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  1. I mean, he's had spells of scoring in 1v1s, he's had spells of not scoring in them. He doesn't always miss 1v1 chances.
  2. I think Woodgate needs to stop putting him in when he's not ready and we've got other players playing better than him on the bench. Makes him out to be a scapegoat for the bad first half performances, fans on the radio after the game weren't impressed and that's not going to help him. Put him in when the team is playing well or if someone else's performances aren't up to scratch. If he keeps this going for a few games, people are just going to think he's picking the players he wanted over players playing well which doesn't go down well with fans.
  3. I thought the same mate, much better today, helps when Rudy Gestede doesn't come onto the pitch I guess, which is sad really.
  4. Yeah that seems a dreadful way of putting it, what does his supposed 'bad attitude' have to do with anything?
  5. To be honest, it doesn't sound like anything new that referees are crap in this division. It's a hard job even with the support of VAR but goodness me, they have linesmen who give just as bad decisions, as a team they work dreadfully and just don't seem to actually know what's going on.
  6. Paddy, Johnson and Fletcher again top marks. I'll give Randolph an 8 too, he nearly gifted a goal but in general he was outstanding once again. That save first half was superb. I'll give Fletcher man of the match. He wasn't quite as bad as some of them first half and was great second half. His touch is getting better and better. So good that we have at least one forward who we can actually play the ball off because Britt struggles. Britt was better today at times though. His decision making was actually good second half at least, keeping the ball alive instead of having a dig when the shot isn't on. Randy, Johnson, McNair, Fletcher (motm) - 8 Howson, Bola, Clayton, Wing - 7 Ayala, Shotton, Saville, Britt - 6 Browne - 5
  7. Also, Bola had a decent second half though I can't remember if it was him who got caught out for the corner that lead to their goal. Fletcher chased the ball across the field, Bola came to join him with another player and then was stuck on the half way line as the ball floated over both of them for Romeo to run onto in tons of space, I think it was. His attacking performance got better because the shape got better from what I could see. Pulling Saville a bit deeper towards the left back area to allow Bola to stretch the field out a bit worked. In general we stretched them a lot and it created the space for the goal.
  8. I thought Shotton lost a few headers today though their striker is quite good at winning them. Overall, first half was rubbish, second half was good apart from the 5-10 minutes after we scored. Once again, Johnson comes on for a completely ineffective Browne. I still feel bad for him as he has once again been hung out to dry after a dreadful performance from the team in the first half. Individually he was rubbish but it's difficult to get involved when the lads behind you are just as bad. He is better than what has been shown I think, and that's from someone who wasn't entirely overawed by the St. Etienne performance. The goal from us was really nice. We took a chance that we actually made with the ball on the floor, woohoo! Nice finish from McNair, completely caught the keeper out and he did well to pick up the gap in their back line. I was hoping otherwise of course but it seems the no handball memo reached today's referee too. I do think fans were shouting for anything by the end but there were a couple which seemed clear as day. I'd love a ref to go through these handballs from the last 2 games and tell me why those decisions are correct. Randolph made an absolutely stunning save first half too, we're right in the middle of the North stand about 3/4 up and it looked like it was buried in the top corner. He also skinned a couple of players and in the second half shielded a ball out like a pro defender. He did however very nearly gift them a perfect chance to score, couldn't tell how they didn't score from our end. Didn't really see what happened for their goal. But Tom Bradshaw coming on to one or two boos before scoring was a bit funny really.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49455433 Breaking news, Steve Dale says he's got a buyer.
  10. If indeed that is true, I can't say I'm surprised. One thing Britt doesn't do in most situations is pass the ball to someone in a better position. If he's got an eye on goal, be it 2 yards to 50 yards, there's one thing in his mind and it's to have a go. I sincerely hope that's something he's going to work out of his game and something that only got worked into it because he so often only had one or two chances a game under Pulis.
  11. Yeah I'm a season ticket holder now, mate. I wasn't incredibly impressed personally, I thought he looked comfortable enough but didn't really offer a great deal going forward, kind of seemed within himself a little. Maybe harsh and expecting a bit more from him but then he does have Hayden Coulson waiting in the wings ready to take his place back if he doesn't improve so I hope for his sake he starts to show a bit more. That being said, I'm happy enough with him in the team right now. I'd rather him than Friend at left-back. At least Bola has plenty of space to improve his game and with him and the other 2 new lads, there's going to be a time and place for them to do that throughout the season. Whilst everyone else is injured, this is a good chance for him to make the spot his own.
  12. Does seem like we're gearing up to get Fry back into the fold tomorrow. I'd be delighted to see him back in the team. A back 4 of Bola, Fry, Ayala and Howson is actually not too bad. Bola is getting an opportunity thanks to injuries elsewhere and I hope he starts to grow into it, Howson is making sure we're not drastically in need of Dijksteel and if him and Browne really are as hungry to prove themselves as Woody says they are, then keeping Dijksteel out for now is not a bad thing. It's a good thing that Johnson is also having a good start to the season, the front 3 picks itself at the moment for me. Fletch and Johnson really deserve to be in it and leaving Britt out seems nonsensical unless Browne, Gestede or Walker really show us something special. Good to see Walker in the squads too, I was hoping on Saturday that we'd get another 1 or 2 as I think Woody may have brought him on instead of Gestede if he felt more comfortable we'd see out the win.
  13. I think the club might be more likely to spend if we're somehow in the upper echelons of the division come January. If they think play-offs are a reasonable goal and we look good against teams around us, we add one or two more and push for it. I also think that's the only reason they'll keep our best players.
  14. I don't think it's at all going to affect players who undoubtedly also see Fulham as a significant title contender. If we were aiming for a title, we've got a funny way of showing it by ultimately not preparing the squad to do it. I don't think any of our players are going to be kidded into believing we're going for the title this year and talking up another side only puts pressure on them, like Stoke last season and us the season before. Difference being we at least felt we were gearing up for an attempt at a title smashing season in many ways. The club's message of patience comes from the top, I think it'd be mad to ask the fans publicly for patience to then tell the players they can win the title. Let's focus on the style of football we want to play first and foremost, let's get that right before we start setting goals of promotion or play-offs. Focus on the next game, one game at a time, focus on improving as individuals and as a unit and focusing on building a more stable club for the future.
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