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  1. I think when you talk about such an emotional reaction to a manager of any kind, you'd have to consider if there was a connection there to begin with. Monk was a robot, we saw it in his interviews and his press conferences. Was that just the media and fan-facing Monk? Personally, I don't think so. Even listening to him in more laid back atmospheres, unless you're speaking to him about Swansea City, he's the most closed-off manager I think we've had in many a year. To get any motivation out of proving an ex-manager wrong, I think there has to be something kindling beforehand. For example, there's been the debate about booing Monk, why would you boo someone who you've never been emotionally connected to? I stated at the time that I would have booed Ramirez after last January because he took our support for granted, he received love aplenty from the Boro fans and threw it back in our faces. Monk never got any love, he got little more than apathy. I don't know the players personally but if the players are going to go out tonight simply to prove Monk was wrong, I think their head is in the wrong place. Tonight isn't about Garry Monk to anyone affiliated with this club. This is another match, another chance to claim 3 points and another chance to move closer to the play-offs. If I was Tony Pulis, I would not be giving the Monk factor any credence at all or encouraging any kind of 'get one over on him' mentality. There's more than enough to be motivated by going into this game which doesn't involve Garry Monk. I agree, Traore got sent off at AV trying to prove something, Britt had a mare at Forest trying to prove something, I would rather we just prepared the same as we have for the last game and we should get the win.
  2. So if we have got £8 mil in for Gaston what is our current net spend. The press are loving throwing about figures of us spending £40 mil but our net spend must be under £10 mil and we have got some of the big earners off the books.
  3. I know the window hasn't closed yet so I'm still prepared to be surprised by an unexpected signing. However we have been led to believe by the club that the introduction of Orta and our links to Kenyon and Mendes would open doors to players that doesn't seem to have happened. People have said we are at least being linked to player like Jese, Bojan etc which we weren't before however being linked means we have made an enquiry or an offer which we can do with any player, the ability to get the deals over the line is surely why we have these contacts and have invested in the recruitment department. During the summer we were told we have a long list of potential targets and if we couldn't get our top targets we still had invested time in looking at other players who could improve our squad, however it seems that our list of targets for January was much smaller and we spent a lot of time pursuing them rather than looking at other targets. I thought in the summer the recruitment was okay and we had prepared ourselves for the Premiership however now we have had half a season with those signings I don't really feel we have addressed the areas we needed to improve in this window. I still think we can stay up and that there a three worse teams than ourselves in the division but some better signings would have increased my confidence. Hopefully it can be a lesson learned which we can improve on in future.
  4. I know there was a wage issue at my closest geographical club, Shrewsbury that when they were promoted there was a percentage increase (15% I think) for the whole squad that was written in their contracts. I'm led to believe this is unusual and the wage increase on promotion is usually only given to players that have made a predetermined number of appearances the year before. I'm guessing if we get promoted, first team regulars will expect a considerable increase above £10 -15K if they are playing in the premiership especially if new players are brought in at higher wages.
  5. One more days work and sleep (If I can manage to sleep) then 6.30 start tomorrow morning to get there in plenty of time to drink in the atmosphere !! I hope George is fit so we can start our strongest team.
  6. Just watched it back, he nearly took the whole goal with him.
  7. 100% agree 100% X 2. Perfect cross and good on Rhodes to get on the end of it under pressure and direct it goalwards. And quick reaction from Nsue. I know he hasn't got the goals we hoped for so far but Rhodes's movement is really good.
  8. Bolded the key part of your sentence there. Against Hull & Charlton & Rotherham his crosses have been below par. For a large chunk of this season he's been a much better crosser than anything else we've had. I'm not sure has he provided any crosses that have lead to goals this season? I can't think of any? So it's Nsue's fault that we don't put enough players into the box, cool. Looking solely at assists is a hugely flawed strategy KM, you should know that. Got to agree with the 'players in the box' bit, the goal against Hull was generated by us having four players in the box( including one of our central midfielders) when the cross came in. There is often just one man in the box to aim for against 3/4 defenders which is quite an ask from any winger.
  9. Rotation in the earlier part of the season makes sense to keep the squad as fit and free from injury as possible for the later part of the season. However we have now reached that important part of the season and having had lots of games to look at his squad I would have thought that AK would know his best 11 and they should be fresh enough to play all of the games remaining. It is time for him to trust his first 11 even if they have an off game and keep a settled team. He seemed to play a more settled team in the last 10 games of the season last year.
  10. Rhodes hat trick on Saturday just to rub the Venkys nose in it !!!!
  11. I think it was either Rhodes or McCormack but if we did get both it feels more like starting to build next years premiership squad rather than just a squad to ensure promotion (as much as you can ensure promotion)
  12. Woke up this morning, first thing I did was check my phone again to make sure it wasn't a dream. Hands up, yesterday lunchtime I had convinced myself we wouldn't get anyone else in before the window closed. Now Rhodes and possibly Pritchard as well, Gibbo pulls it out the bag again. Can't wait for the next game.
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