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  1. I've still not seen Maddison play. He gets his name raised every window on this forum, he supposedly had a ridiculously low buy out clause once, if that was true why is he still in League One? I ask the same question every window but I don't know how even the most risk averse teams haven't taken a chance on him in this division, so why should we?
  2. They beat a team 7-0. The argument is that it's not impressive. But to not be happy about it? Would we not be happy if we beat a Northern League side 7-0 at home?
  3. Thing is, we almost certainly will offer him less money. And I don't think based on what he's said that he'd outright deny just less than what he's on. But tackling the wage bill would appear to need more movement than that and actually, a significantly less wage. I wouldn't expect him to stay on those terms. I'd say if the club really cares about wanting to keep him around, they need to approach it carefully, even if they are going to low-ball him to begin with, don't be a *** about it and expect him to say yes to anything because of a commitment to the club. Have a high boundary that you can't go beyond, work up to it and if his representatives think he should say no to our highest offer then we leave it at that and on good terms. No taking the ***, no expecting him to be accepting a pittance for his services on the back of the club as a whole's mistakes, something much bigger than Ayala's responsibility at this club. Most importantly for me, we have to accept the likelihood he leaves and hopefully wish him all the best if he does. I think he's been a great servant for us and I hope, unlike Derby, we treat him as professionally as he's treated being a player for this club.
  4. When your defence is crap and your attack is good, by all means, play to your strengths, give them far too much to think about in their defence instead.
  5. Reports that Posh want £13m for Ivan Toney. I suspected it would be but that's surely a non-starter.
  6. This is starting to get interesting.
  7. Wanting to sell Britt because he's not good enough is another example of potentially throwing the baby out with the bathwater. No, he's not worth £15m, were any of our summer signings that year worth the money we paid? We put a 'smash the league' premium on them all, after all. But in a low-scoring team, he's still by some margin the top scorer, same last season. Given the position we are in the league, having someone who's pretty much guaranteed 12-14 goals a season is not something to be balked at. If we're talking about being cost-effective then sure, Britt doesn't fit the bill entirely, he has the wage of a 20+-goal a season striker in a team expecting promotion, his output and our output as a team doesn't match that. But the question I have to ask is if you're being reasonable and we sell him, how do we not just replace those 12-14 goals but also add to them with any money made available from selling him? I fully expect us to be open to, if not pushing to selling him but where does the money go? How do we end up in a better position by selling him? It can't be simply 'sell him as he's not good enough', there has to be a plan behind it or we're just making ourselves weaker for the sake of getting rid of his wages. Just remember what selling Bamford did to our team's goal output. If you sell a striker who scores goals, however many, if you don't replace those goals you are absolutely worse off.
  8. As far as I know, Clayton is to 2021, unless as you say that last year is an option. In that case, I suspect if the option is with the club that we won't extend.
  9. It's okay, I watched one of them couple of weeks ago and it was in line with his kind of stuff but he definitely suits being the sole act more than hosting a panel show. His new show was entirely new, won't spoil it in case it does the rounds again.
  10. Not played it and don't currently plan on playing it. Really not sold on it from when it was first announced, doesn't help that Kojima clearly didn't want to show anything off but that meant that nobody knew what you were actually going to do when you play the game. So he's drip-fed the info out, realised nobody but Kojima fans cared, then went full out there with massive game-play videos to try and show people how the mechanics of it worked. By that point, it had already lost me. Still, there's a lot of talk about it within the industry since it's come out. Not as much regular hype but critically it seems to be holding up quite well and slowly generating the hype out of people who have played it and really found it to be good. I loved the Metal Gear Solid series, even 4 in a way which was like a terrible game movie (thinking Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider which I watched recently again, what a hell-hole), but the new concept really isn't sold on me. I'm making my way through God of War at the moment so not really bothered by missing out.
  11. He was at the Town Hall last weekend. Was absolutely class.
  12. Who'd win in a fight between Jonathan Woodgate and Dave Gorman, that's what I want to know.
  13. I've defended him when he's been good or alright, I've also said when he's been ***. Defending him one minute doesn't mean he gets an automatic defence from everything he does, which is surely the only problem you should have. I think, like Will alluded to, you just wanted to make sure nobody forgot how much people don't like him, which is a bit of a *** thing to do after he's just scored twice and seemingly had a good game all round.
  14. I think you're right, though I think it's unfortunate that the way he put it can absolutely be misconstrued as anyone who just makes comments on social media. There are some well-reasoned, well thought out comments made on social media. Few and often far between. Whilst the hope is that those who do make the reasonable comments look at it and realise he's probably not talking about them, I can see why that wouldn't be the case.
  15. Give him credit where it's due, otherwise you're just being an ass for the sake of it.
  16. Watched the highlights that are on the Sky Sports website. Ayala doesn't look offside at all though difficult angle. Was the Britt one a penalty? I can't quite make out whether the defender gets the ball properly or not. Their first goal was avoidable, Friend's just come back, you can forgive him one today. The 2nd, QPR worked the space to get the free header but Randolph makes the save, could have avoided giving them the header but very unlucky to concede after Randolph saves it. I'm glad they threw Hugill's dive in the highlights (because of the effort just after it but still), I wonder how the Boro players would have felt losing a goal to one of those dives after it won him sod all last season.
  17. Probably based on whether they create conspiracy theories about Darren Randolph. 🤭
  18. I bet we're safe and sound on the moral victory table, to be fair! 😂
  19. It certainly helps us when teams insist on playing out from the back against us. When we're on it with the press in those games, we have a chance. The game was so open in the second half of what I watched and we looked like we might make them pay for it a few times, sometimes our passing was still a bit woeful though. Still, another point on the board, positive performance going into the break, take what you can get, look onward to Hull next.
  20. My favourite stoppage time commentary: !!!!!!!!EZE TAKES THE FREE KICK!!!!!!!! and it comes to nothing...
  21. One of Hall or Cameron should be sent off here after the Cameron yellow too, pretty sure he was supposed to be booked earlier instead of Hall.
  22. Surely that's 2 yellow cards!? He's had one clearly for the foul and then smacked the ball up the other end of the pitch!?
  23. Hugill still got his diving antics then! Suppose if Pulis couldn't get it out of him, nobody can. That commentator... "LOOK AT THAT THERE, LOOK AT THE CONTACT", he's got his hand on his back man, chill the f out.
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