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  1. Saville wasn't great yesterday but not many were. He has absolutely been much better in the recent run, though, he actually started to stand out a bit which is some progress from where I've felt he's been at for pretty much the entirety of the previous year and a bit of his Boro career. Glad to see it!
  2. Was gonna say, he can't even play another role from his usual in central midfield, never mind another position entirely.
  3. McNair is somewhat older than Fry and probably the one player in the squad I'd think could be outright classed as a utility player by anyone, he's been that for most his career so far. This absolutely sounds like McNair.
  4. Watching the non-goal back, Jutkiewicz isn't offside I don't think so Woody got that bit wrong, pretty sure he's behind the ball as Maghoma touches it. Maghoma, however, is a tight one. He's definitely ahead of the Boro defence as the ball is played in. Question is whether the ball is played from in line with Maghoma to begin with as the lad on the left is beyond Spence and seems to be ahead of the entire Boro defensive line. It looks tight, if you take it from anything he can play the ball with, he's probably marginally offside at least.
  5. Brum will be happy, Bellingham is subject of a £30m bid from United! Everyone has their price but goodness me, that's one hell of a price for him!
  6. Quite versatile, plays on both wings but the bill might be too much to pay.
  7. In a team full of 6s, I'd give man of the match to Pears. He couldn't do sod all about the goal from what I saw, he made one save in the first half which made me think oh dear (came out to collect low down under pressure, got to it but it spooned out of his grasp) but made one very good save in the second half to his left and got a tremendous punch on the ball in the final moments. Not to mention that Brum really pressed high onto him tonight, particularly in the first half, and he dealt with it superbly every time, good to have a young keeper who is confident with the ball at his feet. Spence is a close second, he did look a bit tired tonight, apart from when he was sprinting across the line to make some incredible tackles. There was one in the second half when Brum lofted the ball through on the left, Spence didn't just catch up with the play, he made sure the lad knew he was there, went for the ball a couple of times before eventually getting his foot onto it to put it out for a throw. Recoveries like that are seen in some top, experienced full backs.
  8. Aye, just saying that just because some fans call foul of it and feel let down by it doesn't make them right. Some of them feel the league has a vendetta against them, they're wrong but they still feel that way.
  9. The referee wasn't giving us anything all night. Some of the ones the crowd were asking for were a bit soft, like I think the penalty we asked for before the actual penalty looked a bit soft, but a lot were just over the line of what you'd consider a foul and he just didn't give a toss. Tav got bundled over 2 or 3 times after being harassed by about 3 Brum players and he was having none of it. You like to give some refs the benefit of the doubt as it must be an awful job sometimes but tonight was truly dreadful, him and his assistants truly lost control of the game. Still remember one ball clearly going out for a throw-in which the assistant on the East side was convinced was still in, visually indicating that it was fine. Then the crowd shouted at him and he changed his mind.
  10. Yeah, he looked a bit shook coming on in the first half but second half, he had a few really good moments for a very young lad.
  11. They also think the league has a vendetta against them because of the referee's display tonight.
  12. Aye, we looked so void of energy. Could have really done with McNair putting that penalty away, like, might have been able to handle the game much better if we were the ones controlling the tempo.
  13. Haha, the linesman had actually flagged offside? Or was going to? If true, that's great. All this faff on and the goal wasn't even gonna get given anyway.
  14. Again, not disagreeing. More pointing out that you seem to be countering the point of Brum fans complaining about the head injury with our physios shouldn't be sending him back on. He was out, completely out, 3 or 4 Boro players and Lee Camp were all screaming for the game to stop and for physios to come on and the ref and his assistants completely ignored it, so much so that the physios ran on anyway.
  15. It was Gordon Cox!? He usually has a bit more to him than that, like! Used to do the commentaries at Boro last season before they put BBC Tees commentary over the video, sure he's done plenty of commentaries and stuff over the years for us.
  16. Us bringing Tav back on doesn't change the course of events, mate. I don't think it was the right decision either but what actually happened has very little to do with our decision to bring him back on when we're talking about people calling it a knee injury vs. what it actually was. I'm sure if we had a sub available, we'd have taken him off but clearly in the heat of the moment, he felt okay, we wanted to be at 11 players and so he went back on. On another day, it could have gone completely wrong and no, we shouldn't have done it. But I think that's a separate thing.
  17. Said this myself, mate. Guy doing it today must be like 4th choice or something. The guy who does the classified football results has more spring in his voice than that fella did. Who was managing the thing when they were doing the kid's penalties too? Nearly bust my bloody eardrums, solid 5 minutes of horrible thick noise.
  18. Aye, probs thought it best to just get the game over and done with so he could get himself out the firing line.
  19. The problem being we now need one to just replace Fry outright rather than freeing up McNair or Howson for midfield. Hopefully the injuries aren't too bad and just precautionary subs given they were knocks that were only gonna get worse.
  20. Yeah the stoppage time was incredible too. 3 subs added onto Tav's injury alone was more than that.
  21. Probably not no. He was lucky to get any treatment at all though. Ref was shocking all game, that was tip of the iceberg, shoddy handling. Entire refereeing team should be ashamed of themselves tonight. We were rubbish too, mind. Think draw was a fair result on the basis that nobody really deserved to win. The team looks shot, these 10 days couldn't come soon enough.
  22. This is how I imagine CT would do the PA stuff. 😏
  23. The players look absolutely shattered. Don't want to pin it all on that but the fact we've had 2 injuries in the opening half does not bode well. Fry's in particular looked like a muscular injury. Desperate for a defender.
  24. The atmosphere is flat as a fart and I really don't think it's helping. This really has been one of those 'If it can go wrong, it will go wrong' nights. We're just lucky Birmingham are not very good. Great ball in for the goal aside, that is. But then we do just keep letting them have the run on us down the left side. Thoroughly blaming whoever is on the PA in place of Mark Page tonight, generated absolutely sod all in the build up. #FreeMarkPage
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