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  1. I do think only one team went into this trying to win the game or showed any intention of doing it. Cardiff waited for their moment and capitalised on some bad defending but I don't think they earned anything from it at all. I think they're very lucky that we're crap.
  2. Class that from Tav, great turn.
  3. That's *** class, great from Kebano and great from Tav too.
  4. Spence on for Watmore, class.
  5. Hat-trick incoming. For Kieffer Moore.
  6. I think he had a point in what he was saying though, he was saying something similar to what others on here were saying in that that striker up front is not doing anything for us. I said pre-match we might as well play Hall up there and I wasn't even kidding, our fit strikers are that useless for how we play. He was saying we'd be better off playing someone like Kebano in there instead, maybe as a kind of false 9. Drury laughed it off as if the idea that Middlesbrough can use a formation made famous by excellent teams is like delving in the dark arts which we're not capable of. And whilst they might build a team around intentionally playing that way when we don't, we do have players right now who could try playing with that formation and there's only one way we're going if we continue to play the same way.
  7. Essentially changing the wing-backs. Think that's harsh on Bola but maybe Johnson can do something more further up the pitch... maybe.
  8. Johnson and Kebano coming on
  9. Warnock is chatting to Kebano on the touchline there, hopefully coming on soon.
  10. Just more minutes for NML isn't it? Isn't this a friendly?
  11. I noticed first half he won us a couple of corners. From short corners...
  12. Britt had a good effort first half that came from a short corner. But really, what are we expecting against these with corners? I know our short corner routines aren't often very good either but we keep pumping that ball into those defenders, they'll gobble them up every time.
  13. Think to be fair we've won a fair few of the second balls in that first half and the best chance also fell to us from a direct ball over the back, the Watmore chance.
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