, and a nice home fixture on Boxing Day
  12. Time to move on but as far as VFM , hard to beat and absolutely bought into the club, town and people. 2 things stand out for me. When my lad was very poorly, we had one of those days through make a wish watching training,(Ak first week). George being his fave player was wonderful with him and spent far more time than you would expect , following day at Bolton game, unplanned, George took him on tour of dressing room. And took his shirt and made sure everyone signed it. Fast forward to 2018 and boy is in RVI for 3 months, really ill and struggling I email club asking for a little pic
  13. In England it's pompey, lived there 8 years and a proper one club area, reminds me of boro. Always look for stranraer results due to having a ferry cancelled 20 odd years ago and watching them get hammered 4-0, but had a hell of a night after.
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