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  1. Thanks just joined, team name is Lingardium Leviosa.
  2. Andy is holding an auction on his various social media platforms for a signed Cardiff City shirt which is gathering some interest. We have also just been donated a Roma top match worn by Francesco Totti shirt as well. Anyone interested in bidding for this top please visit the Stokesley Reserves twitter page linked above, or Andy's twitter page linked below. Auction for the Totti top is not up yet, but should be up later this week. Keep your eyes peeled! twitter.com/andycampbell32
  3. Bump! Even if you can't make it or don't want to go, you can still buy raffle tickets to be in with a chance of winning some signed shirts from Andy. See below link for further details. Contact details in the OP. twitter.com/StokesleyRes/status/1021075546426552331
  4. Next Sunday (29th July) there will be a fundraising event at The Chairman in Bedford Street. Andy Campbell will be hosting the evening and will talk about his professional career which included spells at Boro and Cardiff City, as well as playing alongside future England stars in the U21’s. Local comedian Dean Moore will also be providing extra entertainment as well as auctions and raffles for prizes. The purpose of the event is to raise funds for Stokesley Reserves football team who play in the North Riding Football League. The event starts at 5pm and is £5 per ticket. Tickets are
  5. Don't remember this, was it for us? Missed against QPR away when he shushed the crowd and against Cardiff at home. Then scored against Huddersfield if I remember rightly.
  6. Totally agree, I hope this doesn't stink of Birmingham sacking Rowett when plodding away with results, sitting just outside the play offs, and dropping like a brick when getting rid of the manager, absolutely atrocious yesterday, Villa having so many injuries and squad players coming in and us looking so bad against them, I would go as far to say it's the worst I've seen all season. So agree well done boro fans Monk out and pulis in, well for now give it a couple of months it will be Pulis out, should rename us Sunderland esquire, manager for each month of the year. What a load of ***. R
  7. Just seen the goal, it doesn't happen if Leadbitter is switched on and marking his man instead of standing in the penalty box holding his cock. His error forces a couple of players to panic and make bad decisions by getting attracted to the ball and forgetting about the men/danger. Don't think he will be playing in the next game.
  8. Or does their season close down for a while I think the Estonian season has finished. Looks like his team came 2nd.
  9. It's only really beneficial to Gibson if he has a release clause/ gentleman's agreement with the club. Does an increased wage not benefit him?
  10. At least everyone is mates in the dressing room now...
  11. De Roon vs Gaston on BT Sport 3 now
  12. It was desperately dull and boring a lot of the time, wasn't it? If Monk can somehow just figure out how to get us to defend, we're golden. ;) Are we? We're not exactly free scoring at the moment... 14 goals in the last 10 games, its not bad. I think its clear to see our problems are defensively. That’s 64 Goals over a 46 game season. Unless you have Karanka’s defence that isn’t good enough.
  13. If you are hoping for Bamford forget it, it just wont happen Bart Ogbeche would do right now...
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