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  1. Guedioura is a very good championship player. Not quite a premiership standard though. He could do very well in flashes but his passing and decision making let him down. That will not matter though if he works hard, scores a couple of thunderbolts and keeps you up. Which with his experience is possibility of what he'll do for you. He's a good guy too and won't mess you about. Sometimes he'll try a 70 yd pass when a simple 10m pass would be the best option and you'll all grumble. Neither Watford or Palace really gave him a run of games so will be interesting if you do whether he finds s
  2. Thanks for singing there's only one graham taylor. I couldn't because I was somewhat choked up. Especially seeing his wife and family were there. Watford could have won, but so could Boro with a touch of luck. If you consider what would happen if you opened up? There would have been more likely a win either way. We had very little space anywhere to create much, if you give us space by being more attacking then I would suggest 70-30 that we would have higher chances of winning the game. This is v Watford away not Man city or Spurs or Liverpool. You're doing ok, with the players you've got. O
  3. Have a safe trip down boys and girls. Its a memorial to remember Graham 1st, game of football second. I would expect a rousing but friendly atmosphere and a few tears.
  4. Interesting read this thread. If you'd have scored with the sort of goal we scored and won 1-0, the Watford fans would be up in arms and you'd be happy to grind out a valuable win with hope to push on a bit. You could try playing Negredo and Rhodes together? You can be hard to beat and provide a threat. Yesterday there was very little threat. We were infinitely better than at Burnley but yes, we didn't create much either. Hull, Sunderland and ...... to go down.
  5. You were one dimensional and we came for a battle and got 3 points so I'm happy. Should have been a red card and we should have had a pen. I thought your players were keen to not lose a tackle - even if it meant a foul and there was a higher than average dive rate. ***ne Wenger will hate you. Success is going to be, well a success I feel.
  6. Hello smogfaces. Not been here since our promotion race 2 years back, eventually you got the better of Norwich. What happened to Fabbrini? Thought he was doing well for you until he decided a relegation battle at Birmingham was a good idea? I'm looking forward to a good match myself later. So often games like Man U v Liverpool don't live up to it, just cos there's no hype here it don't mean owt. Of course it could be awful. You need to take the Watford forum with a pinch of salt. They're ok - just a couple of odd ones. Of course this is a game we want to win, as do you I presume. I
  7. We're a bit confused too. General consensus is he always needed a run in the team, which he never got because of Abdi/Deeney/Vydra/Forestieri/Ighalo etc being ahead of him in the squad. When he got a flirting chance he looked great but never actually created much or scored many, sometimes getting kicked out of games, although he always seems to get up again. You may have heard some Watford fans claiming he has no end product and he did drop to the ground a few times. The last couple of points meant in my opinion he took a while to adapt to the English game, but he now appears to have learnt ho
  8. I just don't know what you guys were thinking sending your keeper up. Good luck in the play offs, shame you can't play Bolton, they are pants.
  9. Play off away leg first will suit you guys. keep it tight, hope Bamford gets a chance, then bring them back to the riverside with the game in the balance. Stranger things happen than B'mouth and Norwich slipping up so you could make top two? Never say never. I have a headache.
  10. if nowich had not taken the lead with ten men, yes very. You lot dont do well chasing games do you.
  11. goal, dammit. you are permitted one point today.
  12. Didn't play that well but highlights for me the problem with playing a team away from home who have nothing to play for. Good luck at Fulham - who at least have a goalscorer...... yourselves and Norwich to lose thanks please. xx
  13. Thanks! You can be unkind if you like, lets not descend into madness. I feel that not commenting on who i want in the play offs is rather pushing fates hand, so give me Brentford and Bournemouth/Boro in the final. Brighton playing their kids though will probably see us almost done and dusted.
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