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  1. Well this is the flip side of the argument too, isn't it? If he does still have the potential and it's been mismanaged for 5 years, what a time to go in and get it on the cheap. We have somewhat similar previous with that; different times maybe but Dani Ayala arrived here under a similar background, leaving Liverpool and never getting a chance at Norwich, 2 loan spells later and he's permanently a Boro player for £350k.
  2. I think what you've said makes a lot of sense CT but another potential thing is clubs were expecting to take on a more ready player given how long he's been around? Reading took him on when they were third in the league in 2017 as an 18 year old, maybe they just didn't see fit to change a winning team very often? Not being ready for the Bundesliga at his age and younger hardly seems like a huge blight on the lad either. He could well be a victim of his own early success, being put into situations beyond him too early as a result of being a name everyone has known since he was 16. The Augsburg situation is an interesting one though. Being sold for very little by a side who could have put a premium on him and already being touted out by the club that bought him 6 months later? If Augsburg just think he needs a loan to develop and want to keep him, that seems fair enough. If they want to let him go permanently, it really does potentially throw up a red flag. Either way, until a club settles him down and gives him some stability, he's not going to get any better, if indeed he still has the potential.
  3. Not FM20 but I was up until half 3 this morning finishing this one off. Look at the scores and the times of the goals in the Liverpool City game for extra 'OMG'. The final 3 games of the season across each of the top 3 teams included City v Boro, Boro v Liverpool and this last game with Liverpool v City. I was top going into that final 3 but it was tenuous. Every other game away at one of the top 7 teams, I had lost, made up 5 of my 6 losses going into the City game so I wasn't confident. I ended up beating City 3-1 at the Etihad. Great result but Liverpool won their other game. City were out of the title race because us and Liverpool had to play each other and even a draw would put one of us too far beyond City. Liverpool came to the Riverside and beat me convincingly as you can, 2-0 but I didn't have much in the game. Meant Liverpool top going into the last game and me hoping for City to go to Anfield and get something. Half time, Southampton come from behind to be beating me and Liverpool winning 2-0 at home to City, I'm thinking it's all over but nonetheless give the players a rollicking. They come out and smash Southampton but means nowt without change in the Liverpool score. Getting late on and all of a sudden, not just one but TWO goals in the space of a minute. Absolute madness. Sodding won the league. What made it better was I finished 11th the year before and Gibson had said I needed to win 4 of the first 6 games this season to keep my job. Got 16 from 18 points and barely looked back. Now I'm a legend in Gibson's eyes. 😂 Then went into the FA Cup final as underdogs, honestly wasn't too fussed how it went given I won the league but nontheless...
  4. I don't think it's a simple choice between Gibson and Oxford if the finances aren't anywhere near the same. I'd have Gibson back over chancing it with Oxford if they were both gonna cost us the same but I just don't see how that could happen. Regarding Fry rumours, unless we're selling because we have a plan on how best to spend the money, keep him for now. Just getting some money out of him right now doesn't help us and it only hinders our back line. I feel like I keep saying this over and over but in terms of getting wages off the books, Fry is not burning a hole in our pocket. I'd sooner shift Britt and take a bigger loss on him than sell Fry because somebody is offering £10m+.
  5. Well, he's not booked for being wrong about the decision, he's booked because he's in the ref's face wagging his finger and shouting all sorts at him. Regardless of which way the decision goes, that's a booking.
  6. I probably would drop Tav for this out of anyone to be honest. Bench him at least. He's looked absolutely shattered. Nmecha for Tav, maybe. Nothing to do with his performances, of course.
  7. I can't honestly understand why anyone would be so bothered about people thinking about promotion. I don't think anyone thinks we'll actually get promoted. It's a possibility, just like relegation, what could possibly grind your gears so much about people thinking about a positive possibility? In what way does that hinder you? Goodness me.
  8. I thought Coulson was actually much better in that second half, again, better than Spence, who nobody seems to want to mention despite being possibly the worst player on our side of the pitch? Not to *** on the young lad of course, he's been class for us recently and I'm sure he'll play better than that when he's actually managed to have a break.
  9. None from recollection, closest we came was through lucky attempts, like Coulson's deflected effort and McNair's back post free-kick. Is that sincerely so depressing after playing Fulham? I'd have taken a scrappy *** goal in that game, I wasn't expecting us to go there and create chance after chance. But we did have control of the game for long periods of that second half, just couldn't get the final pass to work. But then Fulham couldn't even get into our half.
  10. Seems a strange response to a question with a very clear answer. The answer was zero and you know it, we weren't hammered for 90 minutes. Whatever I take must be the complete opposite of what you do, mate!
  11. I don't think this result stops anything to be honest. We have to keep doing our best because as per our rise to this position, you never know how much ground you can make up. We lost to Swansea and Leeds quite embarrassingly, tonight wasn't that AFAIC, it was hard-fought but with very little give at the top end. We should have been out of the game at 30 minutes in but we weren't and we did change and find a way back into it without creating any significant chances. But in a game like that, all it takes is once chance, one goal and at 1-1 the entire atmosphere on this forum would change from being a negative result to a positive one. There's still plenty of games left, we probably won't get relegated but we might as well try to get as high as possible and do our best because you never know what will happen in the top 6. God, Leeds and West Brom looked beyond sight as mentioned plenty of times tonight but now Fulham are 4 points off them going into the weekend and suddenly the pressure is on again.
  12. I mean, we didn't. How many chances did Fulham have in that second half before Odoi's disallowed goal?
  13. Someone *** in your porridge this morning! I'm going to guess it was Rudy and Adam. I thought Spence caused us more problems than either of those 2 tonight. He looked a bit tired but also got ran a bit ragged and kept losing the ball.
  14. No definitely not positive about the result, it's never a positive thing to lose a game but I expected to lose this game and I think we really battled with them considering how much this team has given us recently in terms of effort. Spence looked a bit off the pace for sure.
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