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  1. Bilongo was assured. Didn't impose himself on the attacking side of the game as much as Bola did in the 2nd half but defensively he won a lot of difficult challenges.
  2. What an odd time to sack a manager.
  3. Was a decent run out. McGree looked bright, Tav looked frighteningly fit, we did not utilise Giles enough, had a hell of a cross on him when he got space though. Seemed to be a theme to be honest, we didn't look to the wing-backs enough. Bola worth a special mention too, very involved down the left side. Kav could have had a hat-trick, Coburn possibly the same. How Kav hasn't got at least one today I'm not sure. The one-on-one in particular, definitely should be putting that away one way or another. Finch looked like the victim of Watmore's inability to see players around him. He was bang
  4. Look like Liverpool in these training kits! 😜
  5. The lad is gonna have no chance to prove anything if he can't even get 45 minutes against Bishop Auckland. There's plenty of other first team players that we know Wilder doesn't want who aren't involved today either so it just adds to the thought he may be just another one of them.
  6. He was alright with the ball at his feet, it was his mobility that didn't quite suit us when Monk was here and he was getting dragged out to the left back area. Of course, the centre back covering for him at that point would have been Clayton dropping in though, so very different to having a proper centre back available there.
  7. It mentioned in the article about the debuts tomorrow that it will be the first time we're wearing the home kit so seems incredibly unlikely now.
  8. Also there tomorrow, going to Whitby Town too. Which will probably be an U23s game given it's 2 days before Marseille.
  9. I get this but at the end of the day, away fans are much more likely to be coming a long distance, particularly to get to the North East and even more-so if they're coming from the South or from Wales for example. Chances are most people sat at the Riverside will have spent significantly less on petrol or other transport links to get to the Riverside so the cost of the whole day is much more for those travelling from afar even with £14 off their ticket.
  10. wilsoncgp


    Yeah I'm not getting anything overly bad on mobile beyond the usual. Compared to some sites, like the Gazette, it's a pretty unhindered experience. Mobile was bad when it was redirecting you to random ad pages just for staying on a given page for too long. Not sure if anyone else is still getting that.
  11. This Spence deal has dragged on, I doubt Coventry would just sit there and wait with a deal ready to be signed to let him go to us in the immediate aftermath. Both sides in the Spence case have been putting stuff out in the media about potentially walking away so there would be no guarantee they'd even get anything out of it. They're going to want their own future set in stone. Even if we had agreed a general deal 1-2 weeks ago, they could be thinking let's move along and focus on ourselves. Things move fast, things change quickly, we just have to be ready to adapt ourselves and not put a
  12. Assuming this Spence deal goes through, we're getting a nice bit of cash to spend so hopefully yeah, we don't just blow it on Gyokeres because we see him as vital. He's not the only striker out there who could do the job, he looked very good against us but said it before, I'd hate to think that's the only reason we're trying to buy him. If that was the case then I'd be hoping Coventry keep that fee high and we refuse to match it.
  13. I don't think he understands the meaning of the word quiet!
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