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  1. Interesting that Warnock thinks we've got good wing-backs but doesn't play a system suited for wing-backs.
  2. Wasn't it something like another 15 if they can't afford to pay the cost of the appeal or something mad like that?
  3. Table's lying, give us more points #UTB - Jonny Woodgate
  4. Yeah, when you watch what happens when he tries to bring others into play, are we really so shocked he ends up trying to do it all by himself? And to be fair to him, once or twice, he gets into a decent position to shoot out of nowt. People also generally complain about how selfish Britt is and usually they're right... in the last couple of games, he's done the hard work and put a shift in but gets no joy from others. Saying it again, I hate diving but really, I could understand why he went down so easily in a position he was gonna struggle to get a shot off.
  5. At this point I'd usually go check out how Millwall were doing and figure out how we could beat them. But whilst Stoke wasn't exactly a masterclass, the last two games in particular have left me bereft of confidence in this side. This squad isn't built out of League One quality players and yet the lack of quality coming from players at the moment makes it look like they are. Our passing and movement is so key to the way Warnock wants us to play but I just don't think anyone is really tackling this task together right now. We see some individual quality on display, particularly from Roberts and Britt at times in the last few games, but it's just not coming together as a unit. The final ball or decision is made too late, too strong or too weak. I agree with some others that I don't think that effort is necessarily the issue... it's just quality when and where it matters. We don't have a single player in the squad right now who's capable of planting a ball on a player's noggin on a consistent basis from a dead ball, never mind when in the flow of play. Still, the team? Hopefully Spence is back... this is what comes to mind. Stojanovic Spence Fry Friend Coulson Tav Howson Saville Roberts Fletcher Britt
  6. And, y'know... look at Wigan. Look at Bury. It'd be like sucking the poison out only to be thrown into a vat of acid.
  7. Even I've all but given up hope of survival at this point, mate, there's little positive left to talk about.
  8. I worry two things: 1. There isn't enough desire from fans to take him to task, Monk, Pulis, Woodgate and now Warnock will be in the firing line as our managers inevitably end up taking the brunt of the blame and fans just aren't seeing the bigger picture. 2. The media support in doing so is benign, national media doesn't care and local media are beholden to him. Gibson took us to highs unfathomable but his old-fashioned philosophies are dragging us back down to some of the lowest lows we've had since he took over.
  9. The way Gibson systematically removed every connection to our successful rise under Karanka has to be questioned. I just can't see it as if he viewed Victor Orta the person as the problem any more, it's like he viewed Orta's position, his role within football as the problem. Anything that took control away from him. And yet here we are 3 years on from that decision, finishing lower and lower and heading into League One. He's got it wrong and he needs to realise that or we're never getting out of this shithole.
  10. If we do go down, the club has to be taken to town for it. Absolutely has to be. We were in the Premier League 3 years ago. Now we're looking more and more likely to be in League One. Owner has to own up and accept responsibility because since Karanka left in the Prem to Warnock now, across those 6 managers is one constant and it's the way this club has been run throughout. The way we spend, the way we recruit, the way we view managers, the way we want to direct the football at this club is pathetic and right now we're getting our just desserts.
  11. Yep, that's done it for me, I can't see how we survive watching this shower of *** in the last couple of games.
  12. To be fair to him, he's worked hard and had *** all from behind him all day. I wouldn't advocate a dive at any point but I can kind of understand why he's done it when he's getting nowt out of anyone else.
  13. I don't think he's really looked that tired, though. I get that they want to be careful but I'm not sure based on what we've seen whether he's struggling too much. We're dying for a goal and we still have Moukoudi on doing absolutely nothing.
  14. Absolutely no movement in the box with 2 decent corners. FFS.
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