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  1. If he can make the best of both worlds, earn the dosh and play (either at Barca or away on loan), then yeah I agree, the Barca move is a good one.
  2. I'm not sure there's going to be a time when Braithwaite will be coming on as a sub for Barca though, beyond this season. He will be on a good deal, making good money and probably playing very little unless someone comes in to buy/loan him in the summer. I'm saying personally I'd prefer to be playing and doing my bit, Pulis or no Pulis. Playing football is a pretty short career, it baffles me in a way that some will spend it focusing more on capitalising on the money in the game vs. just wanting to get out and play whilst their body allows. It's an attitude that is generally looked down upon by fans when they're under contract at your club because players like him will make more than enough money to live comfortably and play every week.
  3. Rickie Lambert, mate. Also re-signed Robbie Fowler.
  4. I mean, there would have been cheaper options. I suspect he was around the top of a list that fit a budget and quality level demanded by Barca. Of course, I very much doubt they'd have signed him permanently in a regular transfer window. But these are unique circumstances, where they will have wanted to make sure they brought in some level of quality, someone who is going to be able to deliver some goals and work in a Barca team but without breaking the bank as they still have better players to come back. There's a difference between signing someone just for the sake of an extra body and what they've done with Braithwaite, though. Ignoring the fact Negredo was on loan and whether or not the FA would allow it, if Chelsea were in this situation when we were in the Prem, they may well have signed Negredo because he was playing well for us in a team bound for relegation. That wasn't the comparison you raised though, was it? You were comparing next season, when the injured player/s are back and he's 2nd/3rd choice at Barca vs. playing in a Pulis team. If it's comparing playing at Barca vs. playing at Leganes then obviously, it's a no-brainer.
  5. I still have my concerns about Red Bull but this is a well put together post, mate. Lot of very good points.
  6. In a team 19th in the table, where he is top scorer.
  7. I'd take playing football, not sitting on the bench (if he can even manage that when Dembele gets back).
  8. Thing is... he's a good player! He just stopped playing for us. He was undoubtedly, for me, the signing of the 'smash the league' window. Monk mis-used him, Pulis didn't like him and he didn't like Pulis. And yeah, I can't get beyond the idea of a player on that much money deciding when he wants to turn up and play for whosoever is in charge, I can't forgive him for that at all. But there's no question in my mind that he was a top player, capable of playing in the Premier League.
  9. I'd conflate big with popular. I can't stand Kanye West but he's certainly a popular figure. 😄
  10. Yeah, I haven't liked The Killers for a long time but they were pretty big at their height. Kaiser Chiefs seemed to disappear at the third album, I didn't realise they were still going.
  11. He was heavily involved in our attempt to land the Ivorian Ba'dum Tiss. He also hopes Sting can be the next big name to attend the Riverside after Take That and The Killers.
  12. Arup were involved with building the Riverside? I did some work for them a few years ago on their websites, I wish I'd knew that when I was chatting to the people their end!
  13. I think it's: e) Whatever anybody out of the manager, chief executive and chairman feel like at any given time. Then Gibbo rolls a couple of dice to see whether he'll fund it.
  14. I'm not writing them off, but the idea that they are just not players capable of playing at this level isn't beyond the realms of possibility at all. It's not like they've ever played or performed at this level before, they're young lads and will undoubtedly get their chance next season again but I'd be surprised to see anyone else in this division immediately take a chance on them if they don't succeed.
  15. Or it's showing they're not Championship quality players.
  16. I really don't think he would get by in a 3-man central-midfield in the Championship. Besides, we really don't need more centre midfielders right now. I think he looked rubbish behind the striker, never mind deeper in midfield. Absolutely got the skills and assets to be a winger, he just has to improve his decision making and final ball. Needs to work more for the team without getting into daft tackles too.
  17. Corrected it for you, mate.
  18. That'll be the game just before both managers involved got the sack? 😅
  19. Well he couldn't get anything out of Adama at all. He was too busy trying to get players to 'think for themselves' and take the responsibility of management away from himself to even try to deal with anyone like Traore. Traore was a hindrance on us under Monk so it's no surprise he never made the team. But yes, he had all the resources and all the talent he wanted at his disposal and ultimately put out a bang average side. As much as I've liked Marvin Johnson this season, the fact he ended up here speaks more about Monk's lack of adherence to his own beliefs than anything. He got everything he wanted and delivered ultimately very little. Woodgate has inherited an unbalanced side with the same problems it had under Pulis and the only player we've signed that has actually come close to solving the inherent issues is Patrick Roberts, who's had no more than a few games.
  20. I'm not sure anyone has really changed their opinion of his creativity, just whether or not that truly matters when you judge him. I still rate him, not anywhere near the price we bought him for naturally but I still rate him. I just mean that when you're struggling to get a grip on a game and create chances, neither him nor Gestede are going to help more than Saville or Spence, the players we took off. He's a limited striker.
  21. I mean those are some pretty dreadful collective ratings for the players. I think it tells a pretty accurate story. Individually, players were not at the races and didn't give a toss on Saturday. But the changes to get us back into the game were ultimately more diabolical in terms of taking action. Don't quite know why the Gazette have decided to go along with the whole 'more forwards but somehow still no chances' piece that Woody came out with. You don't automatically solve your creative problems with more forwards and you certainly don't solve them with strikers like Britt and Gestede.
  22. 11/1 for that double on SkyBet and I'd take it if I was willing to bet on the Boro.
  23. Maybe we rang him and asked for a ball-park figure, Bausor slammed the phone down when he heard how much he'd cost and got straight onto the Gazette to say we'd been 'in talks' with him,
  24. Was gonna say, take that number, divide by 3 then 52, across 10 staff you're looking at an average salary of ~£16k. Take Jokanovic's 'higher than Pulis' salary away and it's around ~£9k per other member of staff. 1-3 of those will be on bigger wages than some, spread out across them I don't think that's inconceivable at all.
  25. There's only one thing that can truly put it to bed, mate and it's positive performances and results. Nobody who witnessed the Luton game is going to forget it in a hurry.
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