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  1. What the sodding hell does that have to do with the way he views things? It's not his job to be negative either. 😄 He's commenting on football the way he sees it. Do you genuinely think he's making up positivity because he works for the club? Or do you just want him to tell it closer to the way you see it to give him any credit?
  2. Not hope, belief. I've already said it before today that if I was a betting man when it came to Boro I'd have put money on us losing today and winning against Leeds and it goes back to what I said to my mates during the Luton game. This lot wouldn't be putting in the shower of *** display if they were actually up for the game. And I think they will be up for the Leeds game at the Riverside as they usually are. There was a point before Woodgate made his changes that we could have been winning our battles and we weren't, players like Howson and McNair didn't give a cack. And I think we will at the very least try to win those battles against Leeds. The Riverside will be after a result more-so than they were against Luton, for sure, and not just because of the gap to the bottom 3. The players should have more individual motivation for the game stemming from the fact its Leeds. Or perhaps I'm over-billing the game and it will be just as drab from us and Leeds will slaughter us the way Luton and Barnsley have not been able to. I know I'll be one of few thinking we can beat Leeds after the last 3 but like I say, that comes down to where I think we've lost them and how that will in my opinion be different for the Leeds game. I could be very wrong.
  3. If his style is to pick out the positives, why would it? Similarly to Slaven, even when we were doing well, you knew Slaven wouldn't hold back his thoughts on bad things, I really think this is heading into tin-foil hat territory.
  4. True but I honestly don't think Maddo's comments would change much, if at all. He was brought in by the club after his radio work, wasn't he? Nothing has really changed since then.
  5. I honestly genuinely think we will get at least a point from the Leeds game.
  6. He does always try to find the positives. He seems like a top bloke from what I've heard but he does find himself in a very difficult situation when trying to criticise even the worst of results/performances. Still, it's harsh calling for someone who is just putting his two cents in to be sacked. Maybe you should be sacked from this forum!
  7. Out of pure interest in an entirely hypothetical scenario, who would take Pulis right now to get us out of this trouble if it meant they stayed until at least the end of next season? Let's say, for arguments sake, that money wasn't an issue and somehow he agreed to work on a cut price.
  8. I've turned it off already, rare I do that, bring on Leeds 'cause this one is surely done.
  9. After last week, yeah, I think there's some who shouldn't even be in the squad today, never mind the team.
  10. Nah looks like wing backs, Howson and Johnson either side of Shotton, Moukoudi and Friend.
  11. Howson needs to put in a performance today, then. No Spence even on the bench. Deservedly dropped McNair though.
  12. I'm not talking about giving him credit over the long term. I'm saying that game was perhaps the best we've played this season and it was really good. That doesn't happen thanks to luck. West Brom didn't just let us win, we won the tactical battle by being set up tactically in favour of winning the game away at the league leaders. You won't even give him that which says your judgement of short-term victories is blinded by the long-term and the long-term is not something I'm disputing. You don't have to give him a resounding pat on the back for a whole season by allowing one match to be considered a genuine success.
  13. At the time, his tactics and team selection wasn't random, it was pretty predictable. And he got the best out of them in the games against West Brom and Preston. They might stand on their own as times when it went right but to reduce that down to simply luck only says you have no intention of giving him credit where it's due. It means you've made your mind up about him being 100% incapable and are using that to explain the entirety of his reign already. That's your prerogative, as it is mine to think that's daft.
  14. Howson was bloody dreadful against Luton, one of the worst performers. I know he's out of position but he's had much better performances than that at centre-back against forwards who were actually capable of troubling him. I know Woodgate won't drop him but Spence has to play right wing-back for me. I'd probably put Howson into midfield if he's got to be anywhere as I thought Paddy, playing in midfield, was the worst of the worst. My team would perhaps be: Pears Spence Shotton Moukoudi Friend Coulson Saville Wing Morrison Tav Fletcher
  15. Oh for sure, I take all that on board, the short and long-term effect of a loss tomorrow and how it affects how we'll perform or get results, sure. It's not all pointless. But I'd see a win tomorrow in the same as I would if our next win is against Leeds. In terms of survival, I think a point tomorrow is probably significant enough so long as we can get our act together for Leeds and beyond. I guess I just look at the last 2, look at the individual and collective motivation and expect very little tomorrow. Whilst I expect us to really get into Leeds at home, where the fans really want to put a dent in the opposition's promotion hopes. Tougher game but this team feels like it can win games if we're motivated to do it so maybe that could be the difference. We'll see anyway, I hope that we win tomorrow anyway so the whole 'win here or win there' discussion is pretty pointless. And yeah, if we're not up for this one with the following we're taking, I can see a significant backlash for Woodgate too.
  16. Your point actually seemed to be that he handles his business at Middlesbrough just the same way he handles his business at Bulkhaul and I don't see how you can support that.
  17. I wouldn't begin to suggest Steve Gibson is of a socialist mindset but I do think there is a difference between owning something you love because you love it rather than owning something to help make you money. I suspect at the very least that Gibson would see a bit of a difference between how he views owning Middlesbrough and Bulkhaul.
  18. A lot of that really rings true with me, @RealSlimSladeyy. I don't know if I could ever end my following of Boro and thus the ignorance I speak of is undoubtedly true of myself but you've pulled a lot of my mindset into that post.
  19. Woody said we had one but the stats said 0, so I'm not entirely sure which shot he was referring to. But shots blocked don't count as shots on target in the stats so that could be it?
  20. I'm pretty sure the majority of fans don't give a toss about it and even if some did, they would not give up their football club because of it. I imagine there's a small section of fans who are just having to maintain a level of ignorance about their concerns and the success reinforces that. Nobody is going to complain about having a successful team.
  21. He said his best aspect was his intelligence but he obviously wasn't thinking properly when he decided to do those skills.
  22. I'm honestly not that fussed about winning this particular game in terms of relegation. I think we just need to win a game. If we lose this and win against Leeds for example, I still think we'll be fine. I still don't see this as a 6-pointer, so if we can pick up results in the home games, we should be fine. Taking a great deal of solace from the stuff I pulled up about recent relegation battles in the Championship, I think.
  23. I don't think we did, not according to BBC anyway. I seem to recall a Lewis Wing effort from the edge of the area might have been heading towards goal but was blocked by a defender rather than saved.
  24. Thinking about the Juninho thing now makes me cringe.
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