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  1. It wasn't just a few minutes. I'm pretty sure he got more time than Bahamboula did on the pitch for us didn't he? That was someone who seemed to have the consensus of the fans that he was worth a go for the small fee we had to pay. Paterson didn't look influential, he didn't look fit, he was bang average.
  2. Given Warnock's apparent opinions on fitness and his performances in those friendlies, I'm not at all shocked that we didn't sign him and I'm still relatively glad we didn't. He's not setting the league alight every week just as his team isn't and really, whose place does he take in the team? Watmore? Tav? Hernandez? Jones? I'm not sure I'd swap any of those players with Paterson. Sounds like he was influential today and scored a cracking goal? Good for him. But he's done that before we had the chance to sign him too, not sure why it would change many opinions on whether we should h
  3. He definitely looks like he catches the striker. I don't see how Lumley can slide out there with the striker leaving his leg to be caught and for him not to be caught. People can argue about the dodgy nature of winning those kind of penalties, where the attacking player plays the ball to allow the challenge to come in and win the penalty... but fact is that those scenarios are penalties. I'd 100% be asking for that if I was a Peterborough fan. We had plenty of our own incidents where we weren't given them though and I actually think the ref has given Lumley the benefit of the doubt b
  4. By the way, this picture is circulating but I'm sure is from after McNair's goal, not Coburn's. Still a good sight but this isn't the moment I was talking about before. I feel bad for Coburn because I'm so happy for Payero and I barely gave him a thought. I'm delighted for him too.
  5. I don't know if anyone else was close by or saw that but I was coming down the stairs in the North for the build up to that second goal. Payero sets up Coburn and we should be saying first and foremost how good Coburn was as a young lad coming on for those final few minutes and he deserved his goal. Great stuff. But the relief for Payero. Oh my word. Fans and players alike just wanted to hug the lad. Everyone running in to celebrate with him. I've watched him a lot this season so far and I don't just mean on the pitch. Watched his body language as a young lad coming in from a country on t
  6. The whole team is playing with a massive gap in the middle. Playing round the edges of the pitch rather than using the space in between. Crooks and Payero have ended up on opposite wings when they're our only centre mids.
  7. I wonder if Crooks was booked the same feeling would be had by Warnock. I somehow doubt it yet he's been just as bad really. Just bypassing the midfield entirely again.
  8. Similar to Hull. Marginally the better side, should still win the game second half but not a lot to shout about from that first half.
  9. Lad on the big screen just predicted 75,000,000-0 to the Boro today. That's about 14,000 goals a second. Nice one, looking forward to this one now. 👍
  10. If it's being streamed somewhere round the world, you'd imagine it's more likely to find a free one today, maybe?
  11. It's on international streaming today so you have to be in a dead zone country to stream.
  12. Well he either does that with Crooks or Howson when playing with a back 3. I think Crooks started as a centre back or something or so Johns was saying.
  13. Honestly, at this point I think Johns is gonna be right about Crooks in a back 3 because I think Warnock does see Howson as vital in that midfield.
  14. Was very much a Woodgate thing, looks like he played RB for Warnock once in those final 8 games of 19/20 but I don't think he ever played centre-back.
  15. Yeah, I can see it now, Malley does the same thing and its all about his inexperience and why we can't be forced into these situations etc. etc.
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