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  1. Why is the site crashing? Nothings happening!
  2. 2 thoughts! Get shot of guzan! Sounds like he made exactly the same mistake as against sunderland. Everytime we were going forward, it sounded like we constantly slowed it down and came back! What the hell, sort it out man! Ok, i was only listening to the match, but thats my impression
  3. Aye, just tell hime to defend for the opposition, result!
  4. Hm, this threads gotten a bit pointless really
  5. Obviously they wont be able to show the added time cause fans will be in uproar if it went past the added on minutes, even though the ref may have deemed further time needs adding on
  6. I wonder if we'll see many safc fans in peace come to the forum?
  7. Maybe its just that leadbitters a better captain
  8. If AKs a proper professional he'd turn boro into the top level
  9. Has gaston still not received international clearance?!
  10. Wasn't that Bernie saying he expected it to be smashed? Not anyone at the club, but just speculation? I mean, I wouldn't be suprised the way things have gone if it still is, but frankly with the transfer window so far, I'd feel like Mr Creosote being offered one more wafer-thin mint. I got the impression from what gibson said that they would make the necessary improvements on the ground and tge rest would improve the squad. We must still have plenty left right?
  11. As far as i know, thrombosis is usually just treated with thrombolysis (drugs). The only serious concerns would be a clot lodged in the lung, coronary vessels or brain (which would lead to stroke, but im sure they know thats not the problem). Either way, the most serious procedure i would imagine someone having would be a simpl insertion of a catheter into the radial artery, round to the heart and remove a clot from the coronary arteries, either that or angioplasty (using a balloon to free a path for the blood to pass through). Having worked in ct and a cardiac cath lab, i imagine there would
  12. I get the lack of pace thing, i think we could ideally do with one or 2 pacey players. It was the lack of a plan b that resulted in some of the poorer games last season. Having too many like for like players to fill positions only leaves you with the same option. Get a couple a fast runners and work on a plan b, thats what we should think about.
  13. Had a peek at that terrible paper the sun earlier. Theyre saying were in the front running for rvp, i figured this was all over and done with right?
  14. Im quite surprised when people say, for example, so-and-so player is not worth 5m or 7m is too much for this player, etc etc. Ok that may be, but reading some of the gazette articles recently, didnt we pay like 7m for the likes of boateng? I guess what im saying is weve suddenly got this windfall of cash from being in the premier league at its most profitable time, and were being linked with players that are no more costly than some of the standard of players we had 10 years ago! If these players we're going for arent worth 5m, 7m, etc, why arent we pushing for better players at a little mo
  15. We cant actually sign anyone till the 1st of june though right?
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