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  1. I don't think anybody is being unrealistic as such, just reading the situation as it's presented to them. We haven't spent over the top already, we've spent barely £2m in transfer fees on 2 players so far as well as recouping what sounds like nearly that from selling one player. I'd be shocked if our wage bill wasn't down on last season even adding a couple of others. Adding Ciaron Brown and Kean Bryan on top of what we've already done surely won't break the bank enough to have to sell a huge asset, though I would be a little shocked if we were after both, I reckon it's only one of the two who
  2. That's kind of what I would have thought too. Whatever we made or basically didn't have to spend any more on Saville could have gone into the Crooks deal. We've also lost a big chunk off our wage bill this summer with Britt and Fletch going, I reckon Saville was on more than Crooks has come in on too. I just don't see any reason to think we're in sell-to-buy territory yet. Certainly not selling the best players we have to fund moves and surely we're not going in to spend a great deal of money right now without knowing for a fact that: a) We can afford to OR; b) We have something
  3. No but you wouldn't spend money you didn't have if you didn't expect to get it, would you? Especially if it's going to put you in a troublesome position. I just don't see a direct correlation between us signing Crooks in particular over anybody else, including potential transfers. Add in the rest of the summer transfers as well because they all cost a sum of money to us in the short and long term that a sale would cover. What you're suggesting is not really based on anything. The club hasn't suggested we need to sell this summer where we don't actually want to so I don't know why anyone,
  4. wilsoncgp


    The only thing I can think is if it's because I was on a week's holiday last week. We didn't even go anywhere though as we're waiting for 2nd vaccinations. 🤪
  5. wilsoncgp


    No mate, she never touches it! She's got her own work laptop and a Chromebook so I'm the only one who ever uses this computer. 😅
  6. wilsoncgp


    Literally couldn't be further from the truth! I've not planned to go anywhere abroad in about 8 years and that was for work training!
  7. Well we've already signed Crooks so if we needed to sell to buy him that was a bit of a dumb thing to do. That's surely not a realistic assumption to make? As for Ciaron Brown or Kean Bryan, again, they're not improving the first 11 as far as I understand it so why bother selling someone who is pretty emphatically one of our best players (including having the prestigious oneBoro Player of the Season 2020/21 award to his name) to fund moves for them? I'd rather keep McNair than bring in 1 or 2 players who aren't expected to start anywhere near as many games as McNair does. Not to ment
  8. Problem is we'd be making up the squad numbers by selling a first-teamer. I'm not confident at all that we'd spend the money from one player on 3 players who don't just improve our first team but also cover the gap left by him. Unless the first-team is going to be better by selling him then there's no point, in my eyes.
  9. Westwood would be a decent challenger for Lumley if he was willing to be that but Jamal Blackman isn't a bad shout to bring back, either.
  10. wilsoncgp


    These really intrusive ads are still around, now getting a video ad for Jet2 that completely removes the ability to navigate certain elements of the site.
  11. He's not a perfect player by any means but he is one of those that is just too invaluable to sell. His versatility, unlike when he was first brought in, has become a real benefit to the first-team. When Pulis had him, it was basically "No good position to start him so not playing him at all", he was just another Martin Cranie in that respect. Now, it's a case of he adds something to the team wherever he plays and can play anywhere in the centre of the pitch. Also, if it's just so we can sign a South American who nobody knows if they can do it at this level, no thanks.
  12. wilsoncgp


    Heard the news earlier today, really sad to hear it too. Would love to hear more from those who knew him better. My boss knew him a bit, he was biz dev director at Sumo Digital for quite a while and I believe he was still involved in some capacity at least up until recently. Well regarded in the games industry, always hoped to meet him properly and chat about games, the Boro and the forum. Very sad day for all who knew him.
  13. I don't think they need to improve their squad much, if at all to be honest. They drew their last pre-season game against a strong Southampton side, this was the team they put out by the looks of it: Fabri Tete Mawson Ream Robinson Francois Onomah Knockaert Carvalho Kebano Mitrovic Out of the subs that came on, Christie, Adarabioyo, Bryan, Seri, Anguissa, Kamara... there's quite a few players just amongst those 17 that would improve our squad even if not the first team. Add Gazzaniga and especially Wilson to the mix and they look really dangerous. Mitrovic has once again
  14. Then Fulham bring up the fact we accepted a deal in the exact same manner with Bamford and Leeds. I don't see what about it is cheating.
  15. Looking at what Matt Crooks has said in his interviews and again we have a player who mentions the Premier League. I know some are just trying to be realistic about our chances of making it there and I don't disagree with those, still need to be proved that we can actually make it with this manager and this squad. But I still can't get over the fact some don't think promotion is even the aim or that even if it is, it's just some kind of pipe dream we tell people about to get them excited. Promotion is the target, to me that's obvious with Warnock in charge but also all the murmu
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