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  1. At our best, Howson has been fantastic under Wilder. Last night wasn't good from him but lets not just forget his role in the last few weeks.
  2. Just an easy couple of quid isn't it? Go in, lose a couple of games, get sacked, get paid. Seems a great move for any manager not interested in managing for longer than a couple of months. I'm pretty sure Watford think they're onto a winning tactic when sacking managers all the time, too. Which is insane, really.
  3. Glad to hear the fan who collapsed during the game is okay. Do think that happened at a time when we were in the ascendency though. Connolly and Crooks both had great chances to score prevented by good Blackburn defending and that wasn't long before that incident occurred. Still not all that fussed about that one performance though. My only concern really is, whilst celebrating a late win is class, you don't want that to be a habit. Last night, our luck ran out on that front and we certainly had a couple of chances to come back into it. Crooks will be fuming he's missed the last one.
  4. As mentioned in the other thread, I think Wilder is very insistent on what his midfield is. Even though our midfield was quite poor tonight, look who was taking all our set pieces and who was on the end of a couple of late crosses last time out. Not convinced that's a change he would want to make at all. Not like he was even making like for like changes when he did make them either. I'd be interested to know how fluid he was with his midfield selection and substitutions at Shef Utd.
  5. Be interesting to see how Wilder reacts to tonight, if at all. He's not exactly made a name for himself chopping and changing but visibly, that's perhaps the most disappointed we've seen him since he came in. So it's going to be interesting now to see if he sticks or twists, expects better of what we had on the pitch today or swaps a couple out for a reaction. If I was him, I'd be thinking about a change in midfield and up front, Payero in for Tav or Crooks, Balogun/Watmore in for Connolly. I don't think he actually will change the midfield though.
  6. Not been good from my estimation so far but absolutely, back the lad. Nothing gained from being right about a player being crap.
  7. I can only think that the raffles are ones that go on throughout the season and aren't the same shirts as the Foundation matchday ones? I certainly don't remember any from those games going for raffle.
  8. I get where you're coming from but it was hardly Roberto Di Matteo winning the Champions League though, was it? You can respect the way he came in for sure but I think it's important to acknowledge the difficulty of the task that he had when he came in, it wasn't overwhelming and he had a good group of players to work with.
  9. I think Gary Neville's statement was really good. I thought he spoke with balance and ultimately aimed the questions at the right people, really. It's the view of football in this country and how we manage that situation. He said clubs should be like listed buildings and in one respect I agree as the culture and history of football is huge in this country. But also, you can't afford the government to look out for them when they're also ran by massive risk-taking owners. Which is why we have a Fit & Proper test and FFP and all those things, to try and protect the clubs from the people
  10. I mentioned the club badge in an update I just put into the MSF thread, for what it's worth.
  11. Regarding the meeting on Monday, we had this response on the youth games, after the club had, just the day before, started to do some matchday coverage of the game 😄 And these were the responses on the audio/video streams situation and the MFC Foundation shirts. I did ask about the badge in the group the other day (forgot to raise during the meeting) but nobody has heard anything on a change and I get the feeling it would be a huge undertaking, I'm mainly thinking of anything in and around the ground which shows the badge that would need updating, club merchandise as well
  12. I think there'll be a lot of fans thinking the same as you, to be fair. 👍 For me personally, I think it helps that I'm comfortable with us missing out on the play-offs this season still. It will be disappointing to see this momentum go to waste sure but think it was always quite a big ask for the man to come in and change things round so rapidly mid-season. Either way, if we don't go up then next season is the one where we should really hope to kick on.
  13. Think Rooney, if anything, has been the level-headed one in the midst of all this. He seems pretty calm and composed when you watch him, even as things boiled over at the end he wasn't getting involved from what I could see.
  14. I think it only really started to boil over after Derby got their goal back. Then you could see the likes of Samba taking the mickey, saw Colback having a few words with Sibley after the latter fouled him, Forest were wasting as much time as they humanly could and then Morrison gets sent off for a reckless challenge that didn't seem to be down to the atmosphere as much as his touch just let the ball run away from him and wanted to try and win it back. There's the derby atmosphere of the game to consider too and I'm sure there will be a feisty atmosphere at the Riverside when we play them
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