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  1. Couldn't have put it into better words myself.
  2. I've watched Spence a few times this season at different points and been pretty impressed with him throughout. Jones hasn't been that impressive for a couple of months either and we've had the odd crank on our side thinking he's perhaps not as good as he quite consistently showed us for the first three-quarters of the season. I wouldn't reduce my asking price for Jones based on the final quarter or so.
  3. If there really is anything in the constant links we have with Newcastle and Sunderland players every year, it's probably the proximity. The players will already be based relatively nearby, the games will be easier for scouts/coaches to go watch, including reserves/U23s. I don't think it's entirely out of the question that there is a challenge in asking players to move from the south to the north (as much as it is sometimes overblown) but we maybe get linked with them as we may well watch them more just because they're close by.
  4. They do tend to get a better team for that game. The one year they didn't recently, they got Sunderland and if I remember rightly, Paddy McNair got a bad injury and forced us to change shape for the opening game at the last minute and the game was called off at half-time due to thunderstorms and torrential rain.
  5. I'm mixed on it. At least when the sponsor is framed, it looks like it's supposed to be there. When it's plastered on top of stripes, I'm not sure how I feel about it.
  6. They probably do have a test system but I bet the trainee 'published' it to the live platform by accident. Although I really hope it wasn't an accident. 😄 Definitely had to laugh at the BBC saying it was a 'glitch', that seems incredibly unlikely.
  7. There is every chance if we're looking at Stacey and Kilkenny that they are for the first team. In fact, if we were looking to spend any kind of serious money on them, I'd be willing to bet they would be for the first team. I don't think Wilder is going to want to hinder the ability to improve the likes of the keeper or forwards by signing backup centre-backs, or worse, midfielders. I'm not worried about Bournemouth's perception of their talent in relation to the rest of their squad either. They have some very good midfielders especially, arguably already Prem level midfielders who they k
  8. Haha, really? Is it just Spurs fans though? I can't imagine missing him at all. There's a couple of defenders I'm iffy about, Maguire for example, who have at least done a good job at international level. I'm not sure Dier can really say he's stood out for club or country in years. At best, he's been a utility player who can cover a few positions in the side.
  9. Wouldn't call it interesting personally (i.e. not sure what there is to draw from it), think it just reinforces the club are happy they moved on from him. I can't remember the last time they did a season long goals montage so I could be wrong but it feels like this alone is a little out of the ordinary and perhaps only put together because Wilder is at the helm. I think the club is just continuing to want to push Wilder and positivity around him, that's how they approached the Season Card campaign too. It's not necessarily wanting to reflect on the season just gone as a whole but more to
  10. Spence would have been lucky to fetch a 7-figure sum, never mind an 8-figure one, going by comments on here last year.
  11. Kind of feels like the early hype has gone to his head. He couldn't even get a game for Hibs, even Warnock called him out on that move if I remember rightly because he clearly wasn't expected to come in and just play. Can't fault the lad for having ambitions of first-team football but I certainly feel like it's questionable where he expects to get it right now.
  12. I'm not convinced. Lad might come good but our system struggles to accommodate a right-footed left centre-back, never mind a right-footed left-back. Think he'd be more likely as a Jones replacement, should one be needed.
  13. Not to mention that the club gave MSF a ton of spiel about rising costs that they had to push onto fans in order to best back Scott and Wilder from any football funds they have this summer. I'm pretty sure Gibson wants whatever money that comes in to be reinvested into Scott and Wilder's squad. It might not be 100% of it but I'm pretty convinced right now it will be a large proportion of it.
  14. Not to mention he was an academy lad and we don't like them doing well beyond their original breakthrough into the team! 😄
  15. I never said anything about wanting to spend £5m on Gibson. Both myself and Tom said there are questions about how it hits our budget, not that we should go in with that kind of figure. I'm not even convinced he's a good fit for the side but you're pointing out his playing stats like they mean anything about what we're buying. I'd say on that front they're pretty good, not the other way around.
  16. Holding midfielder apparently. Possibly thinking beyond Howson's next contract?
  17. I think your first mistake is bothering to account for his Burnley time at all. One of the worries I had about Gibson when he was training with us was how little he'd played at Burnley. He's played 60 games in 2 seasons since then. The time Hanley has had on the pitch has had about 9 games more per season than Gibson in the last 2 years and that's with the ankle surgery Gibson had to have that ended his season at the end of March 2021, meaning he had to miss at least 8 games. He's only missed the squad 2 games this season in the Premier League.
  18. The other week you pulled up the highlights of one game Karl Darlow played in 4-5 years ago as evidence to back up your opinion on him. I think the stats tell more accurate stories than that.
  19. I don't think there's many people who think Gibson is a bad player but there are questions there over fee, wages and suitability for this team that I think are worth asking. This is a very different team to the one he played in under Karanka.
  20. Aye, he came to mind as I was writing it but I don't think Wilder threw him on to take a penalty, I'm pretty sure he said he was a bit terrified when Bamba put himself forward. 😂
  21. Honestly, if I'd had to pick anyone to have missed a penalty, it would have been Ramsay or Roofe. I think it's a bit daft throwing players on just to take a penalty. Just don't feel like the players are mentally in the game.
  22. Can't understand why Goldson let the ball come across him for the equaliser. I know everyone looks at the ball getting into the box in that position but at 1-0 up in a cup final, just bloody leather it.
  23. Didn't realise this was a chant for Forest haha.
  24. Never once. Except for when you did. Unless of course this quote is that you really do think he will be a perfect role model for kids.
  25. Where on earth are you getting the idea that this is tolerable to anybody on here? People are criticising your point of aiming this at generations, as if any other generation is better. Your point about deterrent would be fine if it wasn't emblazoned with the crest of 'teachers stopped beating children so kids do what they want'. That's how you aimed that point at generations, as if those problems don't apply to generations that did receive that. Don't put that misinterpretation on anybody else, you made those points and are validly being called up on it. Discipline is fine, parents
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