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  1. I think a good captain can have an effect on a team. The only 2 really good captains I can think of us having in my time following us align well with how successful we were, Leadbitter and Southgate. It's not the be all and end all and when it comes to this season, I don't think it was relevant who got picked simply because I don't think any of the squad have showed that kind of leadership as such. Wigan fans might argue the case for Morsy but all I've really seen of him this season is a more physical Besic and you certainly wouldn't have gave him the armband. He's a bit of a bully, not n
  2. We definitely haven't. I remember when the players had started coming back and we were waiting to hear who replaced George, Howson himself wasn't all too convinced about the idea of being captain. He's not a leader but I imagine a proper professional who leads by example in training and whatnot. Britt was a very odd choice considering he didn't even want him on the pitch half the time but given the lack of options, I'm not all too sure it would have made a difference who in our current squad got the armband.
  3. Have a feeling this could be a very bad way of doing things, too. Part 1: Warnock to journos "Hey everyone, all these players are available, we don't want them here next season." Part 2: Summer transfer window "What do you mean you're only offering a tenth of their market value?" Part 3: Transfer window is closed "Oh hey guys, I guess you're still here after the window is shut." Part 4: End of 2021/22 season "I know we finished 16th but really, when you don't have any strikers, midfielders, defenders or goalkeepers, we did quite well really, you get me?"
  4. My worry is the biggest long-term damage is already done by the time he's left.
  5. Aye, I wonder how different his response would have been to today if the lads had left the pitch at half time and full time to boos. I don't think Pulis would have been any different regardless but I suspect Warnock would at least have felt and acknowledged the fans' feelings. The more I think about the fact he hasn't played the young lads today properly from the start, the more it annoys me. This was a free hit in terms of atmosphere too. These young lads could have gone on with no pressure from the stands, they could have played their game with relative freedom compared to the norm, jus
  6. Those quotes are awful. Getting memories of Pulis' 7th better than 5th and struggling to know which one is worse for post-season crap.
  7. Forget the pick'n'mix, I'd sell Spence for a pear drop. How dare he.
  8. Like, even taking this as a single game and taking it as a nothing game, this was embarrassing. I can't quite state how bad today was. The amount of times they got in behind us as a result of shambolic defensive shape and marking was abysmal. McNair, Bola, Saville, Howson, all of them were dreadful. Hall wasn't much better generally but he at least managed to make some massive tackles when it mattered, the double challenge he made in the second half after they got behind us again was great to see. At 2-0 down, Malley comes on and is surrounded by players who look like they're perpetually
  9. Robinson and Hackney coming on
  10. Rotherham into stoppage time I think.
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