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  1. Since when has Tav's best position been left wing? Since when has Fletcher been good at left wing? Since when is Akpom 'a big technically limited forward'? Where do people come up with this stuff?
  2. I guess it depends what the ideal world is. If it's just to have the best possible players at any one time, sure. But that costs money so adjusted for our situation, it would absolutely be ideal for us to find a quality young player in our U23 ranks ready to make the step up and build him up to be better. We aren't going to buy anyone significantly better than him. The frustration with Johnson is a lot of us think we have better than him already in our ranks and he's not getting a chance under this manager. With Spence, his only other challenger is also in the side.
  3. Mate, Brooks did sod all down the right and it was very little to do with Johnson. He wasn't even more disciplined, he got forward and had plenty more opportunities to cross than Spence did. And it either didn't beat the first man or it was blazed beyond the players or over the bar on one or two occasions too. There was a free kick we took quickly whilst a Bournemouth player complained about the foul, Johnson was entirely free, had a good 10-15 yards to take his time and pick the players out. He put it behind the goal, he didn't even get it into the box. It was abysmal. When it comes to Spence, there's clearly work to do. But to think Johnson is providing any danger to opposition teams right now is baffling to me. He's made one decent cross so far this season, against Shrewsbury for Fletcher.
  4. He's been in the team for 6 months, don't we know that's the length of time he needs to make the role his own? We should sell him for a tenner, no chance he'll ever improve now. In all seriousness, I don't think he's started this season well but he's hardly alone there, is he? Like most others, he did improve against Bournemouth. Can't see why he'd be the wing back you'd single out though. Marvin Johnson has more than half a career's more experience than every other full back we have, he's unlikely to improve and yet our manager thinks he's the dog's ***. Spence, Dijksteel, Coulson and Bola all have time on their sides.
  5. I think Blackwell meant specifically at corners, you just have to look at the goal we conceded to see we were definitely zonal.
  6. Didn't they say another member of the coaching staff caught COVID?
  7. But CT gave you the stats that matter and we are in the top 5 for it.
  8. He never saw much of the ball, to be fair. I don't think he had a bad game, he just never had a chance, we completely cut the supply to him. He did nearly plop one in from 25 yards on his weaker foot, remember. Bettinelli made a cracking save for it, was just before they actually got their goal mind.
  9. Better than them, conceded a crap own goal which was largely lucky from Bournemouth. Final ball is still rubbish, Johnson has had so many wasted crossing opportunities this game it's unreal. One cracking ball from McNair and we're deservedly level, says it all really. It's still a case of a lot of hard work, a bit more constructive than last weekend, but lacking some quality in the final third. Generally, the team worked better as a unit and we pressed well as a team. We've earned the point as a bare minimum though I don't think anyone would be shocked we've only scored one goal. It's just frustrating that 1 goal really should have been enough today.
  10. Morsy on for Tav. Interesting. Bournemouth have been pushing forward a lot more, mind.
  11. Was that *** Johnson again, spanking the ball across goal?
  12. Their players have been putting their foot in and getting tight to ours. Sometimes it's a bit of both sides at each other but when a player goes down on our side, it's because they're right on top of them.
  13. Terrific block there, whoever it was. Pretty much guaranteed a goal without that touch.
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