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  1. wow whats going on, i have had no interest in months and only just found out we had a new manager it's about bloody time!
  2. Woody should walk, i would not blame him either
  3. Dreadful as always, Gibson messed up big time appointing woodgate, he is way out of his depth, we are going nowhere but down. Been saying it for years, the entire club needs an overhaul, every department, these players don't have a clue, too many old/crap players should have been released years ago. Gestede should have his contract terminated right now, totally useless, utter shambles of a club.
  4. John Terry, he can *** right off, no thanks
  5. Dont want woodgate, when is this club going to grow a pair of balls, woodgate is not the answer. There are better options out there
  6. Dont want the oil rig to win the league, hopefully they slip up
  7. Hahahaha, get in Did not want to see us get smashed in the playoffs anyway, get this idiotic dinosaur out the club right now
  8. He is *** Really dont want fhe playoffs, come on derby please put this season to bed, want that dinosaur to go so much.
  9. Defence is static, just standing around, no closing down
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